I’m Right Here!

rghthrEvery once in a while, when I’m feeling particularly lonely, I make a simple post on Facebook.

“I’m right here!!!”

I’m saying, “Here I am.  I’m here.  I’m right here.  I’m available.  I’m right under your nose. This is me.  Right here!! Look!  Here I am.”

What do I get back?

Person 1: Are you sure? I’m right here and i don’t see you.

Person 2: I’m never here or there. Always stuck in between.

Person 3: Wherever you go.

Person 4: I don’t see you!!!

Really?  My mind boggles a bit.  Are they not understanding the metaphorical statement?  Are they trying to be funny?  Well, it’s not funny.
I’m right here and nobody cares.  Does that make any sense?  Yes, I am being a bit vague on my request for friendship but I also don’t want responses from the wrong people.  I keep thinking that the right person would understand the gist because they are also “right there.”  Maybe it’s just that the right people are out of transmission range.  Maybe I’m too advanced for the regular people.  I wouldn’t want a regular person anyway.

10 More Solar Panels

slrpnlsI’m jumping ahead in time a little bit but now that Donald Trump has decided to place a tariff on solar panels, I thought the time might be right.  Personally, I think that’s not a good idea.  Solar panels should be granted free trade because cheap energy is the prime thing that the world needs.  Who cares what country they come from.

My Ultimate Plan seems to be unfolding so I’m going to go ahead with advance preparations.  If all goes well, I will be starting to build my new house next year and I plan on moving my existing 10 solar panels to it as well as double it with 10 more.  Good prices are hard enough to find now much less later after the tariff.  It will also be a little less painful now while I have a job with disposable income.

I ordered 10 300 Watt panels that I’ll store for now.  At $140 each, the total cost is only $1400.  I also found a great price on installed, but not used, Enphase M250 micro inverters at $50.00 each.  They usually cost $125 each.  I went ahead and ordered them too.

How exciting!  I’ll have a 4KW system set up on my new house.  That should be plenty to cover the Split System very high efficiency air conditioning system I plan to use.


He might be naked!!!

Privacy in the suburban wasteland is difficult to come by.  As a nudist, privacy becomes very important.

Personally, I don’t care if people see me naked in the back yard.  I just worry that if those people happen to be, and most likely are, regular people, then they might freak out.  I don’t need neighbors to freak out.

I’ve planted shrubbery in strategic locations to try to screen my yard from second story windows but it is still a few years away from being a good screen.  In the meantime, the idea of having to put on clothes to go out in the yard, swim, or use the hot tub really sucks.  Therefore I am at least partially careful about offending.  Otherwise, when it’s 100 degrees and high humidity, I’m going naked whether anyone likes it or not.

It hasn’t been obvious yet that my happiness has been observed until recently.  It was cold outside so I wasn’t naked.  I walked outside to clean up the patio.  The neighbors across the back fence were outside playing with their little girl.  The girl, as little girls do, play very loudly.  I could hear every word she yelled at the top of her lungs.  One phrase she said was, “Don’t look over there, he might be naked!”

Apparently at one time I was the topic of conversation in the house.  Part of me is glad to hear that they know and have not called the police or something.  Part of me is sad to hear that seeing naked people is “bad” for them.  What a wonderful world it would be if we could all just be naked and not worry about it.

These people usually keep their 2nd story window blinds closed in which case I feel free.  I guess they peep.  That’s not my fault.  It’s not like I’m being lewd.  I’m just being comfortable.  If they want to peep.  I’m fine with that.

It’s January now and I’m really looking forward to swimming weather again.

Another $1000 day

1kdlrI really can’t wrap my head around how well the stock market has done for me all last year and into this year.   It’s really amazing.  A while back I opened an account with Wealthfront, an automated investing service, and it is doing so well.  Quite often it will increase $1000 a day.   Today was one of those days.  On a minimal day it may go up $250.  That’s not bad either!

