Thinking is bad

thnkngIt’s the age-old lesson I keep forgetting so easily.  Even when I was far younger, I learned that thinking is bad.  Human nature seems to get in the way though.

My particular form of stress seems to come from within.  I am often at war with myself about what I think I want.  Occasionally I fall into a nice place where I just don’t think about those things.  When that happens, life feels easier and runs smoothly.  It feels really good. It always goes back to desire if you analyze it.  There will always be desire but if you can just not dwell on it then those desires just aren’t as important as you thought.  Perhaps they never were.

Reality is truly a creation of your own mind.  You can decide to wallow in stress or just let it go.

Let it goooo.  Let it gooooooo.  


Letting it go is not really that hard but life is short and if you let it go and never get it back, then you die without ever having the experience you so desired.  That’s not good either.  What is a person to do?  Logic says to find a happy medium where if you know you can never have it then you shouldn’t spend all your life stressing over it.  Can you just let something that means everything go?

Here we are thinking again.  Bad Max!  BAD boy!

I am considering that if you end up never attaining what you want then you should find something else.  Or just give it up.  If it was meant to be then it will happen.

The point here is that stress is caused by thinking.  Overthinking.  Obsessing over the impossible.  It’s not going to get you anywhere other than the hospital in one way or another.

I rather enjoy the feeling when I’m not thinking about things.  Perhaps that is what it is like for the regular people.  All those zombies I see all around me every day.  I long to be one of them.  Wandering the earth with not a care in the world other than beer, music and sex.  How sweet would that be?  Give me some of that!