Dreamblog – Can’t find my music!!!

msngmskWith my community band Spring Concert just a few days away it’s no wonder I’m having this dream.

The concert started and we finished the first song.  I put it away and reached for the second piece but it wasn’t there.  The band started playing and I was frantically searching my folder for the pages I needed.  Nothing!

The third song started and still I had no music.  My solo was coming up.  Did I have it memorized?  NO!


Finally I woke up before things got really bad.  It was one of those dreams where you say to yourself out loud, “That sucked!”

A few days later…

OMG it almost came true!   The concert was going on and we were playing a piece with a big solo coming up.  I turned the page and…it was missing!!!  Panicked, I flipped through the remaining sheets but couldn’t identify it.  I was having a major flashback and freaking out.  No.  I didn’t have it memorized.  I was screwed!  I hoped to god that the 2nd chair player had the same part.  She did!   I reached over and turned her stand a little bit toward me.  She knew what happened.  I was just in time to start playing the solo.  Whew!  That would have sucked most royally.  Between pieces, I continued my search and found it hiding inside another song.  That’s what nightmares are made of.

I don’t usually have prophetic dreams but this one was spot on.

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