Grocery Store Saddness

grcrylnsIt’s two days before Thanksgiving.  I needed to get some cat food so after fighting the traffic to get home, I got some dinner and rested.  About 7 pm I fought the traffic to the grocery store.

Parking was hard to find and the store was packed.  I fought my way down the aisle.

All these people shopping for supplies to make their big Thanksgiving dinner for their family and friends.

I was buying cat food.

I almost started crying.



Camping Alone

cmpngalnNow that the weather has finally gotten cooler in Texas I scheduled a little October camping.  I took my 1982 Holiday Rambler motorhome to Cranes Mill Park at Canyon Lake.  It’s a rather plain place to camp.  Not much there other than what you bring with you.  No volleyball court.  Shouldn’t every place have one of those?

There aren’t many trees there so it was a good place to test my new solar panels.  They worked great and I was able to camp off the grid.  I only connected up to power once to run the air conditioner when it just got too hot.

I went on this trip alone partly because I wanted to get away from the demands of others and spend some time reading.  I’ve been working on a book for months now only having a little time to read while I eat lunch.  I got the book finished finally.

I was only there for two nights.  Two and a half days.  I had a difficult time getting over the lonely factor.  There were people all around me at the other RV slots but they were regular people.  I have nothing in common with them.  Basically I was alone in a crowd again.

I read, watched movies, tried to nap, rode my bike a little, walked around.  This place is not really user-friendly for swimming.  The waterline is both rocky and mucky.  I had brought my speedos, snorkel gear and air mattress but I didn’t use them.

Overall I had a good time but was borderline bored.  Maybe it takes more than just a few days to transition into comfort mode in the new environment.

I have another camping trip planned for next month.  This place is at another nearby lake.  I plan on spending three nights there.  About 4 and a half days.  I’m currently worried that I will be bored and lonely.  It’s early enough to ask someone to come with me but I am debating with myself about whether that would be a good idea or not.

I find myself leaning more toward going alone because I only know two people that I could invite.  One, I can’t bear spending more than a few hours with.  The other, I don’t feel the right vibe.   Either one of them would harsh my chill and I would waste my whole time trying to make sure they were happy and trying to convince them to do something with me.  If I go alone, I can do whatever I want and really relax.

Damn.  Why is something that comes so easy for regular people so difficult for me.   My dream situation would be for a single girl to park her RV in the slot next to mine and we met and have a great time together.  Yeah.  Like that’s going to happen.  Why can’t it ever happen?  It’s always a couple that pulls in who are eventually joined by their mexican friends.

I suspect that I will just do it alone again and do my best to take it easy.  Who knows.  Eventually if you camp alone long enough in enough places it is more likely that at some point in the timeline of the universe the girl will appear.

Yeah.   Keep believing that.

Why is girly music so popular?

hmstrdncToday I had lunch at Pizza Hut.  I like to take my kindle and read while I eat.  It’s pretty much the only time I have to read.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but hear the “music” playing on the intercom.  It was a high pitched whiny, girly, grating on your brain sound.  I pulled out my iPhone and Soundhounded it to find out what the hell it was.

It was somebody called Rihanna.  Had to google her to see who she was.  Some shiny black girl.

Nevertheless, I’m amazed at how much of today’s music is composed of tiny-voiced girly stuff.  I can’t help thinking of Hamster Dance whenever I hear one playing.   Yeah.  I guess when you come to the point where you say, “That’s not music.  That’s noise!” then you are officially old.  Distaste in current music is always an issue.  Don’t deny it.  It WILL happen to you! It has happened to every generation since the invention of music.

I thought the horrible rap fad was bad enough.  This stuff is just as bad if not worse.  I can’t imagine people liking it.  Boggle goes my mind again.

Tired of ADHD

spzToday there was a story in the news covering a little boy with “ADHD” who was handcuffed to keep him under control.  Everyone was mortified that the boy was handcuffed but I can see where this was totally necessary.  In fact, they should go even further and use a straightjacket.

In my day we had kids like this in school but they were called Spaz and sent away so the regular kids could learn properly without distraction.

I’m tired of people using ADHD to hide bad parenting.  It is not a disorder.  It is improper upbringing.  It is caused by parents who are too lazy to properly teach discipline when the kids are in desperate need of it.  These are the same parents who would lock a dog in a tiny kennel while they go to work or sleep.  Horrific!  Dogs, like kids, are supposed to run free and play.

Now that things have gotten WAY out of hand and parents are no longer allowed to discipline their children, we can expect things to get worse not better.  This whole thing of banning spanking was made up by the big pharmaceutical companies so they can sell high-priced drugs to treat symptoms that don’t exist.

It’s a shame the world is heading down this path of idiocy.  I had better expectations of the future when I was young.  Very disappointing.  I can’t even imagine how screwed up the Earth is going to be in another 10 years.  I’m sure glad I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.  I would not want to do it now.