Dreamblog – A walk in the park

I woke up shortly after going to bed and having a typical work or service-related dream and said out loud to myself, “Please let me have some kind of relaxing dream instead of work.”….

I was walking in a park with my sister.  We entered a canyon with a river flowing at the bottom.  We waded down the river.  Other canyons lead off to the sides like city streets.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  There were other people there but it wasn’t crowded like a park often is.  Ahead of us, a group of boys stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the water. I was wondering where we were so I could come back some time.

I was floating down the river on my back when my sister handed me a Tiffany style lamp.  The cord hung down into the water.  I asked what this was for.  She told me we would need it later.  I noticed it worked on both AC and had a built in battery.  A lady came up to me and started playing with the switches and asking about it.  I turned on the battery switch and the light came on.  She walked away with it.

As we went down the river, the canyon became a city street with a market.  We walked on and the street became a school hallway with lockers.  At the end of the hall was a room with dirty posters on the walls.  I was surprised they would allow that in a school. We went in.

It was some kind of sex and drug den.  The air hung thick with smoke.  In the center of the room was a large box that opened at the top.  My sister mentioned something about blood and got into the box with a guy.

On the side of the room were some couches, benches and tables.  I went over and sat on a couch next to a few other people.  The drug smoke must have been affecting me because I was very sleepy.  I sat there an began to doze off.  A large policeman walked up to me.  I thought I was in serious trouble.  He told me to get out of the way.  He wanted to sit on the couch with the girl next to me.

I was in a daze so I stood up and slowly made my way toward the door wondering where I should wait for my sister.  As I started to walk through the automatic sliding door, I felt a tap on my right shoulder.  I turned to my left as one does when feeling a tap on the right shoulder in a crowded room.  It was some guy telling me there was room at the table.

He lead me to a large restaurant-style booth where some people were sitting and playing cards.  I sat down as the dealer dealt me in.  I guessed they were playing poker.  I wanted to both fall asleep and play cards.  I tried my best to focus and reached for my cards…

I woke up thinking, “Well. That was different.”

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