Quick TV Show Review – Star Trek: Discovery

I didn’t even know there was going to be a new Star Trek series.  It was a surprise. Even more surprising is that it’s not on TV.  You have to subscribe to CBS online streaming service.  Yeah. No.

I already pay DirecTV $130 a month.  I’m not adding to that by subscribing to another service.  That being said, there are other ways…

Anyway, I checked out the first episode which is free.  Just like a drug dealer, the first hit is free.  I’m not sure I like it.  It’s dark, violent and stressful.  It is obviously written to appeal to the psychotic young people of today.  It is overly complex and after seeing the first episode, I don’t know what is going on.  Maybe it could grow on me but I feel betrayed.

I don’t know what more to say.  I think I’ll stick with The Orville for my Star Trek fix.




Quick TV Show Review – The Orville

It has been 12 years since the last Star Trek TV show was made.  That’s a long time to deprive Trek fans of something that has been in our lives since 1966.

When I first saw the teasers for the new Space Series, “The Orville” I dismissed it because it was going to be “Funny.”  Even though I totally enjoy Family Guy from the same producer, Seth McFarlane, I was not interested in seeing something like Star Trek ruined with bad comedy.

Finally the show came to TV this week.  I went ahead and watched the first episode in order to check it out.  I’m glad to say I was surprised to see that it is something I can actually enjoy.  It is serious enough to have good Trek-like story lines with just a hint of light comedy that gives you a chuckle without being horrible like most of today’s unbearable comedies.

The actors seem to be good choices for the parts and the CGI and sets are awesome!  I approve.

I can tell you that if you are a Star Trek fan, you will like, “The Orville.


Memory – My secret Indulgence – Teddy Ruxpin

tdyrxpnBack sometime when I was in High School, I discovered The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.  A cartoon for little kids based on the technoogical teddy bear that told stories.  Pretty high-tech for the 80’s.

I was way to old to be watching this cartoon but I saw it once and it captured me.  I had a VCR and small TV in my bedroom and I set it to record whenever it came on (Probably during school hours) and secretly watched it in the evenings.   I never told anyone obviously.

I liked the characters and the stories.  I still like cartoons.  I’m surprised it is not currently showing on any of the million channels we now get.  I thought about it the other day and went to look on the internet.  I found the entire series complete in one set of 10 DVDs for $19.00 on eBay.   Totally worth it so I bought it.

It’s not exactly high definition video but we didn’t have that back then.  I appears to be a pretty good transfer from a videotape source.  Every once in a while the music goes wierd.  I converted the whole set to MP4s using Handbrake and sharpened the video a bit.  The result was a nicely watchable series.

I’m watching the whole thing when time allows and am enjoying it just as much as I did back in the 80s.   Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone.



gglsSince, for some reason, there is nothing to watch on TV lately, I’ve decided to watch an old favorite animated TV series, Gargoyles.

It was on back in the early 90s and was totally awesome.  I was into it during the late 90s and even attended a Gargoyles Convention in Dallas where my costume won first prize.  I even built a full sized “Titania’s Mirror” which won first in the art show.  Seriously. I was really into it.  I was probably the oldest person there too.

I even had a Gargoyles fan website on Geocities and read Gargoyles Fan Fiction.

I recorded the whole series onto DVD back in the day.  Now I have it converted to MP4 on my media player with the rest of my stuff.  Now that I am watching it again I remember just how great the show was.

One of the coolest things is that many of the voices were done by Star Trek Actors.  Jonathon Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Nichelle Nicols, Michael Dorn, Kate Mulgrew, Colm Meany, LeVar Burton.  Other non-trek actors include Ed Asner, Keith David, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Bill Fagerbakke, John Rhys-Davies, Matt Frewer, Cree Summer, Tim Curry, Robert Culp.  It’s a veritable cornucopia of celebrities.

The story included all sorts of history, time travel, legends, magic and Shakespearean characters.  Timelines twisted around and met each other in delicious ways.  Unfortunately it is not on broadcast TV right now.  I don’t think it was properly appreciated by the masses.  Keep an eye out for it in case it returns on some channel somewhere.  I know you would enjoy it.

You can get the DVDs on Amazon.  Totally worth it.

Season One
Season Two – Vol 1
Season Two – Vol 2

Quick TV Show Review – The Last Ship

tlsThe Last Ship is a new series on TNT centering around a U.S. Navy battleship having been off on a mission to the Arctic while a global virus pandemic similar to Ebola is wiping out the world’s population.  The show is based on the book, The Last Ship, by William Brinkley.

This situation is highly plausible.  It is only a matter of time until a mutated virus or a intentionally weaponized strain begins spreading around the planet.  There is currently an Ebola pandemic in Africa.  If it gets on a plane somehow then we could be in the same boat.  Pun intended.

Aboard the ship is a scientist who may be able to synthesize a cure to the disease.  The ship, unable to return to the U.S. Mainland must stay safely at sea until the cure can be found while being pursued by the Russians.

I like the way, so far, that there is little to no romantic involvement among the crew.  There is nothing worse than personal interaction to ruin a good story.  Keep it professional guys.

I’ve only seen three episodes and am enjoying it so far.  I love the premise and I hope the story can be true to it’s promise.


Losing interest in Resurrection

rsrctnI have been watching the show, “Resurrection” on ABC.  It started out pretty good.  A young boy wakes up in China.  It turns out he died, like, 20 years ago.  He is brought home to his family where they are freaked out but dubiously accept him.

A few other people in the town who died came back to life too.  It was getting interesting.  How was this happening?

Suddenly it became a robbery and murder mystery.  It is like a dream that abruptly changes completely from one thing to another.  I don’t care about that.  I have little interest in murder mysteries.  Murder is good.  That’s how you thin out the population.

Boring.  Time to delete the season recording.  I’m done.