Bitcoin Awesomeness!

btcnI was a lucky man who bought a single bitcoin back when it was $800.  In just a short time it has gone up to $11,000.  Nice profit, huh?

Forecasts set it to hit $150,000 in two years.  Very nice for my early retirement.  I don’t need it to retire but an extra $150,000 would be some seriously nice padding.

I also bought 19 Litecoins at $50.00 each.  Now they are up to $100.  I don’t expect Litecoin to be as meteoric as Bitcoin but more is better.  I’ve already doubled my money in one month.

There are two schools of thought on Bitcoin:
1. It is a bubble that is going to pop soon.
2. It is the future.

People in the “Bubble” camp are either the media looking to make up some news for you to click on, or those who wish they bought it when it was cheap and are now very sad and bitter.

Those of us who are owners are more in the line of future awesomeness.

Personally, I don’t know.  I’m certainly hoping for the awesomeness.  I don’t see where it is a bubble.  It is just going to become more and more scarce as mining becomes more difficult and more companies are adopting it.  With scarcity comes value.  Some are predicting it to be worth 1 million.  🙂

At most, I have only $800 invested in Bitcoin so there’s not much to lose and all to gain.

It’s not too late for you either.  Surely you can’t afford to buy a whole Bitcoin at $11,000.  I wouldn’t either.  You don’t have to buy a whole coin.  You can still buy any amount you want.  If you had purchased $500 worth on Friday, you would have made $100 by Monday as it went up 20% over the weekend.   It’s not getting any cheaper so you better hurry!

Go to  Sign up. Buy Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.  Profit.

Get in on the ride!  It certainly is fun.



Land Purchase update

Img_0003My land purchase has been going slowly.  That’s good I guess.  Better to go gently than to be overwhelmed.

There are surveys and paperwork to do.  Fortunately the survey company is handling all the paperwork with the local government.  I’ve had to pay $2500 in fees so far but I guess that is to be expected.  Closing is supposed to be in early January.

In the meantime I’m trying not to get myself too excited about it in case something goes wrong.  I’m letting it happen in it’s own time.  I haven’t been back to visit it to avoid overhyping my hopes.  Chill is the key.

At least I feel like I have my foot in the door.  In January I expect that it gets real.


My luck is going wild!

<No Jinx> <No Jinx> <No Jinx>

O!M!G!  I told you.  Didn’t I tell you?  I told you!
I said it before and it has always proved to be true. If I ever need something, just wait and it will come to me.  Sometimes the wait is extreme but it always works out.

Today I drove out to the country to take a really good close-up look at the land I am buying.  As I told you before, it is pretty well overgrown but that’s the way I like it.  Privacy!!!

I took come branch cutters and made my way around the property.  I walked up the part where I think I will put the driveway.

I stood at the spot I plan on placing the house.  There is a very nice view from the future front deck of some oak trees where I might place a gazebo.

The land slopes just slightly to the side.  I don’t think that will be a big problem. Otherwise.  I really like what I see.  Once I clear out all the brush where I want openness, it will be spectacular.

I’ll plant some more trees. Pecan and other fruit and nuts maybe.  More oaks.

I walked over to the other part of the land that I wish to sell to check out the stock tank.

It’s pretty nice but it wastes usable land.  I’m not into fishing and it’s not really something you would swim in.  I’d rather not have that part.  The land around it is pretty good but a little more rough.  I’ll stick with the flat on my side.

It was an excellent experience.  I love what I see.  It was nice and quiet and private.  Perfect.  No regrets.

I inspected the fence along the front.  It needs some repair.  Should not be difficult.

As I was leaving, the survey crew showed up to find the spot I want to split it.  Yay!  They are fast.  I just called yesterday with the info.  Good thing I called when I did or they would have split it wrong.  I didn’t want it split in equal parts.

I had just left to drive home when the realtor called.  She told me that another relative from the area is interested in the other part.  Bonus:  He’s about my age and single.  I might just have the friend I’ve always wanted right next door.  Does it get any better than that?  It will really be nice to have someone to talk to so close.  I don’t see that part of the relatives much so I don’t know him but I’m looking forward to meeting him.  I hope we can help each other with stuff.  His family has a history of farming in the area so he might have easy access to heavy equipment if we need it.

I’m excited about the possibilities of change in my life.  It looks like all my decades of difficult patience, saving and suffering is finally paying off.  I’ve already signed the contract but closing isn’t until December due to paperwork.  I’m not sure if I should count it as a win yet or not.  I guess a signed contract is as good as done.

It will feel really good to finally have the base for my future life.  Floating in limbo for so many years has really sucked.  Now I will have a lifeline to pull myself down to earth.  I already feel less stressed out.  I was worried that I was chasing an impossible dream.  More and more people spilling into the US buying up all the land and causing the price to go up beyond my means was a serious concern.  Now that I have it, I can let that go.

Damn. I’m lucky.  Providence is truly a good friend to me and I really appreciate it.



Land purchase – Let the complications begin.

My realtor has been in touch with me about my purchase.

