NO! I don’t want to fix your shit!

whtheMotherfucker!  I don’t want to fix your computer, your car or your house!

Today is Saturday.  I have precious few hours to take care of all the things I can’t do during weekdays and maybe work in some R&R. Yet again I get the dreaded text, “Are you busy today?”

“No sombitch.  I have absolutely NOTHING to do but sit here and stare at the walls.  Yes!  I’m fucking busy!”

It’s an acquaintance who wants me to “help” him fix his car.  That means he stands there while I fix it.  Sorry…  Not sorry.

I’m not totally self absorbed.  If he wanted to go do something fun like a road trip, the beach, volleyball, etc. I would make time.   If you expect me to work for you on my weekend then, No!  Fuck off!

Come on people.  Who do you think I am?  I’m not a robot here for your convenience.  Either give me some respect or give me a blow job.  Your choice.