Quick Trip Report – RV Camping at Medina Lake

Day 1:
An unexpected holiday. Columbus day had snuck up on me out of nowhere. I decided to take advantage of it so I made a reservation at a really nice campground on Medina Lake. Friday finally came so after work I drove down to the lot where I store my 1982 Holiday Rambler Motorhome and brought it home to my driveway. It was already getting dark but I managed to wash all the dust off and check the tire pressure, oil, coolant and transmission fluid.
Saturday morning I woke up around 7:30 and packed up the supplies I would need for two nights then stopped at HEB for a steak and a few other things, gas then hit the road.

One thing I like about Medina Lake is that it is close. I was backing into my camping spot in less than an hour. I was lucky to find a nice spot right up near the water next to a shady oak tree. After plugging in the electricity and water I set up my hammock and enjoyed the cool breeze while reading my book. I’m re-reading the whole Harry Potter series then watching the movie after each one. I’ve made it to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I mostly get to read during my lunch hours so this is a year-long project but a great way to spend some time.

My camping spot is partly in the sun so I plan to experiment with my solar panels. Other than the Air Conditioner and the Microwave, I can camp anywhere and have electricity. The motorhome has a generator so even that is covered if I needed it. I disconnected the power converter from the AC power so that anything DC would be running directly off the solar panels. That includes my lights, fans and TV. Cool, huh? It’s going to get hot later so I’m sure I will need the AC. I prefer not to use it and go camping in the cooler weather because it makes so much noise. Maybe I should replace it with a newer model. Not worth the trouble since camping in the winter is more enjoyable. More comfortable and quieter since there are fewer people.
I read for a while during which time three guys on jet skis made obnoxios noise. I didn’t let it bother me. It’s good to see people having fun. The sun peeked between the clouds and the trees but the day was mostly overcast so far. Good. That keeps it cooler and I won’t get as sunburned.

After a few chapters, I decided to take a bicycle ride around the park and look at the other RVs. There were quite a few parked on the twisting trails but few people to be seen. They must all be inside watching TV. Just about all of the RVs were newer models. Sleek and clean. I still think mine is better. Back in 1982, motorhomes still had style. Mine is old but it has all the bells and whistles. It was top of the line at the time. I also enjoyed buying it for $4000 and doing some of the remodeling and repair. Now it is almost fully operational and I enjoy it every chance I get.

As I got back from my ride, even though it was cloudy, I was hot from the exertion so I took my tank top off. Much better. I seldom wear a shirt at home and it is so wonderful to feel the breeze directly on your skin. People shouldn’t have to wear shirts. Ever.

It was 2:30 and I was starting to feel at home. There’s a period of weirdness when you first arrive at a campsite. Eventually it wears off. Two of my neighbors had blow-up kayaks and returned from a trip across the lake. I brought one too and will probably make the trip tomorrow morning. For now, I’m just going to rest and read. I brought a Frisbee along and considered throwing it around but it’s not a boatload of fun by yourself. If I was at the beach I could throw it up and into the wind and it will return to me. It’s almost like having a friend.

I read some more until I was starting to get hungry. I lit up the charcoal in my small portable grill and cooked up a nice T-bone steak. I don’t eat a lot of meat anymore in order to control my cholesterol but I enjoy a good steak on special occasions. Along with some jalapeno ranch style beans and a baked potato it was an enjoyable meal.

I read a little longer until it started to get dark. Rather than firing up the water heater in the RV, I decided to just go take a shower in the restroom/shower building just a short walk away. I came back and considered siting outside in the darkness for a while. Normally it’s nice to look up at the stars but it had been an overcast day and there were no stars to be seen.

I went inside and watched a movie. I randomly went through my library and came up with Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio. A weird psychiatric movie that I’ve seen a number of times but never really understood. This time it clicked. Mostly.

It was on the edge of being comfortable but humid so I decided to close the windows and use the air conditioner while I slept. I wanted to make sure I didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn and waste an opportunity for well-deserved sleep so I took a Tylenol PM at around 3am when I took a restroom break. It worked. I woke up around 9:00 with the sun streaming through the window.

