Please don’t kill me

kdpryDear God.

I know I’ve been praying for death for the last 30 years but now that you are attempting to grant my wish, I think I would like to take it back.

There’s nothing like a serious brush with mortality to change a person’s way of thinking.  Thank you for the Heart Disease but if you could take it back I would like to take another crack at life.  I know a lot won’t change but I have a different attitude now and I think I can be happy enough to make life worth living.

You only live once and there are quite a few things I would like to experience before it ends.  I am going to make a list. A so-called bucket list so I might have something to strive for.  It would be a shame to die without ever having even lived.

If it is too late and your will must be done, I will accept it.  If you really think about it, personal experiences won’t mean anything to me when I’m dead anyway.  Kind of makes you wonder what the point of life is.   Life is for the living.  I think I would like to be one of them for a little longer.  Why not get all you can out of it.