Dreamblog – Biking to the Post Office

pstofcI was riding my bike to the post office to mail a letter for my mom as I had done a million times before in my childhood.  As I rode the familiar path, I remember telling myself, “If I told myself I would still be doing this in my 40s I would never believe it.”

Things had changed since my childhood and I ended up going too far.  I turned around trying to remember where the building was.  I drove through a small parking lot that at one time was a Piggly Wigly back in the 70s and nearly got run over by two cars.

I finally turned into the post office parking lot and leaned my bike up against the window.  The place had been remodeled and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see my bike from inside to keep an eye on it.  It turned out that I would only be a few steps away from the glass.

I saw multiple slots on the wall labeled everything except what you would expect for plain old mail.  I asked the people there which slot I use for regular mail.  A woman behind the glass was animatedly telling me which slot but there was no opening in the glass to talk through so I could not hear a word she was saying.

As I waited in line, I noticed that the envelope was not sealed properly.  I licked it and tried to reseal but ended up tearing it.  I started to reseal it with scotch tape as people kept cutting in front of me. I noticed that the vertical blinds on the front windows were now closed.  I couldn’t see my bike anymore.

I finally asked the lady in front of me where I can just mail a letter.  One of the employees heard my questing and started to tell me but was not making any sense.  I finally decided to go ride down the street in search of a mailbox.

I walked outside and found my bike to be gone.  Stolen!  Bastards!

I went back into the Post Office and started yelling about how they could not have a place to lock up your bike while you stood in line for 30 minutes!  I was pissed off!

I woke up feeling very unpleasant.

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