I’m too far ahead of my time

Nicola Tesla and I have something in common.  We are both way ahead of our time.

I’ve noticed that sharing awesomeness with others is extremely difficult.  There have been so many times I’ve come up with amazing and innovative ideas and thoughts that could change life for the better for those around me but my discoveries fall on deaf ears.

I just don’t understand.  How can you not appreciate something so special?  It boggles my mind.  Don’t you get it?  Why are you so closed minded?  Is there anybody inside that thick empty head of yours?  I’m offering you gold here!  Platinum!  Unobtanium!  Wake up!!

It’s come to the point where, like Tesla, it’s time to just give up and wait for death.  One day in the future, after I’m gone, the world will catch up and I will be a posthumous God.  I think I’ll go sit in the park now and feed the pigeons.



I think he could see me

I’ve been spending the memorial day weekend working on painting the garage.  Yeah, maybe not an optimal use of a three day weekend but I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be.

I had a weird experience the other day at Home Depot.  I went up to the paint counter after picking out the color I wanted.  An older man asked if he could help me.  I handed him the sample and told him what I wanted.  He gave me a very strange look.  I gave my standard smile to show that I was alive and friendly.  He went to work on mixing the paint.  A few more times he looked at me strangely before handing me my gallon of Antique White.  He didn’t smile.  It was more of freaked out glance.  He barely spoke.

It was like he saw something weird.  It was almost as if he could see what I actually am.  Nobody’s ever seen my true form.  To regular people, I’m invisible.  To those in the service field, I look like a normal human.  This guy seemed to have the power to see through my disguise.  I’m not used to that.  It kind of freaked me out.  I don’t think I’ll buy my paint there anymore.


Star Ranch Weekend 2018

It has been a really long time since I’ve had a vacation day as well as having gone anywhere. We only get two weeks of vacation a year at my job and it goes quickly leaving you months of straight drudgery without relief. A new year has begun so it is reset and BONUS… Now we get three weeks. The best thing ever!
My poor RV has been sitting all alone in storage all winter. I usually go somewhere before it gets too hot but summer is coming fast. It’s the beginning of April now and the weather isn’t too hot yet so I squeezed in a day off on Monday, loaded up the RV and took off for the weekend to Star Ranch near Bastrop, Texas.

I went there last year and had a relaxing time. For those of you who just don’t get it, going naked is very relaxing. The other people there are much more friendly than the closed-minded clothing impaired people everywhere else. If you’re not a nudist, I cry for you.

It was about a two hour drive from San Antonio to Star Ranch but the time went by quickly. I’ve made this trip a number of times now and it has become a blur as I listen to my podcasts. The old 1982 Holiday Rambler motorhome purred along nicely. I just love old engines from back in the day before they got complicated. They are just simple engines and they work. It only gets 8 MPG but who cares. I don’t drive it every day.

I checked in and drive to a nice shady spot among the pine trees. After leveling out and hooking up I had a quick lunch composed of a fresh turkey sandwich and Cheetos. I lifted the 2nd half of the sandwich and the wind blew my paper plate containing a few Cheetos so that they spread all over the ground. Oh well. I shouldn’t be eating them anyway. Bad for you.

I grabbed my kindle paperwhite, a towel and my Yeti cup and walked over to the pool area where I found a lounge chair in a nice shady spot. I’ll get plenty tanned over the summer so no point in overdoing it right away. I enjoyed reading my book and watching two little boys who were the only ones brave enough to swim in the cold water. Kid’s don’t care. The two naked brothers kept us all entertained.

It was the day before Easter so they had an Easter egg hunt where you go out and write down the numbers on the eggs as you find them. The first one to find 25 eggs wins. I didn’t play. Maybe I should have. It would have been good for me to be more social.

After a few hours I went back to my RV and grabbed my volleyball. For some reason there is no ball on the volleyball court so I made a note last time to bring my own. Nobody was in the area to play with me but I didn’t let that stop me. I started practicing my serves and some volleys. It has been probably 20 years since I’ve played. Fortunately it looks like I’ve not lost my touch. Since I was all by myself I invented a one-man volleyball game. The rules will be described in a separate posting on this blog. Eventually the North Side won the game 15 to 11. It was a good game and I really enjoyed running around naked in the sun and shade that fell across the court. The whole time I hoped someone would show up but I had a great time by myself.

I was really tired after that. I must have played for two hours. My right hand is bruised from serving so much. I guess I won’t be playing tomorrow. I brought a tennis racket. We’ll see if I can find someone to play tennis with.

