Land Cleared! DONE!


The people I hired came out to use the big machine to clear out all my land.  I met them there at 8:00 Wednesday morning and they set to work.  It was HOT!!!  A 100 degree day.  Fortunately for him the cab is air conditioned because he worked a straight 9 hours to get half of it done.  I spent most of the time sitting in the shade but at the end of the day I felt like I did a ton of work.  Sweating must take a lot of energy.

They came back the next day to the the rest of my keep lot and most of the lot I have to sell.  That will make it easier for the buyer to see it and it should sell quickly.  I’m hoping to get $15,000 an acre.

It seems like slow progress but it has only been a month or so.  Nice.



Quick Product Review – Black+Decker 1.5 cup Rice Cooker

Cooking rice really isn’t difficult but it does require some attention which is something humans are lacking in lately.

The Black + Decker Rice cookers, as I suspect with any rice cooker, takes out the thinking.

I chose this particular model because as a single person, I don’t want to cook a bunch of rice at one time.  This cooker is small so it doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space and it cooks 1 to 1.5 cups of rice easily.

Use the included measuring cup to measure your rice, add the prescribed amount of water, plug it in and push the cook button.  The cooker appears to use weight to tell when the water has boiled off and switches the device to warm mode to keep your rice warm until the rest of your meal is ready.  Leftover rice can be kept in the removable cooking vessel in the fridge for the next meal.

It’s fast, effective, clean and cheap.  I like it.

For only $15.00, I give this the Black+Decker RC305 Rice cooker a big thumbs up!  Get one at Amazon.



Father’s Day Buffet

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  I wasn’t sure how to celebrate it so I went to a Mexican Buffet.  He would have liked that.

It was apparently the right thing to do because at 11:00 am the place was packed.  People were even in the waiting area.  Fortunately, it is often easy to get a table for a party of one so I didn’t have to wait.

I got seated right away and made my way through the masses at the buffet tables.  The food was decent but not special.  I sat there alone and invisible as I ate at a table with room for four.  It felt weird of course but what can you do?   I looked around at all the (primarily) Mexican families all out celebrating their Fathers.  Nice for them.

I ate my fill and left.  Oh well.  It was better than having a turkey sandwich at home on a special day.  Happy Father’s Day Dad.  Wherever you are.

Quick Book Review – The Phoenix Project

51zJtQeycpL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_This book was recommended to me by a co-worker so I thought I would give it a try.

The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford is a well written book about an auto parts company IT department suffering through internal strife.  They are bombarded by users requests, the Audit department, System Security and upper management demands while being expected to deploy a massively underfunded and over rushed highly public project.

Any IT department worker will be able to relate to this story.  I found it dangerously realistic and it stressed me out so much that I had to stop reading at Chapter 15.

Not only was it hyper-realistic, the names of some of the characters were spot-on with people in my IT department.

Brent – The guy who knows it all.
Laura from HR.
Steve who owns the company.
Chris at the help desk.

I swear it must have been written by someone who knows us.   These names made it feel way too close to reality and I just had to stop.  I’ll read more later.  I want to know how it ends but I can’t take anymore stress.  If I was there, I would definitely quite post haste.

I have a feeling that the book is a learning tool that will give you information on how to deal with such a situation and IT operations in general and I want to learn.  Our IT department is not far from experiencing the same thing in our future.

Maybe it’s the same everywhere.  I’m glad my IT career is almost over.  IT is not as much fun as it used to be back in the early days.  Now there is too much security and regulation.  Now it just sucks.  I’m glad I was a part of the good times.  Sucks to be new at it.

Anyway,  Great book!  I hope to finish it after I retire.  Get it on Amazon.

Land Clearing – On the Other Side

Today I was scheduled to meet with the man who is going to use the big equipment to clear out the brush on my new property.   He cancelled because it was supposed to be rainy.

Rather than cancel my scheduled day off, I decided to keep it.  It has been a long time since I’ve had a vacation day.

Since it was cloudy and sprinkley, I decided it was a perfect day to be outside since the relentless sun was taking a break.   I loaded up my car and headed out there.

