The New Car Decision

img_0876Even before the deer hit me, I’ve been thinking about getting a new car.

My 2008 Prius has been amazingly awesome and still is except for the deer damage.  The body shop can’t take it in for repair until January 2nd.  That’s a whole month away.

Hard to believe the body repair business is so good right now.


afterSince it is a month away and the inspection had already been done, I decided to take a crack at massaging it back into a little more presentable shape.

I was able to get the majority of the bumper dent removed by using a hair dryer to heat the plastic then push the dent out.  Thank you Youtube!  I tried to pull the frame behind the headlight forward to where it should be.  I was worried if I did that that the hood would no longer latch so I figured it would be best to leave it as is.  Not much can be done with the hood. It has to be replaced anyway.  I added a short metal tab to remount the grill trim and hold it in place.  I removed and re-positioned the headlight so it is at least aimed a little better.  It is at least 50% better now.

That was pretty much as far as I could go without ordering parts.  Since Insurance pays for it next month there would be no point.  At least it is partially presentable now.

chvyvltStill, I’ve been thinking about getting a 2013 or 2014 Chevrolet Volt.  It’s another hybrid vehicle but has a 40 mile electric range before the gasoline engine kicks in.  I can get one for around $12,000.  It would be really sweet but do I really need it?

I want it but once the body is fixed, my 2008 Prius still runs like new.  It has around 111,000 miles on it but operates perfectly in all ways and gets me 54 miles per gallon.  Especially considering that gas is only $1.79 right now I pay only $13.00 a week to fill it up.  That’s damn cheap.  I even use synthetic oil to keep the engine as new as possible.  It is still 100% reliable so I have no logical reason to replace it.  It’s still like new.

On the other hand.  I plan to possibly retire in two years and it would be nice to have a newer car that costs almost nothing to run.  I could just buy it with a check but even if I finance it, at 1.5% it would cost me only $250 in interest if I pay it off in two years and I keep the cash in the bank or invest it.

Damn.  This is a difficult First-World decision isn’t it?  I haven’t gone shopping for one yet because I know if I sit in one and drive it, the deal is done.  I really should use logic here rather than emotion.  Still.  If logic becomes deadlocked, emotion might be the way to go.  Besides.  You only live once and I may not live all that much longer anyway.  I might as well go out in style, right?

I think I will wait and get my Prius back then give it some thought early next year.  Maybe I can get a year newer Volt for the same price by then.