Sadness Pangs?

Lately I’ve been experiencing what seem to be pangs of sadness.  It’s kind of like a pinprick in my brain right between my eyes.

It’s a strange feeling and hard to describe.  It’s like my eyes want to cry.  It comes randomly and then disappears immediately.

I can only guess that it is 40 years worth of repressed sadness, frustration, emptiness trying to escape.  I wonder if I have reached my capacity for storing it all up.  How much room is left?  What happens when I’m completely full?  I expect one would need to cry to let it out but I seem to be incapable.  The last time I came close to crying it took major effort to sustain it for less than a minute.  Still it felt fake and was completely ineffective.

Is there something other than crying to relieve the pressure?