Sauce Class

Img_0277Yesterday I took a class downtown at the Culinary Institute of America on making sauces.  An acquaintance talked me into it and I didn’t want to turn her down so I went with it.  It cost $185 and used up half my Saturday.

I kind of enjoyed it.   I can’t say I learned a whole lot.  There were a couple of demonstrations and then we were divided into 4 groups and set loose with some recipes.

It was kind of fun cooking on professional equipment in a big stainless steel kitchen with other people.  Each group had 3-4 dishes to prepare and in the end we all sat down to a huge meal.  It was all good.  I learned to make a Hollandaise sauce that I also learned is 90 percent butter and 10% eggs.  Certainly not good for your heart and I will not ever be making it for myself.  Still, I always wondered what “Holiday Sauce” was.  It’s not easy to make.

I’m also not used to cooking such large quantities.  I usually make enough for one meal for one person each time.

I would say, if nothing else, it was worth the $185 for the experience and the entertainment the the opportunity to wear the spiffy chef hat.