Wrist feeling better

IMG_0433After my fall and wrist breakage incident, I’m feeling better slowly but surely.

My back pain is almost gone.  I think I got lucky and didn’t do any permanent damage.  I almost cancelled my appointment with my spine specialist but I think it might be good to see him anyway for a professional opinion and checkup.

My ribs still hurt on my right side.  I think I bruised them pretty good on the inside or something.  They said they weren’t broken.  I Googled rib bruise and all the symptoms match.  I should have another two weeks of slowly lessening pain to look forward to.  It’s not too bad.

My left wrist seems to have taken the majority of the damage.  The break is almost invisible in the X-ray.  You would really have to know what to look for to find it.  It still hurts when I turn it certain ways but I can type again now.  I’m supposed to be wearing a splint but it interferes with my work and I don’t feel that I really need it anymore.  I’m just being extra careful with what I use it for.  No lifting or prying or almost anything other than typing and extremely light duty.  Good thing I’m right-handed.

I’m more frustrated that I am not getting finished with my siding project.  I hate just looking at it being half done and I can’t do anything about it.  A wise man said, “Patience, you must have.”  Fortunately I am a master of patience.   Call me by my Native American name: “One Who Waits.”

At least I’m getting a lot of important TV watching done.  I’ve been watching all the first episodes of the new Doctor Who Series from 2005.

I’m also learning how to relax.  Can’t say I’m all there yet but not being able to jump up and do great things kind of gives you time to rest.  I’ve been needing a lesson in relaxation anyway.  I better get serious about it before I get all healed up because it might pass me by.



Indifference to death?

I’m dictating this Because my broken wrist prevents me from typing. please forgive Errors. I don’t want to have to go back and fix everything.

The other day my mom told me that my aunt Katherine passed away. A normal person might react but I felt absolutely nothing. When I was a very young kid she was one of my favorite people. She wasn’t a direct relation but married to my Uncle Darwin. I like him but I liked her even more. I always looked forward to spending time with her.

At one time there was some kind of Argument among the adults And we didn’t see  her anymore. When I was in high school I wrote her a letter telling her how much I missed her. I don’t recall her ever writing back

I saw her again briefly once 30 years later.  She was now very old and feeble. Another 10 years passed and now she’s gone. I feel nothing. I really don’t even care. What concerns me more is wondering whether I should feel this way or not. How would a normal person feel in this situation? Is my lack of empathy Normal or am I As screwed up mentally as I think?

I don’t know. whatever. I guess it is as it is.

Fell off the roof again.

Great. I didn’t need that.

Not totally unexpected, I was working on the siding and was standing on the Roof covering the front porch And fell off into the bushes. It sucks because I was almost done.

I haven’t made a blog entry for awhile because typing is difficult. I’m using the Dictation function in windows. Please forgive any Type or or grammatical errors.

When I fell I hurt my back And broke My wrist. I’m wearing a splint And should be back to normal in at least 6 weeks. My back is not too bad. I don’t think it’s major. I felt worse.  It’s getting better day by day and I think my stretches and exercises will really help.

If there is a good time to break your wrist in Texas then it is in the summer. It’s too hot to be outside doing anything anyway so I might as well take the time and rest. The temperatures are over 100 right now Everyday.

I took a few days off of work while my back was Really bad but went to work on Wednesday. My job is sitting at a computer all day and typing is difficult but I’m managing. Can’t do anything else I might as well go to work.

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting with the electric company out at my property to have them install new service. Things are moving along well with that. The sale of my the other part of my land Is still in progress. I should get the check for $64,000 soon. My next step after electricity will probably be Getting the foundation Done. Once the foundation is in Then my plan will be in progress.  If I’m healed well enough then I can start framing this winter in leave my job in December or January. Soon I may be a free man with a plan.

Providence strikes again – Paint Sprayer Discount

pntspryrI’m constantly amazed how often the things I need come to me free or cheap when the time is right.

All you have to do is have patience and wait.  They say good things come to those who wait.  I think it is totally true.


sdngI put off starting a big project of replacing the siding on the front of my house for so many years.  It was starting to rot where the water splashes on it from the porch roof.  It needed to be done before I go to sell the house and time is getting short so I decided to get it done.

I got the bright idea to buy a paint sprayer.  I could totally do this with a brush but next year when I’m building my new house, I’ll need a sprayer anyway.  The best thing I could find would be a good looking Graco sprayer from Home Depot for $260.  Fine.  Totally worth it.

