Never share something you love!

nkthtbI’ve learned this lesson before but there is something about human nature that makes it a difficult lesson to remember.

“NEVER share something that means a lot to you.”

NEVER!  Seriously!

One of my mostest favoritest things in the world is naked hot tubbing on a cold winter day.  It is by far the best thing ever!  I do it alone because I have nobody and that’s OK.  Last week I thought I would share my happiness with my Facebook friends so I posted the above picture with the caption, “I love naked hot tubbing on a cold winter day.”  I expected positive comments and jealous responses.  Instead, I got things like “OMG!”,  “How can you do that?“, “Oh, My eyes!“, “Why would you post that on Facebook?“, “I would NEVER do that!

I was confounded and crushed.  I expected people to want to come hot tubbing with me and share the awesomeness that makes the world a wonderful place.  Instead, one of the things I love most of all sounded like trash.  Like I should be ashamed of myself.  Like I should never do it ever again.

What kind of shit is that?  It’s the best thing ever!   What’s is wrong with the world?

I wrote many years ago about not sharing things you love.  Music is another thing that should never be shared.   Keep your wonderful music to yourself because if you share it with someone, they will tell you how much it sucks and ask you to play something else.  What what WHAT???

Never share your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows either.

Keep all the wonderful, excellent, good stuff to yourself.  Keep it secret so it will always be awesome and nobody can take it away from you or make you feel bad about it.

Don’t ever expect anyone else to appreciate awesomeness.  Awesomeness can only be appreciated by yourself.