Snapchat Stock

snpchtThe other day I decided to buy some Snapchat stock.  Yeah, I know it has no real value but neither did Facebook.  I went ahead and bought $1000 worth at $23.75 to see what happens.  Of course it is immediately going down.

I bought Facebook back when it as $36.00.  Held it as it sunk into the lows.  Eventually, around a year later it rose back to $36.  Figuring I would be lucky to break even, I sold it at $36 to get my money back.  Now it is at $138.68.  Had I held it I would have made $5100.00.

I feel that Snapchat is in the same condition as Facebook.  It has potential so this time I’m holding it long term.

I don’t use Snapchat.  It’s a kids thing that I have no use for but it is a popular medium that reaches the kids who are otherwise disconnected from media advertising like TV and Radio.  It is just a matter of time before Snapchat figures out how to monetize or is sold to Facebook or Google.  I might buy more when the price bottoms out.  What the hell.  Facebook and Google are doing their best to create an alternative but Snapchat is already the de facto medium of choice amongst the grommets.

I’m not going to miss this opportunity this time.  Let’s hope the gods of fate don’t take this opportunity to kick my ass again.


The Amazing World We Live In

amzndt  Does anyone else ever stop and notice what an amazing technological world we now live in?  Socially and Morally we are still pretty messed up but we have the tech! Today’s people take it for granted but just stop and think for a minute.

You can go hop in your car and drive for hundreds of miles in air conditioned comfort in just a few hours.  Something that would have taken weeks just 100 years go.

You can microwave a burrito so hot that Jesus himself could not eat it in only a minute or so.

You can pull a device out of your pocket and video chat with someone across the planet.

You can talk to your Amazon Dot or Google Home and order a pizza without budging from your couch while you watch The Bachelor on your 80 inch flat screen TV upon which you can watch any movie or show streamed over the internet on demand.

In just a short time you will be able to order a self-driving car to pick you up and take you to the mall.

You can put on a Virtual Reality headset and play a game that is better than real life.

You can keep in touch with your “friends”,  see pictures of their amazing escapades and know just what they think about stupid things all day long.

Our grandparents did it the hard way.  We had it pretty easy.  Today’s kids.. Oy vey.  They have no clue.  They don’t even know what it is to live without the Internet or cell phones.

I wonder what the future holds for the humans.  Fat, lazy blobs floating around in chairs while machines do everything?  You know it’s coming…


Stop shooting vertical video, people!!!

vrtvidOh My God people!  Stop holding your phone wrong when shooting video.

You see video that people have taken on their phones on the news all the time and 90% of it is vertical.  That’s a thin strip of video with two HUGE black bars on the left and right.  Annoying?  YES!

That’s what happens when you hold your phone vertically instead of horizontally like a television.

It continues to amaze me that people are that stupid that they would even WANT to shoot vertical video.  I figure they are either dumb as a box of rocks or just don’t give a shit.  Either way. STOP IT!

I wish the phone manufacturers would require a phone to be held horizontally before video can even be taken.  It should be impossible for someone to do it wrong.  Please Apple and Android;  Fix it because people are too dumb to do it right on their own.

One more time for the intelligence-impaired:vertvid2

Still don’t get it?  Watch this video:

Still don’t get it?  You are a total idiot.

Small solar for my RV

My 1982 Holiday Rambler Class C RV is ready to hit the parks this fall after all the great stuff I’ve done to fix it up.  I’m looking forward to it.

I think I enjoy working on it more than using it though.  If I had bought a brand new RV with no problems then I would have been bored.  I’ve kind of run out of projects on it and am thinking of doing an upgrade that I don’t really need.  Solar Power.

I do most of my camping in places where you just plug in your cord.  There really aren’t a whole lot of places in Texas where you can camp other than designated RV parks.  For the most part, Texas is bought and paid for.  No public lands.  It’s hard to imagine that all the land in such a huge state is owned by someone.  Bastards!

Whether I plan to use it or not, I think I’ll add a small solar power system just in case.  It won’t cost a lot and it will be there if I need it.  Besides, by the look of the world right now, the apocalypse isn’t far off.  Might as well be prepared.

xantrexI’m starting with a Xantrex 1500 Watt inverter that I just now ordered on eBay for $155 and free shipping.  Gotta love eBay.  I plan on using the existing 100 Amp Hour deep cycle battery.  The RV has been converted to mostly LED lighting and the only thing I’ll need AC power for is the entertainment system and the microwave for short warmings.

I’ll mount the inverter in the generator compartment right next to the battery.  Plenty of room there.  If all is awesome then I’ll move on to the solar panels.

I was happy to find a quality brand inverter at a good price.  I trust Xantrex.  After the last cheap inverter I had stopped working and smoked, I feel that it is worth getting a good inverter for a few extra bucks.

panelI plan on using a flexible 120W 24V panel from Unisolar for around $175.

It will be easy to lay out on the roof of the RV and be removable if necessary.  The first thing I need to do is measure the amount of space to see if it will physically fit.  I think it will not be a problem.

If there is room I can add another one later.

No problemo.

controllerTo connect the panel(s) to the battery I’ll use a chinese made MPPT charge controller that is on eBay for $85.00.

You have to be careful if you are going to use chinese charge controllers because they are not all MPPT even though they may be labeled as such.  I found a video review on Youtube proving that this particular model really is MPPT.

Basically that means that you get more efficient charging.

I’m going a bit cheap here because this is a very small system.  I could spend much more on a better brand but I really think this one will do nicely.

in the interest of simplicity, I plan on just plugging the RV’s long power cord right into the inverter to avoid running extra wiring.  Since it will only be needed occasionally or in the event of the apocalypse, I think it will be just fine.  I’ll put a little warning sticker next to the inverter to remind me to unplug the power converter when using the inverter.  That would create an unnecessary power loop draining the battery faster.

The whole system should cost around $415 plus odds and ends.  Not a bad deal.

Ordered the Apple Watch

aplwtchAs I planned, I placed my order for the Apple Watch.  It is disappointing that I will not be getting it until June.   I’m also disappointed that the only choice I had with the shiny aluminum body was the white band.  I wanted a black band because that’s just the color it is supposed to be.  I guess I’ll just buy a third party leather band later.  No.  I don’t want a blue, green or red band.  That’s for children.

All that aside… I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.  In June.

I bought the 42mm body because my eyes are getting old and every little bit helps.  It was only around $50.00 more.  I’m rich.  I can afford it.

Maybe it will come early.  Sometimes that happens.