Appreciating Awesomeness

awsmI’ve written before about the lack of other people’s ability to appreciate awesomeness.   It saddens me.

Today during a break at work, I went into the breakroom and stretched out on the couch.  I pulled out my phone and headphones and listened to a recording of my community band’s 2016 spring concert.  I listened to Danzon #2.  Listen to it here.

No.  It’s not perfect but damn!  It’s seriously good considering we is a community band made up of volunteer musicians.

As I listened to the streaming awesomeness I thought about the people I know and how not one of them appreciates it.  They don’t come to my concerts.  They don’t listen to the recordings.  They don’t give a shit.  My eyes leaked with sadness for them.

It is so difficult living in an awesome world while the zombies all around you go through life with blinders on.  I just don’t know what to do.  How do you make people stop and see the greatness?




Snapchat Stock

snpchtThe other day I decided to buy some Snapchat stock.  Yeah, I know it has no real value but neither did Facebook.  I went ahead and bought $1000 worth at $23.75 to see what happens.  Of course it is immediately going down.

I bought Facebook back when it as $36.00.  Held it as it sunk into the lows.  Eventually, around a year later it rose back to $36.  Figuring I would be lucky to break even, I sold it at $36 to get my money back.  Now it is at $138.68.  Had I held it I would have made $5100.00.

I feel that Snapchat is in the same condition as Facebook.  It has potential so this time I’m holding it long term.

I don’t use Snapchat.  It’s a kids thing that I have no use for but it is a popular medium that reaches the kids who are otherwise disconnected from media advertising like TV and Radio.  It is just a matter of time before Snapchat figures out how to monetize or is sold to Facebook or Google.  I might buy more when the price bottoms out.  What the hell.  Facebook and Google are doing their best to create an alternative but Snapchat is already the de facto medium of choice amongst the grommets.

I’m not going to miss this opportunity this time.  Let’s hope the gods of fate don’t take this opportunity to kick my ass again.


Clean your air conditioner to get ready for the summer.

myacThe Texas summers are brutal and with global warming getting worse every year, you had best be well prepared.  Every year or so I like to disassemble my air conditioner compressor (outside unit) and give it a serious cleaning.  After all, The Air Conditioner is the most important appliance in the house.  It’s the heart of the house.  It’s the Life Support System.  Without an Air Conditioner, you could not live in Texas.  Trust me.  If the A/C had never been invented, Texas would be very empty.

The first thing you do is disconnect the power.  Don’t be brave.  It’s 22ov!

Next, take the top cover off which has the fan mounted onto it.  I just move it aside so I can get into the coil area and vacuum out the leaves and debris.  Sometimes using the shop vac in reverse will help blow all the junk out of the hard to reach areas.

Next I take off the side panel where the compressor and electrics are.  Clean those out as well. All the spider webs and other bugs have to move out!

After all is clean, I take the hose with a hand sprayer and give the coils a good cleaning from both the inside and the outside.   You’ll see the dirt wash away.  Satisfying!  Be sure to clean out all the drain holes so condensation can drip out easily.

Take a wet sponge and wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces to get off the stubborn dirt.  Looks like new!  Be sure to wipe down the compressor itself.  Clean is cooler.

Reassemble the unit and allow it to dry completely before turning on the power.

That wasn’t so bad.  Now you’re ready for global warming to do it’s worst.

Can I be contented

cntntmtSo we come back to this again.

My recent plan to get what I’ve always wanted came really close but no cigar.  The house I wanted to buy was just maybe too far gone to be realistic.  See previous post.

Once again I return to the bigger picture.  Would it not be OK to just be content with what I have?  Millions of people would consider my life accomplishments to be highly desirable.  Even people I know would kill to be in my shoes.  Yet still, somehow, it isn’t enough for me.  I have a dream and that dream demands to be satisfied no matter how unnecessary it may be.

My time is running out.  I’ll be 49 this year and due to hereditary heart disease, my days may be numbered.  I don’t know that for sure but you kind of have to plan for the worst case scenario.  I may not make it to the Social Security retirement age of 63.  Single people have a tendency to live shorter lives as well.  Loneliness makes life less worth striving for.  I think I may be lucky to have another 10 years left. 20 Maximum.

I don’t like living in the big city.  I don’t like working 8-5.  I don’t like paying $3000 property tax.  On the other hand, millions of other people are doing it so what makes me special?

