Quick TV Show Review – The Orville

It has been 12 years since the last Star Trek TV show was made.  That’s a long time to deprive Trek fans of something that has been in our lives since 1966.

When I first saw the teasers for the new Space Series, “The Orville” I dismissed it because it was going to be “Funny.”  Even though I totally enjoy Family Guy from the same producer, Seth McFarlane, I was not interested in seeing something like Star Trek ruined with bad comedy.

Finally the show came to TV this week.  I went ahead and watched the first episode in order to check it out.  I’m glad to say I was surprised to see that it is something I can actually enjoy.  It is serious enough to have good Trek-like story lines with just a hint of light comedy that gives you a chuckle without being horrible like most of today’s unbearable comedies.

The actors seem to be good choices for the parts and the CGI and sets are awesome!  I approve.

I can tell you that if you are a Star Trek fan, you will like, “The Orville.