The bad news is that if I want to subdivide it and sell the other half, it will probably cost me up to $3500.  There is a lot of paperwork and a lot of authorities that need to be involved.  Thanks Government!  Just what the people wanted.  To make everything complicated.  Once upon a time, when you wanted to buy land, you gave the owner money (or cows) and the land was yours.

But, whatever.  Nothing good comes without a struggle.  Still, even at $3500 more, the price is still good.  It is likely that after all the fees, I can still sell the remaining land for a little more and cover some or all of the additional costs.  Maybe a lot more considering the number of people already wanting it.  I’m feeling a little apprehensive but that is to be expected on such a big thing.  I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  It always does.  I have confidence in the system since the same thing has been done by infinite people over time I’m sure it works fine.

The realtor estimates it will cost $4000 for the water tap and $6-10,000 for the septic system.  I don’t know about the electricity yet.  These costs were not unexpected either.  It’s a shame they are so high but what can you do.  I expect everything I do will cost more than I planned.  I planned on it.  Kinda…

Land purchase in the works!

ctnwdsvIt looks like it is happening!

I received the the paperwork via email today, signed it and sent it back.  Closing is on November 10th.  Exciting yet scary!

I’m analyzing the situation in my brain and fortunately am not coming up with any serious cons.  That’s a good sign.    I will be buying the whole 8 acres then reselling the part I don’t want.  This should be extremely easy as there are many people already wanting it.

3.5 acres print at 115%

I’ve been looking at the overview as shown above.  I think I would like to keep 3.5 acres.(Shown above)  That is a dimension of 300 ft by 500 ft.  Just right for space and privacy.  I might even ask for a higher price and be able to make a little money back to cover some of the fees and stuff.

A good thing about being in this area is that I am close to my relatives.  My uncle is a roofer and knows everyone in town.  He knows people who know people so when I need some help, he’ll know who to call.  My cousin has a tractor and also knows people with heavy equipment.  I may get to know my sister better who lives just outside of town.  Maybe we can talk my mom into moving from San Antonio as well.  Unlikely but not impossible.  That would be so great.

So far this has been very positive.  I feel good about it.  The scary part may come in a year or two when I actually shitcan my 8:30-5:30 job and leave town to build my house.  By that time I feel I’ll be even better off financially and it won’t be so difficult.  It’s more of a mental issue anyway.  I’ve got the cash now but more is better.  It’s important to have as big a buffer as you can when you quit working.  I have a lot of preparation to do anyway.  House plans, water, electricity, permits, paperwork, etc..

Now that it is real, It’s time to start doing some work on my current house to make sure it is ready to sell for maximum price.  I think it will sell easily too.  It has great curb appeal and is very nice inside.  I just need to maybe paint and replace the carpeting just before selling so it will have that new house smell.

Life is finally happening.  My dream is beginning to take form.  I’m coming out of limbo!


Am I Rich?

rchI may be rich.  Wealthy.

I just realized that I could quit working today, live my current lifestyle and be set for life.  Does that make me rich or wealthy?  Maybe.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

I’ve spent all my life living frugally.  I seldom buy anything I don’t need.  I paid for my own college by working. I paid off my mortgage in 10 years.  I never use credit for anything so I don’t pay any interest.  I just plain don’t waste money.  That’s kind of all there is to it.  Don’t waste money.

I invested all my spare money in various things and they just keep multiplying.  I only use about half of my work income each month. I just got used to it.  Suddenly I find myself rather well off.  I can go write a check for $88,000 worth of land which I hope to do in the next week or two.  How many people can do that?

Living frugally has just been a norm for me.  It’s kind of a matter of efficiency.  Maybe that’s my German heritage.  I can’t help but to strive for efficiency.  It’s just logical to do so.  Spock would never waste money on dumb things.

I’m writing about it because I don’t have anyone to discuss it with.  I’m not the kind of person to brag to friends and relatives but I have to let it out somehow.

I’m not the kind of person to flaunt money either.  I appreciate simplicity.  I don’t even want a fancy car, a boat or a big house.  My life goals are a little 1400 square foot energy efficient house with solar panels on 3 acres of land, a Prius and a quiet life of leisure.  Suddenly that is very close to becoming reality.

It’s insane!  I could go on a spending spree but I don’t even want that.  I have everything else I need. I guess that’s the way you do it.  I never even go to any store other than the Grocery Store and the Hardware Store.  I almost never buy clothes. Only when I desperately need new work pants or a shirt.

A wise man once said, “If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”  He was right.  I’m happy to say I’m on the verge of the latter part.  So exciting!  So weird!


Early Retirement Simulator

A few years ago I wrote a simple Early Retirement Simulator in BASIC to see what would happen with my finances when I retire.  I’ve been tweaking on it and updating it every once in a while.  The result is very encouraging.

I used modest numbers for income and a little higher than reality in outgo and it still looks like it would be stupid for me to continue working full time.  I could quit next year and not work at all and still live a very comfortable life.  I would no doubt work part time until I’m at least 60 then if I have any life left, live the good life.  That doesn’t even include my Bitcoin which could go to $100,000 or a Million.  Maybe. I don’t need it but it would certainly be a bonus.

