Germany or Bust

grmnytrpI just got an offer to spend a couple of weeks in Germany.  An offer I can’t refuse because there’s no way I will ever travel outside the US in the future.  At least highly unlikely anyway.  We will be visiting the areas that my ancestors come from.

I don’t have any paid vacation time left so I would have to take it as unpaid which is fine with me.  The boss is out in training today so I emailed him asking for his approval.  He basically said he couldn’t spare me to be away for that long.  I replied that the trip is more important than my job so I’m sure we can work something out.  We’ll talk tomorrow.

Basically, I’m telling him that I am going on this trip and whether I come back to work here afterwards is entirely up to him.  I’m already tired of this job anyway so even though I’m sure I’ll freak out for a while I won’t really miss the job.  I’m sure he will work it out with me but I like to consider the extremes.

Assuming the worst happens, though unlikely, I would enjoy taking another year off while I shop for land.  Perhaps get that part-time job I’ve been thinking about.  Change is good.  I’m tired of the full time thing anyway.  Work is for chumps.  I made all the money back in a few months that I spent on my last sabbatical.

It’s likely that all will be fine.  It would have to pass through multiple levels before they let me go and I seriously doubt a company fires a person for wanting some time off for vacation.  I’m not worried.   Germany, here I come.