Dreamblog – Surfing the Earth

srfatmI haven’t blogged my dreams very often lately.  Mostly because they are so bizarre and indescribable.  This time it was worth writing down.

I was on the space shuttle getting ready for reentry.  As we began to touch the upper atmosphere, I was suddenly outside with a board strapped to my feet.  It was not like a surf board.  It was more square and thin like a piece of plywood.

There was a lot of turbulence and it took all my effort to keep the board ahead of me so I would not be burned by the heat of re-entry.  The shuttle was nearby but getting ahead of me.  As I did my best to keep my balance the shuttle eventually disappeared ahead of me leaving a trail of smoke and fire.  I worried that if I didn’t keep up with it I would end up landing somewhere on earth that nobody would find me.   I angled the board for best aerodynamics without getting burned.  I wondered what it was made of to keep it from burning to a crisp.

I entered the lower atmosphere and had slowed down to a nominal speed.  I imagined that it would be better to land on water than hard ground so I did my best to find a lake or ocean.  The shuttle was long gone so I was on my own.  I saw a lake that seemed to be in my trajectory so I steered towards it.   I didn’t want to land in the middle or it could be a long swim so I adjusted to end up near the shore.  I came in fast and skipped across the water until ending up right near the bank where a large group of people was cheering me on and helped me out of the water.

Well.  That was different.

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