I was tired, sweaty and sandy so I went back to the RV and took a shower in the nearby shower building. Why use the tiny one in the RV when you have a real one right there. It felt good to be clean again. I got a little sunburned. It will turn into a nice all-over tan. Remember to use sunscreen tomorrow.

After returning to the RV, I popped a pre-composed stuffed salmon and broccoli dish I got from the grocery store into the toaster oven. In 25 minutes it was ready. I had been wondering if they were any good and now seemed like a good opportunity to try one. It was OK. I probably won’t get anohter one though.

It was starting to get dark so I decided to watch Forrest Gump. A co-worker had been talking about it and it has been years since I’ve seen it. Damn. Don’t have that one in my library. I watched Drumline instead. I was in the band in high school so I always enjoy watching this movie.

I went outside to see what the night was like. I could hear music in the distance. Something must be going on at the clubhouse. Not for me. I looked up to see the stars and immediately saw a satellite drifting gently through the sky. Not many stars were visible because the full moon shown brightly through a soft filter of clouds and pine branches.
Tired. Good night!

I slept rather well but had to turn on the Air conditioner. It was cool enough but the humidity was getting worse as the night went on. Glad I brought my earplugs because the A/C is loud. I imagined how I could redesign it to be quieter and not blow so hard all the time. Stupid engineer!

I woke up with the sun enjoying the view of the pine trees out my window and no other sounds but the birds chirping. (Once I turned off the A/C.) This is nice.
It was overcast with the occasional whisp of blue sky through the passing cloudcover. I imagined all the things I might do today but maybe I’ll just do nothing. I’m a bit sore from the big volleyball game yesterday so I might just take it easy and let the day flow. That’s the good thing about camping alone. You don’t have to entertain a guest or beg them to do something fun. You do as you please. Or not.

I had an egg for breakfast and watched some of my old episodes of Makin Stuff. I made five eipsodes a few years ago when I wasn’t working and had spare time. They are pretty good. I enjoyed seein them and it kind of motivated me to mabe make a few more. I love editing video.

I took it pretty easy today. Watched some TV, sat around inside and outside. I took a few walks around the grounds. This place is pretty neat. There are old cabins all throughout the woods. Some still abandonded, some fixed up and some in the process of being repaired. You can live here if you like. There are large green fields of flowers that are beautiful to behold. It’s something you don’t see every day. I appreciated my naked walks through nature. Also something you don’t get to do every day. In a better world everyone would be naked and it would’t be an issue.
I saw very few people here today. Today is Easter Sunday which seems to mean something to the regular people who have families. That’s fine. It was kind of nice having the whole place virtually to myself.

Day 3
I slept even better last night. I left the windows wide open and the fan on me so it was nice and comfortable under a light blanket. By morning it got quite cold and I grabbed another blanket and turned off the fan.

It was overcast, rather cool and dreary. A good day for going home. I stowed my stuff and checked out. The driive was smooth. I made sure that since today is Monday, I timed the rush hours in San Antonio so as not to be sitting in traffic wasting gas. I stopped at Buckee’s for a lite lunch and drove the rest of the way home stopping for a little extra gas as I entered the city. It was sunny and starting to get rather hot. Cold and hot on the same day. Can’t it just be perfect all the time?
I decided to try something different on the way home. Since my route took me past the RV storage yard, I parked the RV first and loaded all my stuff into the car. I cleaned the RV before I left so this would save me some trouble later. Worked out great.

It was really getting hot now. The first thing I did after unloading was rip off all my clothes so I could evaporate. How do you clothed people stand it?

Overall, it was a nice, relaxing mini-vacation. Two nights was more than adequate. Even though I relaxed I never did shake the feeling of being alone. That’s a tough nut to crack. In a better world, it would not be so difficult to find a friend who gets it.

The Early Bedtime Conundrum (A Realistic Work-Life Balance)

slpymrtyI’m dead tired yet I have a problem to deal with every evening.

I have two choices:

  1. Stay up late and have more life time.
  2. Go to bed early, get the sleep I so desperately need.

If I stay awake longer then I will have more time.

If I go to bed early, then work comes 7-8 hours faster and more of my life slips away from me.

Doesn’t it bother anyone that we have imposed upon ourselves this stupid situation?  It’s completely not necessary.  Somebody needs to fix it so that we do not waste our entire viable lives working.  Can’t you see that it’s not right?  Humans have a limited lifetime and throwing the majority of it away is completely asinine.  Where is the Utopian society that we were promised?  Where is the world where our time is spent improving ourselves and pursuing happiness?

