Dreamblog – The Jewish Party

I was at my brother’s house where he raised fish for sale.  I was helping him feed the fish and take care of the tanks.  There was one tank that I just finished feeding when I noticed a sign that said do not feed, religious fish.  Meaning the fish were not supposed to eat in order to stay kosher or something.

I was hoping nobody would notice but his wife came along and started picking the food off the surface of the water.  My brother was furious with me for ruining the whole tank of fish.  I felt like an idiot.

A lot of people started arriving and it turned into a party.  It was obviously a Jewish celebration with the music and dancing.  I was walking through the kitchen when I found a man and his wife following me.  The man put his hand in my back pocket and followed me as I walked.  I figured it was some kind of weird Jewish custom so I didn’t totally freak out.  It was still very bizarre.

I’m not Jewish and only know one Jewish person.  I kind of like the Jewish people because they are so family oriented and have customs and traditions.  I have nothing.  I never know what my dreams will turn up.