Would it be possible to just be happy with the really nice house I have in a neighborhood full of other houses within arm’s reach of each other?  Is it good enough?  Everyone else here seems OK with it.  Why am I not OK with it?  Could I be OK with it?

Technically, I could just stay here and live out the rest of my life as is.  The backup plan is really to sit tight until my mom passes away.  At that point I would be free to move about the country at will.  She’s 86 now but in good health.  I certainly don’t want her to die and she may not for another 15 years.  That would put me dangerously close to my end of life.  If I make it that long I would not have much time left to experience life outside of San Antonio.

So should I be content now?    Surely that’s not impossible.  Rather than spending another two decades fighting reality, maybe I should welcome it and get as much as I can out of life as it is.  It’s really not all that bad considering the human condition.  It’s pretty much as good as it gets unless you win the lottery.  (Still buying tickets occasionally but it’s harder than it looks.)

I wish I wasn’t so intelligent.  Maybe I need beer.  Beer seems to do the trick for everyone else.  A little liquid mind control might be just the thing.  I hear there is legislation in the works for Texas to make marijuana legal.  That would content me out I think.  I won’t hold my breath for it though.  Texas is very conservative and uptight.

Thinking is bad. Don’t do it!  It will only lead you down the path to unhappiness.  Be content.  Right?


No Appointment Necessary

apptmtBack when I was a kid, when the world was perfect, getting together with others was far less difficult.  We would walk barefoot over to our friends houses and ask if they could play.  I don’t know if it is a just a change in our age or a change of the age we live in but you can’t seem do that anymore for some reason.

Nowadays, it seems, you have to make an appointment with others weeks in advance.  Nobody is available to have any spontaneous fun anymore.  If you ask someone to do something they always have a reason or excuse not to.  It makes me wonder whether they really have an excuse or just plain don’t want my company.  The latter is hard to believe because I’m such an awesome guy.

People are possibly struggling against the speeding up of time and trying to take care of their business in days that become shorter and shorter each year.

I don’t know.  I have nothing to do that is so important that I can’t spend time with good friends. You have to have priorities. Please feel free to come barefoot to my door anytime and ask if I can come out and play.  No appointment necessary.


Not Doing Weekends Right

hrnyI keep doing the same thing every weekend.  I spend all week looking forward to getting some rest and taking care of stuff.  Instead I spend the whole weekend being horny and struggling with loneliness anxiety.  I often end up searching Craigslist personals in vain. Everyone on Craigslist is crazy. Finally I look at porn until I rub one out. By then a whole day is wasted.

By the end of the weekend I’m more tired than a day at work.  Desperately pining about stupid things really takes a lot of energy.  Really sucks.  I wonder what the trick is to make it go away.  Maybe an early morning masturbation session will do the trick.  I think I will try that out next Saturday.

Never share something you love!

nkthtbI’ve learned this lesson before but there is something about human nature that makes it a difficult lesson to remember.

“NEVER share something that means a lot to you.”

NEVER!  Seriously!

One of my mostest favoritest things in the world is naked hot tubbing on a cold winter day.  It is by far the best thing ever!  I do it alone because I have nobody and that’s OK.  Last week I thought I would share my happiness with my Facebook friends so I posted the above picture with the caption, “I love naked hot tubbing on a cold winter day.”  I expected positive comments and jealous responses.  Instead, I got things like “OMG!”,  “How can you do that?“, “Oh, My eyes!“, “Why would you post that on Facebook?“, “I would NEVER do that!

I was confounded and crushed.  I expected people to want to come hot tubbing with me and share the awesomeness that makes the world a wonderful place.  Instead, one of the things I love most of all sounded like trash.  Like I should be ashamed of myself.  Like I should never do it ever again.

What kind of shit is that?  It’s the best thing ever!   What’s is wrong with the world?

I wrote many years ago about not sharing things you love.  Music is another thing that should never be shared.   Keep your wonderful music to yourself because if you share it with someone, they will tell you how much it sucks and ask you to play something else.  What what WHAT???

Never share your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows either.

Keep all the wonderful, excellent, good stuff to yourself.  Keep it secret so it will always be awesome and nobody can take it away from you or make you feel bad about it.

Don’t ever expect anyone else to appreciate awesomeness.  Awesomeness can only be appreciated by yourself.