No Appointment Necessary

apptmtBack when I was a kid, when the world was perfect, getting together with others was far less difficult.  We would walk barefoot over to our friends houses and ask if they could play.  I don’t know if it is a just a change in our age or a change of the age we live in but you can’t seem do that anymore for some reason.

Nowadays, it seems, you have to make an appointment with others weeks in advance.  Nobody is available to have any spontaneous fun anymore.  If you ask someone to do something they always have a reason or excuse not to.  It makes me wonder whether they really have an excuse or just plain don’t want my company.  The latter is hard to believe because I’m such an awesome guy.

People are possibly struggling against the speeding up of time and trying to take care of their business in days that become shorter and shorter each year.

I don’t know.  I have nothing to do that is so important that I can’t spend time with good friends. You have to have priorities. Please feel free to come barefoot to my door anytime and ask if I can come out and play.  No appointment necessary.