Dreamblog – My Brother’s Suicide

vcmtrkWarning: Disturbing.

My brother must have had some kind of terminal disease or something.  He came into the room where we were sitting and took something or did something that would keep him from breathing.  He was fine at first but then started freaking out before collapsing on the floor.  Everyone got up and walked away leaving his body right there.

They started going through all his belongings and fighting over who was going to get what.  I walked away and felt tears running down my cheeks thinking about how nobody even cared about him.

I walked over to an area that looked like some kind of band stand.  Some kind of guard was standing there in a marching band uniform and handed me a flower on a super long stem.  I reached for a stack of plastic chairs so I could sit down.  A truck had pulled up and used a large rubber tube to suck up his body.  It got stuck and the vacuum ripped his body apart.  Black goo flew everywhere including on me.  I went to a puddle of water in the street to wash some of it off.  There were fish in the puddle.

That was one of my more disturbing dreams.  Usually they are just weird.  I wonder if it is some kind of reflection of my psyche.  I imagine my brother was actually me.

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