Online Dating? Not.

I had the conversation with my therapist the other day on the subject of my social life.  It’s obviously zero because that’s the way I like it.  Still, it made me give it second thoughts.

I decided to give a look today just to see what I was missing.  I filled out the basic questionnaire just basically wanting to see some search results.  Eventually I pressed search and was presented with a screen of 40-49 year old women.  I was immediately turned off.  But why?

Maybe it’s the fact that they are old.  More likely, it’s the fact that they are actual women who want commitment and love.  Something I can’t provide.  I just don’t see myself in that kind of role.  I don’t have it in me.   I’m not looking for love in the first place.  Sex, yes.  Love, no.

What I really need is not  I need  Curiously, I typed it into the URL bar of my browser but no such site exists.  There’s a server there but it’s just something screwed up.

Oh well.  At least I know that online dating is not for me.  Whatever.