Day 2:
I put together a simple breakfast of an egg and some veggie-cheese on an english muffin. It was sunny yet cool so I grabbed my inflatable kayak and made my way across the lake. The water was calm and smooth. Even as the occasional boat sped by, it remained calm. Going across the lake in an inflatable kayak by yourself is probably dangerous but what choice do I have?

I made it to the other side and got out to explore the hillside. It was steep and overgrown so there was no chance of climbing to the hilltop. I sat on the rocks as the minnows nibbled at my toes and legs. After a reasonable rest I got back in the kayak and headed back to my side of the lake.

As I was carrying my kayak back to the RV, I met the girl who had the kayak with her husband the day before. She was holding a pet skunk. Neat! She asked me about the TV in my RV and weather it worked out here. They were newbies to their RV and not naturals. I asked her if she tried turning the antenna after raising it. She hadn’t done that. There’s your problem. She was cute and it made me sad that she wasn’t single.

I sat back in my hammock in the shade wearing only my tiny swim shorts and read some more. It was a beautiful sunny day so I might be able to play with my solar power a bit. I had to keep moving my hammock around to keep in the shade. I got enough sun this morning on the kayak. Good thing for Sunscreen!

The other kayak couple packed up their new RV and left. I was sad because they were able to see me. As an invisible person, it’s nice to have someone be able to see you once in a while. I read as I watched the parade of boats and RVs pass by without anyone even noticing that I was there. Such a nice day.

It got hot pretty quickly and a little past noon, my RV was out of the shade and warmed up. I was tired of reading and didn’t feel like doing anything else so I went inside, cranked the AC and watched some TV shows. I have all the seasons of Brickleberry and since I was in a park, it seemed appropriate. I watched a number of episodes waiting for the sun to finish it’s tirade.
I looked out the window at the people down by the lake. It amazes me that fat women are allowed to wear bikins but men can’t wear speedos. Pisses me off! I want to wear my speedo in public and not be hassled. It’s awesome and I look hot in it. It’s a good way to become uninvisible but I don’t like the way I am treated. In a better world, it would be perfectly normal.

Evening came and I went back outside to read the last of my book. NOO! Dumbledore is dead! Damn you Snape!

I ran out of book and it was getting dark so I went back inside to watch a movie. I decided on an anime called “Howl’s Moving Castle”. I love anime. Especially the work of Hayio Miyazaki. Great stuff! It had been a while since I’d seen it so it was like seeing it again for the first time. Sometimes I really appreciate my poor memory. I get to enjoy things again for the first time eventually.

After some popcorn and the movie it was late and really dark. I wanted to go take another shower before bed because I was feeling icky from the sweat and sunscreen. I got on my bike for the short ride to the showers. It was so dark I really couldn’t even see the road. I was familiar enough with the way so I enjoyed riding in total darkness listening for the crackle of loose gravel on the old pavement.

I got back from the shower and was dead tire. I sat out in the hammock and pondered the stars for a few minutes. You could even make out the Milky Way. Something you will never be able to do in San Antonio unless North Korea hits us with an EMP. I saw a dimly lit satellite go by then vanish as it entered the shadow of the earth.

Pondering the stars can hurt your brain considering the vast distances involved. It can make you feel tiny and insignificant. Well. I’m already all that so I said, “Meh.” and went inside and fell asleep.

Day 3:
I woke up early having not taken any Tylenol PM. I appreciated lying there not being forced to get up and go to work since today is Columbus Day. I laughed at all the people who don’t get the day off. That used to be me at my last job. Columbus was a major asshole but I get the day off so he couldn’t have been that bad. Thanks Chris!

The grass, my kayak and hammock were covered in morning dew. I dried it off and started packing up for the drive home. I could stay at least half the day but I was sufficiently rested and feeling lonely as I watched all the people around me having fun so I decided it was time to go. I need to mow my grass and do some stuff before band practice tonight anyway. Maybe three days is even too much. A regular weekend where I spend one night is adequate.

I drove home, cleaned up the RV and put it back into storage. Maybe next month it will be cooler and nicer to go somewhere else. October is really still too hot and humid. I should have waited.