I was going to rent out my current house but I think I can make as much or more per month investing the cash and not having to deal with renters, property tax and repairs.

I’m a lucky man.  A lucky, lucky, lonely, lucky man.

It looks like financially, it’s a go for moving out to the country.

I keep feeling like there is a major flaw in my logic because it seems too good to be true but no matter how many times I analyse it, it still looks valid.  Do you see anything wrong with my simulation?

Want to use my program?  Download Chipmunk basic and modify the code to suit your needs.


10 cls
20 age = 49
30 retirement = 400000 ‘ anticipated minimum amount at 60. $20K per year for 10 years.
40 endyear = 2068
50 cash = 318000 ‘ liquid cash current – land cost (37K until closing)
60 year = 2017 ‘ Starting Year
70 retiredincome = 1000*12 ‘ monthly*12
80 ss = 2000*12 ‘ social security monthly income
90 workincome = 3000*12 ‘ Still working income after tax
100 spend = 2000*12 ‘ monthly * 12
110 newhouse = 100000 ‘ land already purchased
120 retirementage = 50
130 healthinsurance = 700*12 ‘ monthly * 12
140 propertytax = 2000
150 investinc = 800*12 ‘ $800 monthly investment income
160 rem
170 rem
190 print
200 print ” Starting Cash: $” cash
210 print ” Work before retirement annual net income $” workincome
220 print ” Estimating monthly spending at $” spend/12
230 print ” Retirement at age ” retirementage
240 print ” Estimating new house $” newhouse
250 print ” Estimating Health Insurance at $” healthinsurance/12 “/month.”
260 print ” Estimating $” investinc/12 “/mo investment income”
270 print ” Estimating monthly Retired income at $” retiredincome/12
280 print ” Retirement portolios: $” retirement
290 print ” Retirement portfolio available at age 60.”
300 print ” Receive Social Security at age 67.”
310 print ” Estimating Social Security income of $” ss/12 “/month at age 67.”
320 print
330 print ” Age”,”Year”,”Cash”
340 rem — Start calculation loop —
350 print ” ” age,year,”$” int(cash)
360 if age = 60 then cash = cash+retirement : print “** Include Retirement in Cash $” retirement
370 if age = 60 then print “** End retirement income”
380 if age = 67 then print “** Include Social security at $” ss/12 “/mo”
390 if age > retirementage and age < 65 then cash = cash-healthinsurance ‘ Health Insurance until medicare
400 if age < retirementage then cash = cash+workincome
410 if age >= retirementage+3 and age <= 60 then cash = cash+retiredincome ‘ 3 years to build house and rest
420 if age = retirementage then print “** Retire!! Build house.”
430 if age = retirementage then cash = cash-newhouse ‘ build house
440 if age < 67 then cash = cash-spend
450 if age >= 67 then cash = cash+ss-spend ‘ Social security
460 if age = 58 then cash = cash+30000 : print “** Inheritance $30,000”
470 cash = cash+investinc ‘ Investment income
480 cash = cash-propertytax
490 year = year+1
500 age = age+1
510 if year < endyear then goto 340
520 end



Starting Cash: $318000
Work before retirement annual net income $36000
Estimating monthly spending at $2000
Retirement at age 50
Estimating new house $100000
Estimating Health Insurance at $700 /month.
Estimating $800 /mo investment income
Estimating monthly Retired income at $1000
Retirement portolios: $400000
Retirement portfolio available at age 60.
Receive Social Security at age 67.
Estimating Social Security income of $2000 /month at age 67.

Age Year Cash
49 2017 $318000
50 2018 $337600
** Retire!! Build house.
51 2019 $221200
52 2020 $196400
53 2021 $171600
54 2022 $158800
55 2023 $146000
56 2024 $133200
57 2025 $120400
58 2026 $107600
** Inheritance $30,000
59 2027 $124800
60 2028 $112000
** Include Retirement in Cash $400000
** End retirement income
61 2029 $499200
62 2030 $474400
63 2031 $449600
64 2032 $424800
65 2033 $400000
66 2034 $383600
67 2035 $367200
** Include Social security at $2000 /mo
68 2036 $374800
69 2037 $382400
70 2038 $390000
71 2039 $397600
72 2040 $405200
73 2041 $412800
74 2042 $420400
75 2043 $428000
76 2044 $435600
77 2045 $443200
78 2046 $450800
79 2047 $458400
80 2048 $466000
81 2049 $473600
82 2050 $481200
83 2051 $488800
84 2052 $496400
85 2053 $504000
86 2054 $511600
87 2055 $519200
88 2056 $526800
89 2057 $534400
90 2058 $542000
91 2059 $549600
92 2060 $557200
93 2061 $564800
94 2062 $572400
95 2063 $580000
96 2064 $587600
97 2065 $595200
98 2066 $602800
99 2067 $610400