The Walking Dead – What would you do?

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead on AMC since the beginning.  After a few seasons they group is pretty much just wandering around with nowhere to go.  If it was me, I would find a really nice house in the woods that has solar power and set up life.  If you have comfort, friends, and food then what more could you want?

You know there are plenty of empty houses and surely at least one nearby might have solar panels and batteries.  If not, I would gather stuff together and make it work.

They have plenty of guns and weapons to protect themselves from the walkers and hunt for food.  The only fear would be from other people.  As long as the place is off the beaten path you could probably get by for quite some time without being found.

Of course that would make for a boring TV series but I would watch it.


Habitat for Humanity, Finally!

h4hI finally managed to get myself to go for my first volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.  I had free time on a Tuesday so I fought the early morning traffic to get to the Habitat warehouse.

On Tues-Thursday they build wall frames inside the warehouse for easy construction on Friday-Saturday.

I was joined by three other people.  Two were wounded veterans along with their physical therapist.  We were able to construct four walls before lunch time.  I had a great time and learned a few things about framing.  By 11:00 it was time for lunch and the others had to leave.  I could have stayed for the rest of the day but was already sore.  Bending over and kneeling can take a lot out of you if you’re out of shape.  Still.  It was awesome!  There’s nothing better than working on something with other people. I get so tired of being alone all the time.  It can really wear you down.

I would like to go again on a Friday or Saturday to help put up some walls to see how to do the next step.  Maybe this weekend if the weather is permitting.  It will take a day or two for the soreness to wear off anyway.

Replacing Briggs and Stratton Primer Bulb

mowerprimerbulbMy old Lawnmower got to the point where the priming button was no longer soft and pliable enough to return to the out position after pressing once.  Of course that means that priming the carburetor was impossible without taking the air cleaner off and pouring a few drops of gas in.  Dangerous and annoying.

pblbI found the part at  When it came in it was very easy to replace.

You can view this YouTube video that will show you just how to do it.
It only takes about five minutes. No need to buy a new mower.

Sunbathe Naked

bartbeach2I had a half day off from work today.  When I got home after lunch the weather was warm and partly sunny.  It has been a long time since I’ve gotten any sun so I went out in the back yard and soaked a little up.

A little sun is good for you.  Sun on your skin creates vitamin D which makes you healthier and help you resist disease. Even during the summer with my pool I try not to spend more than an hour per week because too much is bad.

Today I took my audio book out with me and enjoyed an hour in the warm sun turning over every 15 minutes to keep the exposure even.  The wind was blowing strongly sometimes and the combination of breeze and sun all over my naked body was a wonderful feeling.  By the end of the summer I usually have a nice smooth all over tan.  Tanlines are bad.  Get nekkid!

Population Reduction Idea

popchrtI’ve been giving some serious thought to the Earth’s overpopulation problem lately.  As I try to go anywhere these days, it becomes painfully obvious that there are far too many people on this planet.  The Earth has a finite amount of resources and space and as you can see from the chart, population is exploding at an exponential rate.

The current total population has just recently surpassed the 7 billion mark.  By 2028 we will reach 8 billion.  By 2054 we will reach 9 billion.   The price of land has already spiked due to high demand.  Food and energy are also reaching historic highs.  As demand increases over the next few decades, our ability to produce the required resources will become more and more strained meaning scarcity and ever-escalating prices.

bjngsmgPollution will also increase.  Western countries are doing a pretty good job controlling toxic emissions but take a look at China.  The smog in Beijing is thick every day because of emissions from the coal-burning power plants and ever-increasing automotive exhaust.  This smog covers a large portion of the country of China.  Residents cannot avoid breathing it in.

dtrtAs technology improves, many jobs are being replaced by machines.  Detroit, Michigan is a good example of what lies in our future as a huge portion of the city has been abandoned due to lack of employment.  There are not enough jobs for everyone to maintain a basic existence.

The United Nations has a plan called Agenda 21 which is currently an outline for countries to voluntarily follow to control the soaring population.  It is a messy subject and can only be addressed secretly.  Present plans like Immunization and Genetic Modification of foods and water fluoridation has had some effect but the results are far too slow.  Causing cancer and mental deficiencies might be inconclusive enough that blame cannot be placed but it is just not working fast enough to prevent the train wreck that is coming our way.  It is also causing an increase in health care costs which is a drain on society.

I have a simple idea I will share in hopes that we might speed up the process.

Releasing a virus like the Bubonic Plague worked well in the past but is indiscriminate about who it affects.  It works quickly but is very messy leaving bodies and contagion widely spread.  It would also be bad for society as it will affect the financial markets as well as the general moral.

In order to provide for a quality lifestyle for the remaining population, it would be important to remove the extra people while preserving those who are useful.  A better way would be to enact a stealthy sterilization plan.  While properly formulated immunization at a young age could cause sterilization, it would be far too soon in the life of the subject.  We do not, at that point, know whether he or she might become a constructive member of society.

brmgI believe a self-administered sterilization might be a better choice.  A simple way to have the population subliminally decide would be to administer the sterilant using beer.   Beer would be an excellent way of weeding out the less intelligent subjects.  As beer is the drink of the common man, the integrated sterilant will automatically seek out the proper targets while leaving higher functioning citizens untouched.

Auto-sterilization would be a clean way to limit population growth without causing a financial or sociological effect on society.  It would take longer than a simple plague virus but after just a few generations, the population of the planet will return to an acceptable level.

If the United Nations or the World Health Organization would like to use my idea, please feel free.  I offer it with no strings attached as a betterment to society and the longevity of the planet.  I only ask that you implement it quickly as I would like to see some results before I my life is over.

How to fix Microsoft Expression Web crash

msxprnExpression Web 4 has been discontinued by our good buddies at Microsoft but is still available to download unsupported for free.

I have run into issues a number of times where the program just crashes when you run it.  It seems that the problem is caused by damaged files in the user folder.  You can delete the folder, which is located at:

C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4.

Delete the whole Web 4 folder and Expression should behave again.  You may have to reconfigure your settings but at least it works again.

Portable DirecTV dish for my RV

Portable dish set up and connected in my backyard.

I just finished setting up my new portable DirecTV dish for when I go RVing.  I got the whole kit for around $127 on Amazon.  Yeah.  I know that going camping is a time to get away from the annoyances of real life but I found during my first experimental outing that boredom comes quickly. Especially when you are with someone and have nothing to talk about.

These days we are accustomed to a barrage of input from our computers, phones, games and televisions.  After a certain amount of time away you might return to simpler times.  And that’s probably the point of camping.  However.  I bought a motorhome and that’s not exactly “camping”.  It’s more of a temporary change of address.

Still. It is better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it, right?  I’ll just bring my Home Theater DVR along with me.

Another good reason:  Because I can.

I was planning to buy a used dish and set build it all myself but a used dish is selling for $70+ on ebay and I would have to buy other stuff too.  Just getting a whole kit saved a lot of time and did not cost that much more.

Setting up the dish took me only about 30 minutes.  It was an easy assembly.  No instructions were necessary.  For the common man, the most difficult part will be aligning the dish to the satellite.   The DirecTV receiver will give you the Azimuth, Elevation and Tilt angles on your TV screen.  It is just a matter of leveling the tripod then dialing them in.

Since my planned trips are mostly within 100 miles of San Antonio I can pretty much permanently set all the adjustments and just level and align the dish using a compass.  If I go on a long journey, adjusting is a breeze.  There are even apps for that.

All praise the great god of entertainment!