Dreamblog – My Squirrelfriend

I was lying in bet this morning when a squirrel jumped up on me.  I held out my finger for him to sniff like one would do with a dog or cat.  He bit me gently with his teeth and held my finger in a gesture of wildness.  It did not hurt or break the skin.  I let him hold my finger as a gesture of gentleness.   He let go and I stroked his back.

I got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen with him scrambling along with me.  The kitchen became my grandmother’s kitchen somehow.  I was looking for something to feed him.  All I could find was a glass cookie jar with what looked like Trix inside but they were about half the size of the well-known cereal.  I took the glass lid off the jar and the Trix flew out over my shoulder and landed on the floor near the table.

I started to clean up the mess and the squirrel had stuffed his cheeks with as much as he could.   I woke up.

I’ve always wanted a squirrel for a friend.  I always talk to the squirrels outside in my yard and offer them stuff but they always run away.  Unfortunate for both of us.  We could offer each other so much happiness.


Having a Felix Felicis good luck day

Today has been a rather good day.  I woke up later than usual because I start a new 8:30 to 5:30 shift.  Sleeping later is good.

Work went smoothly especially since the boss is on vacation this week.

I had a great Thai lunch buffet.

I made tons of cash in my investment since the market is up and feeling good.

The commute both ways was easier because it is not right on the rush hour.

I was awesome at band practice this evening.  The whole band is awesome!  I’m impressed.

You can’t expect a weekday to go any better.  I figured as long as I had that dose of Felix Felicis, I should buy a Powerball ticket.  So I did.  Too bad the drawing isn’t tonight.  Still.  I have the winning ticket!

I feel good.  Let’s see if this can go on all week.

A few days later:   Hey!  I did win the lottery!   I got the Powerball number but no other numbers so I get $4.00.  I paid $2.00 for the ticket so I doubled my money.  What a lucky day!


Mentally Exhausted

I find myself unable to relax anymore.  When the weekend comes I spend my whole time busying myself physically.  When there’s finally time to rest, I spend it with my mind racing to find solutions to my unfulfillable desires of friendship and retirement.

It’s stupid because I’ve already spent years processing the algorithm but it always ends up in an infinite loop.  My mind buzzes:

10 Try to figure it out
20 IF not figured out GOTO 10

Suddenly it’s Monday again and I have to go to work.  I wake up feeling like I’ve had absolutely no rest.  I wish I could shut it off.  It has been so long I can’t even imagine what it might feel like for my brain to be idle.   No matter where I go or what I do, the program is running.  I’m getting desperate to turn it off.  Drugs maybe?  What can I do?

There’s only so much that physical distraction can accomplish.  I usually end up doing both.  Really sucks.


Quick TV Show Review – Star Trek: Discovery

I didn’t even know there was going to be a new Star Trek series.  It was a surprise. Even more surprising is that it’s not on TV.  You have to subscribe to CBS online streaming service.  Yeah. No.

I already pay DirecTV $130 a month.  I’m not adding to that by subscribing to another service.  That being said, there are other ways…

Anyway, I checked out the first episode which is free.  Just like a drug dealer, the first hit is free.  I’m not sure I like it.  It’s dark, violent and stressful.  It is obviously written to appeal to the psychotic young people of today.  It is overly complex and after seeing the first episode, I don’t know what is going on.  Maybe it could grow on me but I feel betrayed.

I don’t know what more to say.  I think I’ll stick with The Orville for my Star Trek fix.



Land strikeout

Looks like I’ve struck out again. My real estate agent obtained the restrictions on the two acres of land I was looking at.  It’s the usual stupid requirements that I don’t want to have to follow so I’m going to pass again.

I really liked the land.  Even though I didn’t like it at first sight, after spending some time on it, it grew on me and I decided it was perfect.  It is a brand new subdivision of a larger property and, not having any development on it yet, I thought it might be a place to have free will.  Not so much.

I don’t understand why people can’t subdivide land without putting on a bunch of Nazi rules and requirements.   I don’t want to have to get approvals on the type of house I want and how many chickens I can have.  I don’t need someone to tell me that my house has to be brick on the front and what color the door is and whether the driveway is properly maintained.  All I want is some land and leave me alone.

