Windows 10 – The Dumbening

wndwstnWith each forced release of Windows 10, the operating system is slowly becoming dumber.  Maybe that’s good since the masses who use it are mostly dumb.  Maybe it is a good match.

The problem is that they are slowly phasing out all the tools that administrators use to make modifications.  The ubiquitous Control Panel is almost impossible to find if you don’t search for it.  The Printer control panel is also hiding.  So many important tools are fading out and will soon be gone with the wind(ows).

Yes, there are big fonted, dumbed-down, push button and switch-like alternatives but where are all the options we need?  Gone or hidden so deep you will need a shovel to find them.  Fortunately the registry and the group policy editor are still there for power admins.

Personally, I don’t like it.  Yes, it’s partially because the old way was perfect and the new way is…dumb.  I feel like we are losing control of Windows.  Soon it will be like Apple’s OS.  Few options:  “You’ll eat what’s on your plate and like it!”

Linux is still out there but it will never replace Windows no matter how dumb Windows gets.  Go watch the movie, “Idiocracy.”  That’s where we are going really quickly.



Bitcoin Awesomeness!

btcnI was a lucky man who bought a single bitcoin back when it was $800.  In just a short time it has gone up to $11,000.  Nice profit, huh?

Forecasts set it to hit $150,000 in two years.  Very nice for my early retirement.  I don’t need it to retire but an extra $150,000 would be some seriously nice padding.

I also bought 19 Litecoins at $50.00 each.  Now they are up to $100.  I don’t expect Litecoin to be as meteoric as Bitcoin but more is better.  I’ve already doubled my money in one month.

There are two schools of thought on Bitcoin:
1. It is a bubble that is going to pop soon.
2. It is the future.

People in the “Bubble” camp are either the media looking to make up some news for you to click on, or those who wish they bought it when it was cheap and are now very sad and bitter.

Those of us who are owners are more in the line of future awesomeness.

Personally, I don’t know.  I’m certainly hoping for the awesomeness.  I don’t see where it is a bubble.  It is just going to become more and more scarce as mining becomes more difficult and more companies are adopting it.  With scarcity comes value.  Some are predicting it to be worth 1 million.  🙂

At most, I have only $800 invested in Bitcoin so there’s not much to lose and all to gain.

It’s not too late for you either.  Surely you can’t afford to buy a whole Bitcoin at $11,000.  I wouldn’t either.  You don’t have to buy a whole coin.  You can still buy any amount you want.  If you had purchased $500 worth on Friday, you would have made $100 by Monday as it went up 20% over the weekend.   It’s not getting any cheaper so you better hurry!

Go to  Sign up. Buy Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.  Profit.

Get in on the ride!  It certainly is fun.


My Best Lunch Buddy

lnchbdyI used to get depressed during lunch as I would leave work and eat in some nearby restaurant all by myself.

I would sit there and look at all the people at the other tables talking to each other and having a good time and slip deeper and deeper down the hole.

Nowdays I keep my Kindle Paperwhite in the car at tall times.  I chose the Paperwhite becuase it’s e-Ink screen  keeps a charge for a long time and is cheap enough to just leave in the car and not be concerned. Now I really look forward to getting away and eating lunch alone so that I can immerse myself in a great book.   If you do something long enough it becomes a habit and the habit of not being lonely during lunch is a very good thing.  Not only that, reading is always a good thing.


Are the 2017 Race Wars Necessary?

If you watch the news anymore, you will see that the Race War is heating up.  People are going completely crazy but is it a real issue or is it just that they aren’t seeing the big picture?

People are crying out that they are not being treated equally.  (Flashback to when I was a kid whining, “It’s not fair!” and being told that “Life is’t fair.”)  Are they actually being treated unfairly or is it just that they are not seeing the whole story.  If you have an illness and just treat the symptoms then you will never be healed.

Equality among the races happened decades ago.  The problem is that people aren’t taking advantage of it.  It’s almost like they enjoy being the underdog and like to complain.  Perhaps they are hoping that they will get a free pass to skate through life without any effort.  Life takes effort.  You can choose to accept it or keep wishing and buying lottery tickets until you die with nothing.

Black people are not as repressed as they think they are.  Look at what is possible.  Let’s look at a few successful black people:

Kenneth Frasier: CEO of the pharmaceutical company Merck.
Ursula Burns : CEO of Xerox. (And a woman!! You go girl!)
Kenneth Chenault: CEO of American Express.
Roger Ferguson: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and now on the board of directors at Alphabet.

Nobody is repressing them.  They took what life offered and made it happen.