Today I gen an email from Harbor Freight with a coupon to buy one almost exactly the same for only $169.  Dude!  Love it!  The reviews are good and I’ve never had any problems with HF stuff.  It even uses the Graco sprayer tip and parts.   I’m going to pick it up this week.  Noice!


Extra land sold in just a few days!

intmnyWooooooo!  My land sold for a lot more than I bought it for!

I originally bought 8 acres of land in the country at $11,000 an acre.  I didn’t need that much but it is hard to find small acreage.   I divided it in two parts, kept what I wanted and listed the other part just the other day.  The real estate agent just called me and said it sold for full asking price!!!  Should have asked more.

I knew it would sell quickly because of its scarcity plus it has a nice pond on it.   We listed it for $16,200.  A nice profit of $5200 an acre.  That means my total cost after the 6% fee to the realtor is only $5211 per acre or $18,000 total.  Shit yeah!  That will pay for the water, septic and electricity installation and still have some left over.  Free money!

I love it when a plan comes together… plus a bonus!


Dear Dad – Wanda in the Hospital too

Hi again dad.  I didn’t think I would be writing to you so soon but as I was visiting mom in her hospital room, I got a call from aunt Puddin.  She said  your daughter, Wanda, called the EMS and is on her way to the hospital in Seguin.  She has been having heart issues for a long time and had a stent put in a few months ago.  She kept having fast heartbeat problems and finally went to the hospital.   I’m betting she will need a pacemaker too.

I am kind of partly in shock and mostly just don’t know what I am supposed to do.  What do normal people do when their mom and sister are in the hospital?  I’m just kind of keeping in touch, visiting and keeping on as best I can.

I guess heart problems run in the family on both sides.  I guess Jody and I are doomed.  So far I am doing well since we caught it in time and I’ve changed my eating lifestyle to keep my cholesterol down.  I should be OK as far as heart disease but who knows if I’ll end up with major heart rate issues.  I had an “Extra” heartbeat issue that medication seems to be controlling pretty well.  Hope it stays in check.

I’m not planning on living a long life.  If I can hang in there until I make it to 70 and stay relatively healthy then I’ll count that as a win.  That’s long enough anyway.  By that time I will have accomplished all my earthly goals anyway and will just be waiting.

Keep Mom and Wanda in your thoughts if you are able.


Wanda is back home now.  There were no major symptoms when she got to the hospital.  She has been having the issue for a long time so she will go to the doctor and wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to get a snapshot of the issue.

Dear Dad – Mom In Hospital

Hi Dad.

Just wanted to let you know that Mom is in the hospital.  On Tuesday, July 3rd, she called me at work that morning and told me she thought she was having a stroke.  The EMS was just arriving and took her to the hospital.  I took the rest of the day off and met her at the Methodist Hospital.

It was a mild stroke.  She was feeling fine other than having trouble walking and writing.  Her lip and fingers were tingling.  They had her on a heart monitor and soon found out that she was having Atrial Fibrillation, a high speed beating of the upper chamber of the heart.  This can cause blood to pool in the chamber and cause clots that can go to the brain.  This was obviously the cause of the stroke.  She doesn’t feel it when it is happening so it may have been happening for quite some time.

When it starts, it goes on for quite a while so the doctors decided to give her a pacemaker.  The surgery went quickly and smoothly and she felt fine afterwards.  We were hoping all would be well now but it keeps happening even with the pacemaker.  She says they are making adjustments to it so it will be more effective.

In the meantime, she has been in the hospital for five days now and is getting tired of being there but it may be best for her to stay until they get it under control.  I’m wondering if they should do a cardiac ablation to destroy the node that causes the fast beating.  I guess that’s not out of the question.  I wonder how they can tell where it is.  A heart has multiple nodes as backup.

Once they get it figured out, she will go directly to rehab so they can help her with her walking.   She says she is walking better now as they help her from the bed to the restroom.  I’m thinking she will breeze through the rehab and be able to go back home pretty quickly.   Wanda said she could stay with her for a while to help her out.  That would be nice.  She needs to spend more time with Mom anyway.  I’m stuck at work all the time so I can’t be there all day.

Until they get the fibrillation under control I’m still worried.   She is in good spirits other than wanting to get out of there.  Lying in a bed all day isn’t as fun as you would think.  She is, otherwise, in great health so I think she could easily have a number of good years left.  If the fibrillation stops then she may not have another stroke again.  It’s putting up a fight though.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Puddin and Wanda will probably come to town and visit with her tomorrow.  I’ll meet them there.  Jody and his wife Margo have also been visiting her almost every day.

Love you Dad.  Wish you were here.

For anyone else reading this, I know you don’t care but thanks for caring enough to read it.