Dear Dad – Laundry Room Remodel

Subject: Laundry Room Remodel

Hi Dad.

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.  Mom and I are working on a remodel of the laundry room at her house.  It really hasn’t changed since you last put on the paneling and shelves sometime in the 50’s.  The particle board shelving was getting saggy and a leak in the roof caused the ceiling paneling to start falling apart.  It had a pretty good run considering it lasted as-is for around  61 years.

We’ve worked on it for a few Wednesday evenings when I go visit and we just finished removing the paneling.  It was fun to see the old bathroom tile board that you put out there after removing it from the bathroom.  I never knew it was there.  It has some calculations that you had written on the wall as you were figuring out something.  That really gave me a connection to you.   That tile-board is on there pretty good with nails so next week I’ll bring a pry-bar to get it off.

Our next step will be to add a wall switch and maybe some recessed lighting over the machines.   The old ceiling socket with the pull string served it’s purpose.  Time to upgrade.  I’m also going to move the outlet for the machines to the back wall so the wires will plug in more easily.

Next we will put up the drywall and do the floor.  We will probably use some kind of ceramic tile depending on what the sub floor looks like.  It should end up being a nice modern and bright room.  Instead of shelves we’ll put up a couple of wall cabinets.

It’s going to be nice.  Wish you could help.

Love and miss you so much.