This is fucked up right here.  Donald Trump needs to fix it and quickly.  If nothing else, we need to achieve a more equal work-life balance.  This waking up, going to work, coming home and going to sleep shit needs to stop because it is obviously WRONG!  We need some free time and we need it NOW!  Are we going to just put up with it?  Stand up and make it known that we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.



Do not seek the help of others

I’ve spent the majority of my life desperately yearning for someone to help me.  50 years later, still nothing.

Don’t waste time wishing for the help of others.  They have nothing to offer and you’re just hurting yourself.  If you really look at it I’m pretty sure they withhold their help for you because they like to keep you down and in their control.  You’ll always be there for them when they need you and they like you that way.

The lesson here is that the only help you get will be the help you give yourself.  Don’t wait for others to come to you aid or you will be waiting a very long time.  Stand up and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  Rise from the crevasse and climb that mountain by yourself because only you can do it.  Only you have the power to succeed no matter how much ill others wish upon you.  No.  They don’t care but you do and that’s all that matters.

Jump up and tell them to kiss your ass!  Fuck you and your hat!  I’m not  your bitch anymore.  The world is mine and I never needed you anyway. I win!!!




Poor Kitty

This morning I was driving through the neighborhood to work when I turned a corner and saw something white in the road.  It looked like a plastic grocery bag from a distance.   A couple of kids who were walking to school held up their hands for me to stop.  I stopped and opened my window.  They were concerned about a cat lying in the street.  I pulled over to the curb and got out.

The little white cat had been hit by a car.  She had an broken back leg and blood coming out of her mouth.  Her eyes were popped out.  She was not moving other than her labored breathing.  It was a very sad sight.  I carefully picked her up and moved her to the sidewalk to prevent her from being hit again.  She was in bad shape. She lifted her head and made an attempt to lick herself but collapsed back on the sidewalk.

There was nothing anyone can do so all we could do was continue to school and work.  I was glad to see that the kids cared enough to protect her.  You see so little humanity these days.  Especially kids.  They are usually hardcore bad these days.  I felt bad for these kids having to see such a site but I guess you have to learn about life sooner or later.

I almost cried as I drove away because poor kitty was probably somebody’s loved companion and had a life of her own.  She deserves better than to be mowed down by some bastard who can’t be bothered to stop for a cat crossing the street.  I’m almost crying now.   I don’t even want to try to guess what kind of person it was who did that.  Funny how your faith in humanity can be restored and destroyed in the same incident.


Where are the open-minded people?

I think one of the reasons I feel so alone in this world is that I am surrounded by closed minds.  I am unable to talk openly with my closest acquaintances because they have minds that are programmed in Read Only Memory.

There’s nothing worse than getting that “look” when you say something that is out of the ordinary.  That look that you get when they just can’t comprehend anything different than what they are programmed for.  Like you’ve blown their mind.  Once you get that look, you have to stop because if you continue then they will surely burst into flame or shut down due to overload.

As a result, I have to keep all my amazing thoughts and desires secret.  That really sucks because bottling up awesomeness can cause a psychological embolism.  One day soon I surely hope to find someone who is alive inside before I become dead inside.

So where do you find real, live, open-minded people?  Where are they?  Are they hiding from the zombies like I am?  Do they put on the same common-man facade so the zombies will let them be?  Fans of The Walking Dead will know the trick of covering yourself with zombie guts and blood so that you will smell like one of them and be able to walk among them to get to safety.  It’s like that.  I’m tired of being covered in zombie guts

I wonder if we can come up with some kind of secret sign or symbol.  Something like a Freemason’s ring that can indicate to others than you are one of them.

A ring could be good.  It needs to be a symbol that can be worn on a shirt.  Maybe on a flag.  We need something.

I just did a Google image search on “open mind symbol” and this one caught my eye.  The web page it is on mentions open mind but there’s not much there.  I like it.

It is kind of reminiscent of The Deathly Hallows. That could be a good thing.  What do you think?  It’s kind of basic and could possibly be stylized a bit.  Any open-minded artists out there?  It doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be this image.  Something like it.

I also ran across the silhouette of a man with a hinged cranium but that’s too spot-on.  It needs to be more mysterious and not immediately obvious to the zombies.

Let’s start a new thing!  This can be real.  We don’t have to hide.  We just need a way to find each other.


I did an image search and it looks like this symbol is for Alchemy. Transmutation, Turning something from Negative to Positive.  Healing.  The Philosopher’s Stone.  That still might be a good representation of an open mind.   I like it even more now.