Happy New Year 2018

Wow!  I can’t believe another year has passed by in only a few months.  Time is passing at a blinding rate now.  The end must be really close.  I’m so glad I can remember how slowly time passed back in the 70’s.   Once again, I feel sorry for the kids these days who will never experience that.

2017 was a really great year for me.  I officially beat my unhappiness.  I can now look in the rear view mirror at my depression.  Yeah, it still visits once in a while but it no longer lives here.

I’ve come to terms with my loneliness as well.  We are good friends now.

It was a great year financially too.  I made an incredible amount of money.  In just one year, my net worth went up $80,000.  Big thanks to my retirement accounts, my Wealthfront account and my forethought on buying crypto-currencies while they were cheap.  Thank you Bitcoin!  Smack!

I also finally found my land this year.  I searched high and low for so long and it just came to me like a lost dog.  I can’t tell you how much relief that has been.  The frustration was unbearable. Closing day is January 19th.  Things could still go wrong but I think it won’t be a problem.  I can’t wait to get the proverbial keys!  I finally have a solid ground to look forward to and make real plans.

2017 was a lucky and wonderful year for me.  2018, from all points of view, looks to be damn good too.  The economy is still on the rise so I’m crossing my fingers for another 80K next year.  My early retirement is really on track.

Happy new year to you.  Here’s wishing good luck to us all.  Clink.


Sleep Naked

I’ve been sleeping naked for countless years now.  There’s no doubt about it that it is so much more comfortable.

Last night it was really cold so I thought I might wear my pajamas.  Big mistake.  They kept getting all bunched up.  The pants legs kept riding up.  Strangely enough, I kept feeling cold and didn’t sleep well.

Finally I got up, stripped down and got back in bed.  So much better.  I was actually warmer because my body heat was allowed to warm the bed around me.

It made me think about all the regular people who don’t sleep naked.  I almost cried for them.  Can you even believe that people wear clothing to bed?  It boggles my mind.  Why?  What’s the point?  I’ll never understand the common humans.  They don’t know what is good.  Maybe they will never know what is good.

Want to make your life better?   Sleep naked.  Encourage your kids to sleep naked.  If they grow up doing it wrong then then how will they ever get a good night’s sleep?   I spent my childhood sweating and losing countless nights of sleep until I figured it out.  I could have done so much better in school had I been properly rested.

I’m trying to help you.  I’m trying to help the world.  Pay attention!


Dish Network Review

dshntwkAfter many, many years of enjoying DirecTV but not so much enjoying the slow-responding DVR and the overpriced service costing me $130 a month, I made the switch to Dish Network.

I’ve had DirecTV a few times as well as Cable.  I considered switching to Spectrum but they didn’t have the channels I wanted at the price I wanted to pay.  Their website is poorly designed and has limited information.  A bit of a turn off for me and most millennials.

Dish is somewhat of a secret TV company.  You don’t see them advertise much and the name was pretty much forgotten.  I remembered that they existed and went to the website.  I liked what I saw.  The base package had almost all the channels I wanted minus BBC America and DIY.   DIY has gotten boring and repetitive so I stopped watching it anyway.  BBC America has Doctor Who.  I’m sure I can get that other ways.

I went ahead and signed up for the service online and scheduled an installation date for Saturday.  The installer showed up on time and did a great job in a short amount of time.   He even brought with him the free Amazon Dot and Hopper GO box.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Hopper 3 DVR.  It is way more advanced than DirecTV’s Genie which seems thoroughly antique by comparison.  Dish’s DVR has voice control, Netflix and YouTube built right in.  It is easy to use and has plenty of configuration options.  It will even connect to your home media server to play your movies and music.  This is some forward-thinking stuff here.   You can even connect it to your Amazon Dot or Echo and voice control playback or ask it to play a movie or show off your recorded list.

The Hopper Go box connects to a USB port and allows you to transfer recordings to it so that you can take it with you and watch your shows on any wi-fi device.  I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds very cool.  Next time I go RV camping I won’t have to drag the whole DVR with me.

The picture quality is top notch.  1080i is as sharp as you would like to expect.  It also supports 4K TVs and has a couple of 4K channels so far.