If you aren’t good at picking stocks but need to invest some money, I highly recommend trying Wealthfront.  It’s a no-brainer.  You aren’t going to get anything from a bank account or even a CD.

Wealthfront manages your first $10,000 for free, but if you accept my invitation, we’ll both get an additional $5,000 managed for free. Code: AFFD-IWML-XR6T-0EZG

Even then, the fees are minimal compared to the value you get out of it…Totally worth it.

Icepocalypse San Antonio 2018

Yesterday I was working in the yard and wearing shorts.  Today it is 27 and there is a very thin layer of ice on many surfaces.  What does that mean?  It means the city is closed.

I woke up this morning, took my earplugs out and was surprised to not hear the usual roar of the city.  Silence!

I’m not complaining about it.  I was lucky enough to have had this day scheduled for vacation so I have nothing to worry about.  I did check my email to find that the place I work is NOT closed.  Can you believe it?  Every single school is closed but my place of business is open.  So glad I am on a vacation day.  That worked out well.  I was kind of hoping that we were closed so I could count this day as a weather day and get my vacation day back.

It might not be too late.  The temperature will not be above freezing until tomorrow afternoon and there is more ice in the forecast.   I’m hoping that they will come to their senses and send everyone home before it gets so bad people cannot go home.

LOL.  Yes.  You people from the north are laughing at us and I laugh too.  The problem here is that Mexicans come from Mexico where it never freezes and therefore have no experience with driving on ice.  To tell the truth, Natural born San Antonians haven’t seen snow or ice since 1985 so we’re pretty much the same.  Total idiots when the roads get slick.  We even have a hard time driving when it rains in the summer.  A little sprinkle and the roads are clogged with accidents for hours.

It’s not much but I’m going to enjoy the ice blast.  I have plenty of dry firewood and a book to read.  I hope the power goes out.  My generator is so bored.


Slow Down!!

I usually find myself doing everything frantically. I rush through it and often do a just good enough job.

I guess we all do it because there so much to do and so little time.  We get in the habit of rushing everything to try and make it fit into the tiny little slice of life we have left to spare in a day.

We sometimes make it a competition to get something done quickly which only makes matters worse.  Who are we competing against?  Ourselves.  Not good.  I catch myself rushing everything and not even remembering that I did it.  It’s also bad for your blood pressure.

All we need to do is slow down.  Live your life deliberately and appreciate the moment.  Do a quality job that takes as much time as it takes.  It’s better for your health and whatever you are doing will be done so much better.  Enjoy the task or just appreciate a little time for relaxation.  It’s difficult but if you take the time to learn then it will totally be worth it.

You’ll experience life as it should be as everyone else in the world spins wildly around like children’s toy tops until they fall over in exhaustion.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Don’t let it happen to me.

Finally decided to sell my Bitcoin

I finally decided it was time to sell my Bitcoin.  I’ve had it since 2014 when I bought it for $800.  Today it is worth $15,000.

There’s always a chance it can skyrocket some more but I feel that it’s run has pretty much ended mostly because of the slow transaction time and high transaction fees involved.  It can never really be the easy, inexpensive method of exchange that we are looking for.  My decision was based pretty much on that.  I will have some FOMO about it but I’m not out completely.  I also own Bitcoin Cash that I got for free and is now worth $2,500.  I have Litecoin, Ripple and Potcoin.

Of the $15,000 I got from Bitcoin I deposited $10K in my checking account and I may put the $5K into more Ripple.   If it goes from $2 to $4 then I’ve doubled my money.  I’m playing with the house money anyway so why not risk it.

It’s kind of funny too.  People kept telling me that Bitcoin isn’t real money.  Well, I just put $10,000 in my bank account.  How real is that?

I’ll probably transfer that $10k to my Wealthfront account which is currently pulling me in $1000 a day.  NOICE!!!!

The stock market has been really good to me last year and is off to a great start this year.  Thank you Donald Trump!  Early Retirement, Here I come!