My fist stop was at the County offices where I asked again to make sure that I correctly understood that there were no building codes or permits required to build a house except for a driveway permit and a septic tank permit.  I already had the driveway permit so they gave me the paperwork for the septic.  This is good!

I headed out to the property where I was able to park on the driveway entrance since it now exists.  First time parking off the street!

I first trimmed a few bushes right at the fence entrance area to make it more open.  Nice!

My mission today was to use my brush cutter blade on the weed-eater to smooth down all the tiny tree trunks to avoid tire damage and allow me to use a mower to keep the weeds at bay.

I doused myself liberally with bug spray to ward off the little Red-bug beasts.  These no-see-um’s will get your ankles and waist area and itch for two weeks or more.  They are much like mosquito bites.  Perhaps worse.  Want to avoid that.

Fortunately, the hot summer sun had baked the weeds to death so they hadn’t grown much since my last visit.  I walked around and had at all the stumps that I could find until the ground was smooth and tire-safe.   I used my regular weed-eater with a heavy duty tip to cut down the rest of the weeds in the area.

Snake!!!  I cut off his head with the machine.  First snake!  Scary!  Need to be careful!   Sorry Snakey but, No Snakes!   I’ll have to put up a sign.

After a few hours of work I was satisfied with the smoothness of the shave so I brought my car all the way in.  YAY!  Not having driven on this dirt before I was worried about sinking in and getting stuck but it wasn’t a problem even with the moisture.  It wasn’t muddy per se.  The dirt is a bit sandy so I don’t think “Mud” will ever be an issue.  Once it packs down it will be even more drive-able.

I’m satisfied for now.  We are rescheduled for next week for the guy to come clear the rest.


I’m too far ahead of my time

Nicola Tesla and I have something in common.  We are both way ahead of our time.

I’ve noticed that sharing awesomeness with others is extremely difficult.  There have been so many times I’ve come up with amazing and innovative ideas and thoughts that could change life for the better for those around me but my discoveries fall on deaf ears.

I just don’t understand.  How can you not appreciate something so special?  It boggles my mind.  Don’t you get it?  Why are you so closed minded?  Is there anybody inside that thick empty head of yours?  I’m offering you gold here!  Platinum!  Unobtanium!  Wake up!!

It’s come to the point where, like Tesla, it’s time to just give up and wait for death.  One day in the future, after I’m gone, the world will catch up and I will be a posthumous God.  I think I’ll go sit in the park now and feed the pigeons.


Quick Book Review – The Phoenix Project

thphnxprjctI originally was looking for a book by the same name something to do with an office or IT environment.   A co-worker suggested it but this one looked more interesting.  I’ll read the other one later.

The Phoenix Project by M.R. Pritchard starts with a power outage in Phoenix AZ.  Our heroine, Andie, walks out of the city to her nearby small town to get back to her home and family where she finds that it has been taken over by a ruthless man running a project to start a new society.

The premise is extremely interesting but the application left me disappointed.  It always annoys me when someone has a great idea for a book then doesn’t come through with the goods.  It’s kind of like opening your first present on Christmas and finding a shirt.

You’ll have to suspend some belief when reading this story.  It’s not Bad per se.  It’s just lacking from my point of view.  Maybe you will like it.  It was probably intended for female readers.  I stayed with it all the way through but I was glad when I reached the anticlimactic sudden ending.

I totally love the idea of taking a town and starting a utopian society.  I would be all for that.  Doing it by jumping into an existing society, drugging everyone and expecting them to change their whole life is unrealistic.

To do it properly, find or build a town and invite people who are interested in forming a utopia to move in.  I’ll bet you anything you would have a waiting list.  I would be first in line.

Give me a house, pair me with a wife, assign me a job according to my abilities and we’re talking total happiness.   Who wouldn’t like this?

It also annoys me that ALL Utopian books always end up with contention making everyone want to escape.  Let’s see a book where everyone is happy.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Somebody start writing and let me know when it is ready.