Dreamblog – Friends not friends

I was with two of my childhood friends, Vincent and Gregory.  We walked into a house.  I was surprised to see Marilyn from Northern Exposure there.  I was excited to see her and introduced them to her and then they raped and beat her. (Sorry Marilyn.)  I was powerless to do anything.

Now that’s an interesting dream.  What does it mean that my friends would do such a horrible thing?  Could it be that my subconscience has finally let them go and deemed them to be evil?   I’ve long suspected them of being evil since I have been unable to renew our friendship for over 30  years.  Is it strange that I still care about them enough that they continually turn up in my dreams?

I’ve sent them my dreams by email in the past but they don’t respond.  I don’t think I’ll send this one.


Dreamblog – MASH Reunion

I must watch too much MASH.  It is almost always on some channel and if you can’t find anything else you can find MASH or The Simpsons.

It was like a school reunion, all the characters looked older but younger somehow.  Taller.  I remember Charles mostly.  They all knew me and I was one of them.  I must have been Radar or something.

LOL.  Dreams.


Dreamblog – College Dreams

I have a recurring dream about being in college or University.  It’s not always exactly the same but it has a common theme.  I’m always feeling that I’ve been forgetting to go to a class.  It has been so long that I don’t remember when it was or where.  I’m desperately searching my paperwork trying to find out where it is and how much I’ve missed.

I guess it is a common dream for most people.  It has been decades since I’ve been in school so I don’t know why it keeps haunting me.  I presume it may be something to do with the fact that I dropped out before I finished.  It never really bothered me much.  All throughout school I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I chose engineering because it seemed like my kind of thing and it totally was.  I would have been an excellent engineer but even then I didn’t feel it.  It was kind of a choice I made because I had to make a choice.  I still don’t think I would have done it.  A career was never a goal for me.  It was and still is more of the means to an end.   I’m satisfied enough with the result of my work years.

There. That was a fair analysis.  Right?  Maybe the dream will go away now.


Dreamblog – The Bear Hug

I was out in the back yard with someone.  We were looking at the bees that seemed to be stuck in the yard because they were too dumb to fly OVER the wooden fence.  They would fly into the fence and let out a little scream as they bashed their head against the wood.

Suddenly a large brown bear came running down the street and jumped over the fence and up into the tree.  I was obviously freaked out.  He climbed down from the tree and slowly approached me.  I knew that you are not supposed to run from a bear so I stood still and said, “Help me!” to the person there with me who went inside the house.

I stood my ground and the bear came up to me and asked if he could hug me.  I said Yes.  He took me in his arms and I was still freaked out.  I felt strange just standing there so I asked him if I could hug him back.  He said Yes so I put my arms around him too.  He was furry and hot but it felt so good that we both stood there hugging for a long time.

He finally let go, turned and jumped back over the fence.  The person I was with came out of the house with a gun.  He wanted to hunt the bear down.  I pleaded with him to leave the bear alone.


Dreamblog – Brother Zombie

I was sleeping when I was awoken by my brother coming into my room and lying on the bed.  I asked him what he was doing but he didn’t respond.  I poked him and asked him again.  He seemed to be dead.  I freaked out.  I tried to yell, “Get out” but my mouth wouldn’t move.  I could only breathe out hard trying to make my lips move.

He finally got up and walked over the to corner of the room like a zombie and stood nose to the wall.  He still wouldn’t respond or move and I couldn’t speak or yell.  I finally woke up and immediately turned on the lamp to make sure it wasn’t real.  Of course he wasn’t in the room with me.  I live alone.

I sure have a lot of dreams about my brother being dead.  I wonder what it means. I barely know him and hardly ever see him.  This is the third one that I have blogged about.  Very weird.

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Dreamblog – My Squirrelfriend

I was lying in bet this morning when a squirrel jumped up on me.  I held out my finger for him to sniff like one would do with a dog or cat.  He bit me gently with his teeth and held my finger in a gesture of wildness.  It did not hurt or break the skin.  I let him hold my finger as a gesture of gentleness.   He let go and I stroked his back.

I got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen with him scrambling along with me.  The kitchen became my grandmother’s kitchen somehow.  I was looking for something to feed him.  All I could find was a glass cookie jar with what looked like Trix inside but they were about half the size of the well-known cereal.  I took the glass lid off the jar and the Trix flew out over my shoulder and landed on the floor near the table.

I started to clean up the mess and the squirrel had stuffed his cheeks with as much as he could.   I woke up.

I’ve always wanted a squirrel for a friend.  I always talk to the squirrels outside in my yard and offer them stuff but they always run away.  Unfortunate for both of us.  We could offer each other so much happiness.


Dreamblog – Stranded on Mars

I found myself on Mars with an acquaintance.  I knew it wasn’t the moon but it was even closer to the Earth than the moon is.  We could see Africa and I recognized the Sahara Desert.

As we wandered around we came upon what looked like a bunch of dead people.  There was a group of emaciated bodies sitting in a circle.  Their eyes were open but they didn’t move.  Their skin was burned and shiny so I was sure they were dead.  As I got closer they started moving.  They had been sitting there so long that they were not even seeing anymore. Our presence snapped them out of their trance.

We told them about how our spacecraft lifted off by itself after we got out.  We were stranded there just like them.

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