Buying Healthy Food

hlthyfdNow that I’m a member of the Stent Club I am supposed to eat healthy food that has no cholesterol, salt or sugar.  Not an easy task.

Meat is pretty much out.  Salty snacks, gone. I was surprised to find out that I also have to avoid sugar and carbs.  That really sucks.  That leaves pretty much only vegetables, fruit and nuts.  Things that taste like crap.

Today after work I visited a health food store and walked the aisles for over an hour looking at ingredients and nutritional information.  I found a nice selection of vegetable-based meat and cheese alternatives.  YAY!  I bought a bunch of dried cranberries, nuts and some snacks.  I also found some vegetable-based mayo.  I’m amazed and gladdend to see that such things exist.  These weird things used to be for crazy people but now they are for real people.  I ended up buying $75 worth of stuff.  Sounds expensive but lonely guys have money to burn so what the heck.  I might as well eat.

I can see why humans are so unhealthy.  The stuff we eat everyday are full of bad things and we don’t know it.  It would sure be nice if they could completely replace all saturated fats with unsaturated alternatives.  Surely that could be done.

When looking for healthy food you find that salt is EVERYWHERE.  It’s almost impossible to find anything that doesn’t have salt.  The body does need some salt so I think if I just cut down as much as humanly possible I think I will be OK.

I don’t know.  I’m only 48 and this kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen to me. This whole thing is just a bad dream from which I will eventually wake and find myself where I’m supposed to be.  Just wait.  You’ll see.