Dreamblog – My Brother’s Suicide

vcmtrkWarning: Disturbing.

My brother must have had some kind of terminal disease or something.  He came into the room where we were sitting and took something or did something that would keep him from breathing.  He was fine at first but then started freaking out before collapsing on the floor.  Everyone got up and walked away leaving his body right there.

They started going through all his belongings and fighting over who was going to get what.  I walked away and felt tears running down my cheeks thinking about how nobody even cared about him.

I walked over to an area that looked like some kind of band stand.  Some kind of guard was standing there in a marching band uniform and handed me a flower on a super long stem.  I reached for a stack of plastic chairs so I could sit down.  A truck had pulled up and used a large rubber tube to suck up his body.  It got stuck and the vacuum ripped his body apart.  Black goo flew everywhere including on me.  I went to a puddle of water in the street to wash some of it off.  There were fish in the puddle.

That was one of my more disturbing dreams.  Usually they are just weird.  I wonder if it is some kind of reflection of my psyche.  I imagine my brother was actually me.

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Dreamblog – Surfing the Earth

srfatmI haven’t blogged my dreams very often lately.  Mostly because they are so bizarre and indescribable.  This time it was worth writing down.

I was on the space shuttle getting ready for reentry.  As we began to touch the upper atmosphere, I was suddenly outside with a board strapped to my feet.  It was not like a surf board.  It was more square and thin like a piece of plywood.

There was a lot of turbulence and it took all my effort to keep the board ahead of me so I would not be burned by the heat of re-entry.  The shuttle was nearby but getting ahead of me.  As I did my best to keep my balance the shuttle eventually disappeared ahead of me leaving a trail of smoke and fire.  I worried that if I didn’t keep up with it I would end up landing somewhere on earth that nobody would find me.   I angled the board for best aerodynamics without getting burned.  I wondered what it was made of to keep it from burning to a crisp.

I entered the lower atmosphere and had slowed down to a nominal speed.  I imagined that it would be better to land on water than hard ground so I did my best to find a lake or ocean.  The shuttle was long gone so I was on my own.  I saw a lake that seemed to be in my trajectory so I steered towards it.   I didn’t want to land in the middle or it could be a long swim so I adjusted to end up near the shore.  I came in fast and skipped across the water until ending up right near the bank where a large group of people was cheering me on and helped me out of the water.

Well.  That was different.

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Dreamblog – Can’t find my music!!!

msngmskWith my community band Spring Concert just a few days away it’s no wonder I’m having this dream.

The concert started and we finished the first song.  I put it away and reached for the second piece but it wasn’t there.  The band started playing and I was frantically searching my folder for the pages I needed.  Nothing!

The third song started and still I had no music.  My solo was coming up.  Did I have it memorized?  NO!


Finally I woke up before things got really bad.  It was one of those dreams where you say to yourself out loud, “That sucked!”

A few days later…

OMG it almost came true!   The concert was going on and we were playing a piece with a big solo coming up.  I turned the page and…it was missing!!!  Panicked, I flipped through the remaining sheets but couldn’t identify it.  I was having a major flashback and freaking out.  No.  I didn’t have it memorized.  I was screwed!  I hoped to god that the 2nd chair player had the same part.  She did!   I reached over and turned her stand a little bit toward me.  She knew what happened.  I was just in time to start playing the solo.  Whew!  That would have sucked most royally.  Between pieces, I continued my search and found it hiding inside another song.  That’s what nightmares are made of.

I don’t usually have prophetic dreams but this one was spot on.

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Dreamblog – Global Thermonuclear War

gtwI was down in the bunker of a missile silo and war was eminent.  Tensions were high.

I transmitted the launch codes to the other silos as the General paced behind me.  We watched the monitors for incoming missiles.

Suddenly we saw the traces streaking across the screen.  The General yelled out, “FIRE!”  I repeated his command.  The technician at the next console repeated after me and pressed the big red button.  There was a roar as the missile launched into the air then silence.

We all sat there waiting as the traces on the monitor showed the enemy missiles approaching.  Suddenly we heard a large explosion and felt the ground shake around us.

It was the end.

I woke up feeling disappointed that it wasn’t real.

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Dreamblog – Zoning Out

It was the first song in our community band concert and I had a big solo.  The director counted off Begin the Beguine and the song started.  Right after the intro there was a short vamp and I totally zoned out.  I heard the vamp before the solo going on and listened intently hoping they would keep it together and on time.  It went on a few times and I started to feel that something was missing.  Oh Shit.  I have a solo here. I looked up at the director who was frantically trying to get my attention.  I waited for it to come around again to start playing and woke up.

I seem to always wake up when things get real.  I guess that could be a good thing.  It protects me from dream harm both mental and physical.

I thought about it for a few minutes wondering whether the band would actually be waiting for me by playing the vamp over and over until I started or if it just went on for a while in the background and they would have continued counting the measures coming in as usual.  Probably the latter.  The former would take too much thought and sudden special attention.

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Dreamblog – A walk in the park

I woke up shortly after going to bed and having a typical work or service-related dream and said out loud to myself, “Please let me have some kind of relaxing dream instead of work.”….

I was walking in a park with my sister.  We entered a canyon with a river flowing at the bottom.  We waded down the river.  Other canyons lead off to the sides like city streets.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  There were other people there but it wasn’t crowded like a park often is.  Ahead of us, a group of boys stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the water. I was wondering where we were so I could come back some time.

I was floating down the river on my back when my sister handed me a Tiffany style lamp.  The cord hung down into the water.  I asked what this was for.  She told me we would need it later.  I noticed it worked on both AC and had a built in battery.  A lady came up to me and started playing with the switches and asking about it.  I turned on the battery switch and the light came on.  She walked away with it.

As we went down the river, the canyon became a city street with a market.  We walked on and the street became a school hallway with lockers.  At the end of the hall was a room with dirty posters on the walls.  I was surprised they would allow that in a school. We went in.

It was some kind of sex and drug den.  The air hung thick with smoke.  In the center of the room was a large box that opened at the top.  My sister mentioned something about blood and got into the box with a guy.

On the side of the room were some couches, benches and tables.  I went over and sat on a couch next to a few other people.  The drug smoke must have been affecting me because I was very sleepy.  I sat there an began to doze off.  A large policeman walked up to me.  I thought I was in serious trouble.  He told me to get out of the way.  He wanted to sit on the couch with the girl next to me.

I was in a daze so I stood up and slowly made my way toward the door wondering where I should wait for my sister.  As I started to walk through the automatic sliding door, I felt a tap on my right shoulder.  I turned to my left as one does when feeling a tap on the right shoulder in a crowded room.  It was some guy telling me there was room at the table.

He lead me to a large restaurant-style booth where some people were sitting and playing cards.  I sat down as the dealer dealt me in.  I guessed they were playing poker.  I wanted to both fall asleep and play cards.  I tried my best to focus and reached for my cards…

I woke up thinking, “Well. That was different.”

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Dreamblog – College again.

I was in college again walking to my next class.  I totally forgot to bring my books and notepad.  I considered going home to get them but then I would never make it to class on time so I decided to just go to the bookstore and buy a notebook.

I was wearing my hovershoes again and was skimming above the ground to the bookstore when I came across an old childhood friend.  He was taking college very seriously and had almost finished all his classes.  I was impressed.  I hated college and had been in and out over the years.

I went on to my class where I didn’t need my stuff anyway since they were showing a movie.

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