North Side Siding Done!

Holy Guacamole!

It took me at two and a half months but I finally got the rotting siding replaced on the north side of my house.  Well..I’m calling it done.

It really needs another coat of paint but I don’t have another month to spend on that.  Why did it take so long to do such a simple job?  Work and rain.   Due to my 8:30-5:30 job, I have absolutely zero time during the week for ANYTHING.  I cram in Community Band practice on Monday nights and a visit with mom on Wednesday nights.  The other three nights I am wiped out and can do nothing but collapse on the couch and watch TV for an hour or two before I drag myself to bed at 9:00.  Besides.  It’s dark when I get home at 6:30 after an hour drive through crippling traffic so doing anything outside would be extremely difficult.  It also keeps raining on weekends.  How does it know?

It’s a good thing I don’t have friends or family because they would demand some of that precious time.  I don’t know how the regular people do it.  Maybe they don’t care about things like replacing siding.  Maybe important things don’t matter to them.


I had to do 99% of the work myself so I created a winch controlled siding lift using 14 foot 2x4s.  That worked out really well.  I’m amazing!  You should want to be my friend!

Once I removed and replaced all the 4×8 sheets of siding, I had to fill the oops nail holes and paint.  I just now finished replacing the vertical trim pieces that hid the seams.  I really wish I had time and energy for one more coat of paint but it will do.  Maybe another time.

Time is a precious commodity.  There is so little of it available these days since time itself has sped up to ludicrous speed.  Time is something that one really should appreciate to the max.  I’m so glad that this is my last year to play the Time Game.  I’m going to early-retire in January of 2019 if my evil plan goes smoothly. Soon time will be my bitch!  It will do my bidding for a change.

Mua ha haaaaa!


More Delay on the Land Purchase


I called today to see when I need to show up for the closing on my land purchase and they said it is delayed ANOTHER month.  Apparently the courts have not yet processed the paperwork and given the approval for the subdividing.

Time is ticking by and summer is coming fast.  I wanted to have time to clear the land of the scrub brush before it gets too hot to be outside.  I’m getting pissed off.  A lot of things have to happen before the end of the year if I am going to quit my job in December and start building.  Time is running out fast.  I do NOT want to work another year.  I can’t do it.  I’ll die for sure.

I need to be able to start the foundation this coming fall and get the framing and roof done before next summer hits.  Winters are short in Texas and it’s the only time you can be outside without getting heat stroke.

Float it!

fltdgI’m not sure what my boss has against me but he is making it very difficult to do my work lately.  It was really starting to irk me and I was seriously considering looking for another job or just quitting and taking some time off.

I came to a good conclusion today as I was sitting alone in a restaurant eating lunch.

I will be semi-retiring in December anyway (So is the plan.)  I need to have medical insurance.

There’s really no point struggling.  Yes, it hurts my ego but what is that, really?  This particular life is almost up for me so what do I care?  I’m officially going to float it.

It’s going to be difficult making such a change because I’m not the kind of person to sit idle when there is work to be done but I think it is best.  There’s no point in starting a new job just to quit in less than a year.  It’s not off the table but that’s a lot of trouble for ego.  I could just quit but until it’s time to build my new house, there’s nothing I really need the time for.  Might as well make some extra money while things come together.

The plan is to be passive about it and let come what may.  Do what he says and nothing more if I do not deem it to be necessary.  That’s what a regular employee does anyway, right?  Besides, no matter how hard you work here, your review is just satisfactory at best. Why bother with extra effort?  Jesus himself couldn’t get an Exceeds Expectations.  What makes me think I could?  Why is it so hard to find a satisfying job?  Humans.  Once the machines take over, the world will be a much better place.

It’s February now so I only need to float for 11 months.  We get our bonuses in December so after that, it’s sayonara anyway.  Post it note on my monitor, “Float!”

A few hours later…

I’m having alternative thoughts about a new job.  I spent 10 years or more of my previous job feeling unsatisfied.  I promised myself I would not do that again.  Even if time is short, why spend it poorly.   I did some searching on and found a part time job that might be a nicer fit.   I’m tired of working full time anyway.  Sure I would make less money but I have money.  I need happiness.  I might just apply and see what happens.  My only concern is health insurance.  Most part time jobs don’t offer Health Care but I looked at the costs of buying it myself.  It would be around $500-700 a month.  Not too bad.  I’m going to work on my resume and think about it for a bit.  It’s good to keep your options open.

I have a feeling the boss is going to give me a bad review which would be totally wrong.  That might be my cue to leave.  We’ll see.  Maybe I should leave before my review.

The next day…

I decided to take the adult path.  I was really shaken up last night when I got home. I couldn’t eat or even watch TV.  I went out into the hot tub for a thinking session and reasoned it all out and whittled it down to the truth.  I felt much better and was able to sleep.

