Give me a break!

img_0876Can you believe this??  I just got my car back from the shop from my last accident where some lady pulls out right in front of me.  I’ve had it maybe three weeks and this morning a deer jumps out in front of me on a well traveled city street.  It just flew out of the trees and smashed right into me.  What a dumbass deer!  I hope it suffered.

I can still drive it but this time the damage looks worse than the last one.  The front frame in front of the engine is pushed back a few inches.  The bumper cover is going to have to be replaced again as well as the passenger side fender and the hood and various trim pieces.  I don’t need this shit.  The body shop can’t even get me in until Nov 30th.  Two weeks away.

I don’t have rental insurance so this time I won’t have a rental car.  My mom is going to let me borrow her’s but it will take at least three weeks maybe four to repair.  I could drive my RV to work if I have to.  They better not give me any shit about it being totaled.   If so, I am leaving that insurance company for sure.  If I have to, I can probably fix it myself.  The parts are relatively easy to replace and I can probably bend the frame back into place. Surprisingly, the hood still opens and closes.  I’m pretty sure it will be covered.

So is this Karma or something?  I thought I was being a good boy.  I was happy and friendly and feeling good and then the universe starts throwing deer at me.  I’m a bit depressed about it but shit happens and time will heal my wounds.  All will be OK in a few months.