I suppose it is to “protect people’s investments.”  Well, a home is NOT an investment.  It’s a place to live.  If you need someone’s approval to do something then you are NOT living.  I don’t care about my house’s resale value or what the neighbors house looks like as long as I can’t see them or hear them from my own.  Live and let live dammit!

So I’m disappointed but it is not expected.  I’m kind of getting used to disappointment and it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.  The search is still on.  I’m getting rather anxious to have this purchase done so I can have a foundation to base my life on.  It really sucks to be floating in limbo.

I am going to have to step it up a notch and maybe post wanted ads in newspapers and convenience stores.  I might see if I can find out who owns larger properties and send them letters asking if I can buy some.  Surely someone out there wants to make a little money.

Who knew it would be this difficult.


Land shopping success!???

Today I went back for a closer look at the 2 acres I briefly checked out last weekend.  I had some time to think about it and I thought it warranted another look.

I drove 10mph down the dirt road to see if I could avoid blanketing my car in dust and it wasn’t so bad.  The road was longer going slowly but not too bad.  Besides, who’s in a rush in the country.  That’s the point!

I parked on the road in front of the property and changed into my jeans so I would not scratch the hell out of my legs.  This property is completely overgrown which is exactly what I want for privacy.  I was worried about snakes and don’t have any boots so I wrapped some cardboard around my lower legs a few times as a bit of protection under my jeans.  Perhaps stupid, perhaps genius.

I plunged into the jungle to see what I could see.  It was very dense and I was glad I had long pants on.  The majority of the land is relatively flat but there are a few shallow dry creek beds that could be a problem.  After getting a good idea of where they went, I looked to see where I might be able to locate the house and a garage workshop.   The creek beds had me worried but I think the house can fit relatively well right about in the center and the back patio deck can overlook the creek.  I might build a little bridge.  I think the non-flatness will give it nice character once it is cleaned up.

I paced out as best as I could estimate the size of the house.  I might have to build a smaller garage/workshop but that might not be so bad.  Across the creek bed the other half of the property is mostly flat.  Plenty of room for a garden and a solar array if I don’t put it on the roof.

The house would face Northeast meaning the roof would slant Southwest which would put it in pretty prime orientation for solar.

The trees are mostly Oak and a few Mesquite.  There are a few larger Oaks but the rest are small.  Maybe 20 feet tall.   I was trying to visualize what it would look like after I removed the brushy undergrowth and unwanted trees.  I would of course leave the perimeter 10-20 feet untouched for privacy.  The front of the property has a nice growth of taller trees and brush to screen it from the road.  Other than a curvy driveway, I would leave it mostly natural.

I like it and I think it likes me.

After an hour of traipsing around I was hot and my underwear was drenched with sweat.  I imagined myself running around naked and it wasn’t so bad.

I headed back to the small town maybe 10 miles away.  I stopped and had a burger then drove up and down the main street to see what was there.  I visited the grocery store and scouted out two lumber yards.  I google mapped to see what kind of computer businesses there were.  There is one that looks good.  It would be great if I might find a job there one day.  Full or part time.  That sounds like fun.  Being a computer guru it should not be hard to find something for a little extra income once things are built.

It looks like this town might meet my basic needs.  It doesn’t have a Home Depot but there is one about 18 miles away.  That’s acceptable.

I like the small townness.  No heavy traffic.  No infinite masses of crazy people driving around pointlessly to burn gas.  I liked the feel.

I got home and emailed my realtor and told him I would like as much info as he could dig up and I would probably make an offer.  They are asking $60,000 which is more than I think is a fair price.  I’m going to see about offering $50,000.  I would feel comfortable around there.  If I HAVE to go to $60,000 then I guess it would still be worth it.

I’m trying not to get myself too excited because I’ve been let down too many times in the past.  If this doesn’t work out then I’ll just keep looking and waiting.  More time means more money to spend.  Look on the bright side.

Supposing I end up buying it, I would at least feel like the prophesy is coming true.  I’ll at least have a solid base to build my future and I can finally plan to get myself out of limbo and into motion.

Wish me luck!