Today I went to my boss and asked him if we could talk in the conference room for a few minutes.  I broke the ice and he seemed relieved to have the discussion.  As I suspected we were both frustrated with the work environment we have to deal with.  We both did and said things that we shouldn’t have.  I was originally going to tell him about my frustrations but he needed to unload his so I mostly listened.  He is under a lot of pressure from his superiors as well.  I can tell he understood where I was coming from without having to go into detail.  It was a good chat.

In the end we both felt much better and have a renewed relationship.  I’m glad I did it today so I can relax better this weekend.  Sometimes getting issues out in the open can do wonders.


Ca$hing out of all my Crypto Currency

I’ve been considering it for a while now but I finally made up my mind and cashed out of all my Crypto-Currency. It was a GREAT run but it looks like it is over.

I sold my Ripple, My Potcoin, My free Bitcoin Cash and my Litecoin.  That put another $6,000 in my bank account.  Including my bitcoin the total take was $16,000.  Not bad for having put in only about $3,000.

Winner!  Winner!  Winner!

I was hoping for a longer run but now that the regular people have joined the crypto-currency craze, it looks like it may all be doomed.  I blame the media for overhyping and the financial critics for downplaying it.   If they had all minded their own business then prices would still be skyrocketing now.

That’s the problem with the United States.  We can’t keep our mouth shut and our hands to ourselves.  It’s no wonder all the other countries hate us.  Rich people with too much time on their hands to meddle in other people’s business.

Oh well.  I’m just glad I got in and out at the right times.  I bought my bitcoin back in 2014 and “hodled” it long term.  Sometimes you just luck out.  I can’t claim skill here.  It was totally luck.

Maybe things will go back up.  Maybe I’ll buy another coin sometime.  I’m just not feeling it now.  I’m just happy to add $16,000 to my retirement fund.   YAY!

10 More Solar Panels

slrpnlsI’m jumping ahead in time a little bit but now that Donald Trump has decided to place a tariff on solar panels, I thought the time might be right.  Personally, I think that’s not a good idea.  Solar panels should be granted free trade because cheap energy is the prime thing that the world needs.  Who cares what country they come from.

My Ultimate Plan seems to be unfolding so I’m going to go ahead with advance preparations.  If all goes well, I will be starting to build my new house next year and I plan on moving my existing 10 solar panels to it as well as double it with 10 more.  Good prices are hard enough to find now much less later after the tariff.  It will also be a little less painful now while I have a job with disposable income.

I ordered 10 300 Watt panels that I’ll store for now.  At $140 each, the total cost is only $1400.  I also found a great price on installed, but not used, Enphase M250 micro inverters at $50.00 each.  They usually cost $125 each.  I went ahead and ordered them too.

How exciting!  I’ll have a 4KW system set up on my new house.  That should be plenty to cover the Split System very high efficiency air conditioning system I plan to use.


Finally decided to sell my Bitcoin

I finally decided it was time to sell my Bitcoin.  I’ve had it since 2014 when I bought it for $800.  Today it is worth $15,000.

There’s always a chance it can skyrocket some more but I feel that it’s run has pretty much ended mostly because of the slow transaction time and high transaction fees involved.  It can never really be the easy, inexpensive method of exchange that we are looking for.  My decision was based pretty much on that.  I will have some FOMO about it but I’m not out completely.  I also own Bitcoin Cash that I got for free and is now worth $2,500.  I have Litecoin, Ripple and Potcoin.

Of the $15,000 I got from Bitcoin I deposited $10K in my checking account and I may put the $5K into more Ripple.   If it goes from $2 to $4 then I’ve doubled my money.  I’m playing with the house money anyway so why not risk it.

It’s kind of funny too.  People kept telling me that Bitcoin isn’t real money.  Well, I just put $10,000 in my bank account.  How real is that?

I’ll probably transfer that $10k to my Wealthfront account which is currently pulling me in $1000 a day.  NOICE!!!!

The stock market has been really good to me last year and is off to a great start this year.  Thank you Donald Trump!  Early Retirement, Here I come!

Free Money – Bitcoin Cash


I just found out that because I owned One Bitcoin a few months back when it forked, I get a free Bitcoin Cash!  I just checked my Wallet and I’m suddenly $3000 richer.  On top of that, Bitcoin Cash is suddenly being propped up buy one of the originators selling his masses of Bitcoin and going to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin took a dip but it is bouncing back.  It is at $17,200 right now.  Nothing to sneeze at.  I think it is still strong even though people keep warning about an impending crash.  I think they don’t know what they are talking about.  They are fear-mongering.

So far my crypto holdings are looking as such:

1 bitcoin $17,200
1 Bitcoin Cash $3,000
19 Litecoins $6,460

Not bad for having spent only $1,800.00

I also bought $500 each of Ripple and Potcoin which are both super cheap now.  Less than a Dollar.  We’ll see what they do.  Both have potential.

Wouldn’t it be so awesome to see them all skyrocket some more?  Easy early-retirement could could be mine.  Mua ha haaaaa!

This is really exciting shit.  I hope you are not just sitting on your hands.  Get in on it while you can!!

Go to  Sign up, Transfer money, Buy coin, Profit.