My First Therapist

thrpstA few weeks ago I got a call from someone who likely got my name off of some Cardiac Patient registry.  It is basically a combination of Psychological help and Sociological.  Something I’ve needed for a long time anyway so I went along with it.  Apparently my insurance pays most or all of it.

I’ve had two phone sessions with a therapist so far.  It has mostly been a get-to-know-you thing so far but whatever it is, it feels good to have someone to talk to.  A blog is nice but one really needs some human touch.

I’m still not entirely sure what is going on with this service but it seems legit so far.  I really don’t think anyone can help me so I am dubious.  I’m hoping to be able to get something out of it at least.  I’m not like regular people with regular mundane problems.  So far, other than just having someone to talk to, I really haven’t learned anything I don’t already know.

Hoping for the best.