New Neighbors – No more naked swimming.

uhtrkAw Man!

Looks like the house next to me is not going to be vacant anymore.  I heard a large boom and looked out the window to see a moving truck in the driveway.

People have come and gone from that house over the years I’ve lived here.  At least it was empty all summer long and I got to enjoy swimming naked without wondering if I am offending someone next door.  It’s a shame that people might be offended by our natural form but there it is.

On the bonus side, they are white and I saw them unpack a rake so maybe they will take care of their yard instead of 5 foot tall weeds blowing seeds into my manicured lawn.  They are young and have two children.  One is a girl.  I haven’t seen the other yet.  Being white and having young children, I expect they will not play loud bomping music and have large parties all night long.  Nice.  The rent on that house is around $1200 a month so if they have enough money for that then they must be decent people with good jobs.

I told myself that when someone moves in I would go over and help them unload the truck but I totally don’t feel like it.  Shame on me.  I’m such an asshole. Oh well, I can always meet them later when the work is done.

I was hoping for a single person around my age who could come out and play but I guess a nice quiet family would be a good second place.

I’m going to miss swimming naked and getting my all-over tan.  Bummer.  I’ll still swim naked at night.  It will suck having to wear clothes while doing yard work.  How sweet would it be if they were nudists too?  Unlikely.   There aren’t enough smart people out there who understand.  Too many closed minded people on this planet.  (Clothes minded. HA!)