Possible Land Find

pttytnToday I drove out to the country to look at a piece of land I found on Zillow.  It is 2.5 acres way out in the country.  The location is not too bad.  It’s only 23 miles from my desired town.  That’s only a 25-30 minute drive.  Not bad considering it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get to work now.

The land is as shown in the picture.  It’s empty so I superimposed a house, garage, pool and solar array to get an idea of how things might fit.  I stood there for a moment and listened to the silence of country living.  It was wonderful.  All I could hear was a slight rustle of the trees and the hum of a single neighbor’s air conditioner.   No roar of traffic or the drone of a billion air conditioners.  I was in heaven.  Not even any dogs barking!

The land has some good qualities:

  1. A nice grove of trees in the front for a pleasant, privacy screening driveway.
  2. It’s nice and flat with no ditches to make the land useless.
  3. It has a brand new electric meter and pole with water right at the street.
  4. Enough screening from the neighbors by overgrown brush to let me run naked all day.  It can be easily fortified for maximum privacy.

It has one bad quality. It is very thin.  A pet peeve of mine.  I would prefer more width but it could do well enough.  I would always feel cramped.  This could be a major problem.  The lot on one side is occupied but the one on the other is empty and hopefully will never be occupied.  In the back is a greenbelt area.  Free emptiness!  Even though it is thin, there is more space than I really need and small enough to be easily maintainable.   If it was only 1/2 a lot wider I would be totally sold.  Right now I’m not feeling it 100%.  Maybe 75%.

I’m not giving up on it through.  Hopefully it will be on the market for a while and I can give it some thought.   One has to act quickly in real estate though.  Things can easily slip through the fingers of a procrastinator.  I am not really in a rush so maybe I should wait until a 80% or 90% shows up on the market.

The price is higher than I’m willing to pay.  At $50,000 if it was 100% perfect then I would go for it.  I’ve seen 4 acres sold for $40K so I feel that 2.5 should sell more around $30K.

I’m going to think for a a bit then contact the realtor to get more info if I feel I need it.  I would like to know:

  1. What it costs to tap into the water line.
  2. What are the construction codes.  Preferably minimal or none.
  3. If he thinks 50K is a good price.

I’ve already had scary thoughts about actually going through with retiring to the country it but it is my life goal so why should I be afraid?  Things are different when they start to get real.

If nothing else, finding that something I like could actually exist really raises my spirits.  I was getting really bummed out and frustrated.  There’s hope after all!

Two days later…

So much for that.  The property was just put on the market and is already under contract.  Acting fast is going to be very important.  It is apparently a seller’s market.