The big picture here is that all humans are equal.  You just have to take the initiative.  Nobody is going to hand it to you no matter what your race is.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Stop sitting in your car and listening to noisy music.  Apply yourself in school and spend that time studying and preparing to make something of yourself.
  2. Stop wasting time playing basketball.  The chances of you being in the NBA are actually better if you’re black but still astronomical.
  3. Stop wasting money on alcohol and drugs.  Spend it on bettering yourself.  Buy a computer.
  4. Dress nicely and get a professional haircut.  You won’t get any good job offers if you look like a thug.  Pull up your pants and be a man.
  5. Learn to speak proper English.  Companies want to hire professional sounding people.  Make sure you can write well too.
  6. Pay your bills so you will have a good credit score.  Don’t waste money on stupid things.
  7. Hang around with quality people.  It rubs off either way.
  8. Don’t waste time and money at bars.  Go the the library.
  9. Have fewer children.  It costs $233,610 to raise a child to the age of 18.  Can you afford it?
  10. Apply yourself at work.  You have to show that you are trustworthy and earn that raise.

Look at the big picture.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  You don’t have to be white to be successful.  You only have to be serious about it.

I’m not telling you to “Be White.”  I’m telling you to “Be Right.”  The world will open up to you.


Lunch Inflation

lncmnyI usually go out for lunch on weekdays.  Mostly to get away from the office and also because a man needs food.  It is suddenly getting very hard to eat lunch for less than $10.00.

I think Subway is the only place I can go to get a meal for under $10. Schlotzkey’s (another sandwich shop) costs $10.03.  The  price of the sandwich looks great at $5.79 but if you want a small back of chips and a small drink it suddenly doubles the price.

Many dining and buffet restaurants easily cost more than $10 plus a tip.  I usually just get water.  I guess water is the way to go nowadays to fight the inflation a little.  At the end of the month, I have usually spent $250 just on lunch.  Not that I can’t afford it but it’s the principle.  That means I spend $3,000 a year just on rushed lunches.  Holy Guacamole!

I remember, only around ten years ago, I could easily lunch out for around $5.00.  I even kept a lunch log for a year or more.  I wish I still had it to compare.  Project forward another ten years and we will expect to spend $15-20 on a burger and fries.  Especially if the $15.00 per hour minimum wage becomes a thing.  Can you imagine?  Even those getting $15.00 an hour won’t be able to afford lunch.

Somebody needs to hit the reset switch.  Set prices and wages back where they should be and let’s start over.  Just divide everything by 10 and only the number change.  You will have 10 times less money in your bank account but it will still buy the same amount of stuff. Elect me as your supreme leader and I’ll take care of it.

I plan on bringing my lunch at least twice a week now.  Not only will I save $960 I will be eating healthier.  Unfortunately it will be less satisfying.  All food tastes better when somebody else makes it.   I guess I’ll get used to it.  It’s all for the best.


Do glasses make your eyes lazy?

glassesMy eyesight was awesome until I hit 40.  They warn you but you never expect it to happen to you.  Suddenly I was unable to read menus in restaurants and the small text on my phone. Begrudgingly I started to wear reading glasses which restored my close up vision to perfect sharpness.  My distance sight is still fine so I don’t wear them except for reading and computing.

It kept feeling like my vision was getting worse and worse.  Now I can’t see shit up close without glasses.   I was concerned that wearing reading glasses causes your eyes to get lazy and lose the muscle that keeps them in focus.  I read that it is not true but I’m beginning to wonder about that.

A few days ago I decided I would go without my glasses for a while and see what happens. At first I couldn’t see anything and had to strain my eyes.  After a few days it wasn’t so bad.  Now, the text on my monitor is still a bit blurry but I can manage fairly well without my glasses.  At times it doesn’t seem quite so bad.  There are still times when I need them but for the most part, I don’t have to feel blind without them.

I tend to think that the things I read on the internet are true.  You would expect to be able to believe what you see on reputable health sites.  I’m thinking not so much.

There’s no doubt that my vision without glasses is better now than it was when I relied on them.  I’m going to continue my experiment for another week at least.  So far so good.


Quick Book Review – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

hpssWell, hardly a review since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a book that needs no review.  Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows Harry Potter.  Strange, though, how many rock dwellers I’ve met.  People who haven’t seen the movies or read the books perplex me on how they could exist without having partaken of the world of Harry Potter.  I weep for them but am also jealous because they get to read/watch it for the first time.  How exciting!

I guess I haven’t read the book since it was first published in 1997 (Has it really been that long?) because now that I am reading it I almost don’t remember all the extra stuff that wasn’t covered in the movie.   It’s kind of like reading it for the first time.

I also decided to read it again because I just can’t seem to find any books that can keep my interest long enough to enjoy and finish them.  The HP series is always an incredible page turner.  I look forward to reading it rather then wishing it was over.  After all, it was the book that taught the world to read again.  The world sure could use another one of those right now.

Surely you don’t need me to tell you the premise about a boy who finds out he is a wizard and is swept away from his abusive aunt and uncle to a world of wonder where he battles ultimate evil with the help of his friends.  It should strike a nerve for all of us who are doomed to live a mundane life in our mundane jobs and mundane houses with no friends or future.  It’s the ultimate escape if nothing else.

I’ve you’ve never read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, then get out from under your rock and do it now.  Seriously!  What’s wrong with you?