Best of all, the cost after fees and taxes came to only $60.00 a month.  Half the cost of DirecTV and so much more value.

In conclusion, I am VERY impressed.   It’s a shame that Dish Network is not more proactive with their advertising because they have a quality service to offer. If you are shopping for a new TV services, be sure to consider Dish Network.  I think it’s the best bang for the buck.

Sign up here and use the referral code VCD0018694111 to get a Free Echo Dot, $50 in bill credits or 12 free pay-per-view movies.  You can also call 888-608-6768.

I’m not sorry I switched!!

See the channel packages here:  https://www.dish.com/programming/channels/


Free Money – Bitcoin Cash


I just found out that because I owned One Bitcoin a few months back when it forked, I get a free Bitcoin Cash!  I just checked my Wallet and I’m suddenly $3000 richer.  On top of that, Bitcoin Cash is suddenly being propped up buy one of the originators selling his masses of Bitcoin and going to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin took a dip but it is bouncing back.  It is at $17,200 right now.  Nothing to sneeze at.  I think it is still strong even though people keep warning about an impending crash.  I think they don’t know what they are talking about.  They are fear-mongering.

So far my crypto holdings are looking as such:

1 bitcoin $17,200
1 Bitcoin Cash $3,000
19 Litecoins $6,460

Not bad for having spent only $1,800.00

I also bought $500 each of Ripple and Potcoin which are both super cheap now.  Less than a Dollar.  We’ll see what they do.  Both have potential.

Wouldn’t it be so awesome to see them all skyrocket some more?  Easy early-retirement could could be mine.  Mua ha haaaaa!

This is really exciting shit.  I hope you are not just sitting on your hands.  Get in on it while you can!!

Go to Coinbase.com.  Sign up, Transfer money, Buy coin, Profit.


Quick Book Review – Artemus

artemusAfter having read “The Martian” by Andy Wier, it felt safe to read his next book, “Artemus“.

I read The Martian before even knowing there was a movie version coming out.  I enjoyed both rather well.

Artemus is another Science Fiction Based on Fact book that holds up pretty well to my engineering fact checking side.

A young porter/smuggler known as Jazz, living on the moon city known as Artemus struggles to make ends meet until offered the deal of a lifetime to sabotage a mining operation.  Of course, all doesn’t go well…

I enjoyed the scientific explanations which mostly all made logical if not technical sense.  It could portray a realistic description of what life on a moon city would really be like in the near future.

Artemus is totally a good read that kept me interested.  A book like that is hard to find these days.  Get it on Amazon. I hope they make a movie.


Siding lift for replacing siding on a 2nd story wall.

The bottom of one of the siding panels on the North side of my house was starting to rot from the bottom.  The old siding is made of what feels like cardboard.  A number of years ago I got involved in a class-action suit against the siding manufacturer and receive un-remembered thousands.

It’s actually lasting fairly well except certain parts so I’m just replacing what needs replacing with Hardie cement board siding.  This particular one has been on my mind for a long time marked as rather difficult because it is on a 2nd story and I have nobody to help me.

I spent the last few months looking at it and designing ways to do it in my head.  I was set on using a hand cranked winch and using a pulley on the eaves to hoist it up.  The other day, while sitting in the hot tub, I came up with a better plan.

Using two 15 foot 2x4s, cross members and a pulley I could just crank a 80 lb panel up there and slide it right into position all by myself.

Yesterday I built the mechanism and today I removed the old siding and hoisted the new one right into place.  My plan worked perfectly and cost me around $50 for the hoist and $30 for the siding.

Damn I’m good.  Natural born engineer here.  Congratulate me.


Quick Movie Review – 9

A crudely made burlap rag doll awakens in a post apocalyptic world where he finds a small group of others of his kind. On a mission to find a kidnapped friend, he inadvertently turns on a large war machine.

They return to the factory to destroy the machine and find The Source where they find out that each doll contains far more than just stuffing.

This 2009 animated film is very well done. The cinematography is complex and beautiful. The story is nicely written. You might need to watch it a few times to really get it.

If you are a fan of animation, I highly recommend you check it out. I really enjoy watching it.  One day I hope to wake up and find other people like me.