The Amazing World We Live In

amzndt  Does anyone else ever stop and notice what an amazing technological world we now live in?  Socially and Morally we are still pretty messed up but we have the tech! Today’s people take it for granted but just stop and think for a minute.

You can go hop in your car and drive for hundreds of miles in air conditioned comfort in just a few hours.  Something that would have taken weeks just 100 years go.

You can microwave a burrito so hot that Jesus himself could not eat it in only a minute or so.

You can pull a device out of your pocket and video chat with someone across the planet.

You can talk to your Amazon Dot or Google Home and order a pizza without budging from your couch while you watch The Bachelor on your 80 inch flat screen TV upon which you can watch any movie or show streamed over the internet on demand.

In just a short time you will be able to order a self-driving car to pick you up and take you to the mall.

You can put on a Virtual Reality headset and play a game that is better than real life.

You can keep in touch with your “friends”,  see pictures of their amazing escapades and know just what they think about stupid things all day long.

Our grandparents did it the hard way.  We had it pretty easy.  Today’s kids.. Oy vey.  They have no clue.  They don’t even know what it is to live without the Internet or cell phones.

I wonder what the future holds for the humans.  Fat, lazy blobs floating around in chairs while machines do everything?  You know it’s coming…



I should not be here

tmlnI can’t get over the feeling that I should not be here.  That I should not exist.

I feel like it is a constant struggle to maintain life where life is not expected.

I feel like I am living in an alternate universe as one of the timeline skews that has long since been forgotten.   Nothing is as it is supposed to be.  It is kind of a Bizarro world where everyone else thinks everything is normal yet only I can see that it is all backwards and frustrating.

This is not that way it is supposed to be.  Why can’t everyone else see it?  How do I get back to the right timeline?  I don’t want to be in this one.  It is wrong.  It is not supposed to be like this.

Every time a decision is made, the vector of time splits.  One line leads off in the direction of the first choice.  Another line leads off in the direction of the second and third choices.  This repeats over and over until the number of parallel universes becomes virtually infinite.

Somewhere, there is another me living in the Primary Timeline where everything is right and perfect. I have a family, friends and a wonderful life.   Every second that passes takes me further away from it.  Every decision makes the return path more complex.  It’s a good thing this timeline is reaching its terminal point.  Soon all our suffering will be over.  Doesn’t that sound great?

I wonder if when our timeline ends our existence will revert to the parent timeline or we just cease to exist.  I hope we cease to exist because we would have to revert an infinite number of times to reach the Primary line.  Seems unrealistic.



Is Technology Really Advancing?

erlybclIt may appear that technology is advancing at an incredible rate but is it really changing at all?  Things have gotten smaller, faster and cheaper but they are really all still the same.  Have we reached the end of our technical abilities?  Is there anything more?


The first chain driven bicycle was invented around 1885.  Other than having more gears and fancy brakes it remains technically basically the same.  The base bicycle design has been the same for 129 years.  Isn’t it about time we upgrade it?

Should we not have hovercars by now?  The internal combustion engine has remained basically the same since its invention back in 1885 as well.  Pistons going up and down.  There was a revolutionary new engine called the Wankel rotary engine for a while but it disappeared.  The rest of the car…. the same.  Brakes, the same.  Transmissions, the same.  Wheels, the same.  Steering wheel, the same.  All better but still the same design.  Nothing has essentially changed.  Stagnant.

Think computers are new?  Not really.  The computer is based on the transistor which was invented in 1948.  Even the most current CPU is composed of more and more tiny transistors.  Faster and smaller yet the same.  We were promised Quantum Computing a few years ago but that never happened.  Until the Intel Quantum 100 CPU shows up we are still working with 1948 technology.  Come on!  Get a move on!

The Jet engine was invented back in 1928.  It remains virtually the same today.

Think satellite communications are new?  Nope.  1957.

LCD?  Nope.  1972

LEDs?  1962

Fiber Optics?  1880

Cell phones?  1973

The Internet?  Way back in  1969.

The Microwave oven?  Even further back 1n 1944.

Solar power is new, right?  Sorry.  1839

Nuclear power is totally new.  NOT!  The first nuclear plant went online in Russia in 1954.  To make it worse, nuclear power just creates steam to turn a generator turbine.  STEAM POWER!  Not exactly fresh tech.

So what the hell?  What are the world’s scientists and engineers doing?  They’re  just taking something we already have and putting a clock in it.    Come on guys!   We’re all getting older here.  Let’s get onto important things like quantum computing, weather modification, free energy, antigravity, teleportation and the singularity .  We don’t have much time left.  Move it!  Move it!  You have less than 50 years to get this done!  Chop chop!  Make yourself useful!


How old is the Universe?

unvrsIt is truly the oldest question in the Universe.  How old is the Universe?

There are all kinds of theories.  The Big Bang Theory, the steady-state theory, the God theory, the back of the turtle theory.  All are valid or invalid depending on your intelligence level.

As a physicist I have spent a lot of time contemplating it all and have come up with the final explanation.  It is really quite simple.  So simple you would have never thought of it and by definition it would be impossible for anyone except me to be able to comprehend the real facts.

The simple truth is that the universe began  at about 5:30 am on May 13th 46 years ago in what you would consider to be 1968.  Our universe is a part of the Multiverse where billions of other universe bubbles float around and bang into each other.  Our particular universe sprang into being when two of those other bubbles bounced off each other.

Not really a bang.  More of just a sudden reality.  The random formation of elements came together basically as you see it now.  Nothing existed prior to 1968.  You may think that time existed before then but it is merely an example of pre-configured history.  To you and everyone else, those memories and written history seem perfectly real as if they actually happened but they in reality they just suddenly appeared when the universe began in 1968.

Not only can I tell you when the universe began, I can also predict the approximate time of its end.  We are currently past the peak of the curve.  The universe has already started decaying.  The rise of entropy level is obvious.  Just look around you.  Our existence has, at most, 40 more years left.  At that point everything you know will quickly evaporate and return to the nothingness from which it sprang.

Fortunately there are plenty of other universes appearing and disappearing all the time.  When ours is gone the emptiness it leaves will soon be filled with a new one.

Easy peasy. Case closed.