Moved in to new house

Well…Here I am. I’m officially living in the country. What have I done?

I’ve moved out of the old house of 23 years and there are strangers living there now. But that’s OK. Thinking about the old house makes me sick. I’m glad I’m out and it’s over. I probably never should have lived there anyway. I checked my bank account today and the wire came through. The money is there and it’s final.

Yay!! My Pod of stuff has arrived and I can take my time moving it in. It might take a while since the house is still under construction. I set up my bed, installed the toilet, set up the TV and installed the stove. All I need to finish making it livable would be to bring in the refrigerator. I might have some help to do that tomorrow.

Yes, it feels strange but it also feels good. I spent most of today in front of the TV watching Iron Man movies and letting the new house feeling soak in for a while. Even though I’ve been out here building for eight months, when it actually becomes your home, things feel different.

I’m also taking it a bit easy to allow my knee time to heal. It’s still swollen and red but getting slightly better day by day. This is taking a long time though. I would love to get back to putting up the drywall but I think considering the circumstances, I’ll let it go for a few days and spend time making the house livable. I could live in the RV but it’s high summer now and the air conditioner in there is ear splitting. The AC in the house is working so I’m going to just live there while I work. I’ll just have to try to keep it cleanish rather than just leaving tools and construction materials lying all over.

I can do this. Of course I have no choice but I can do this. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. I’m enjoying the calmness of life around me. I’m enjoying the simplicity. This is all what I’ve dreamed about and now it’s here. Sweetness!!

Tomorrow the Dish Network guy will be here to hook up my satellite dish. I have my receiver with me and it has some stuff to watch so I still have that. The TV really makes the house feel homey. I’m glad I hooked it up. I have thousands of movies to watch as well on my WDTV.

It’s evening now and I’m getting ready to go to bed. I’m looking forward to it. It has been a very nice and calm day. I feel my blood pressure going down. Maybe I won’t need my meds for that anymore.

Food has been a little difficult. Not having my fridge working and missing a few basics has made eating limited but so far so good. Tomorrow I’ll go to the store and get a few supplies. I need somewhere to keep my pantry goods. I guess I’ll be living out of boxes for a while. There is a plastic shelving unit in the back of the Pod but it will be a while until I can get to it.

Well. I guess I’ll head to bed now. I’m tired even though I didn’t work much today. I think I am just exhausted from the whole moving experience. It really is quite a thing.


Moving day – Final Entry

The house is now empty except for the last few little things to load into the car. I’m ready to unplug the internet, scoop up the cat, turn off the air conditioner and drive away from the house I lived in for 23 years.

It’s weird but not all that hard since an empty house is not a home. Home is where your stuff is. It’s just an empty shell where memories will quickly dissipate to be replaced by new ones owned by a bunch of strangers.

That’s OK. I’m on to better things and a new phase of life. It’s good and I can’t wait to have this transition period over with. Give me the money and sayonara, bye bye.

The next time you hear from me, I will have started anew. It might be a few weeks before they install my internet at the new place. Wish me luck.

Bon Voyage old house. I guess you’ll go down with the city.

What have I done?

The buyers have made a written offer on the house and if all goes
well, closing will be in 30 days. That means in 30 days I have to be out.  My new house isn’t going to be ready by then so times will be interesting. I’m writing this to help me get my brain in order on the issue.

I’ll have to get a storage shed for my tools which I was going to do
anyway.  I hope everything fits well enough. I’ll have to rent a
storage thing for my furniture and stuff.  I could put it in the new
house but it would be in the way as I am working on it.  That will
cost a few hundred for a few months but I guess it will have to do.
Hopefully it shouldn’t be more than a few months to get the drywall

I guess I’ll live in my RV for the most part and stay at my mom’s
house the rest of the time.  I’m sure that will work out.  I could
stay with my sister if necessary too.  She lives nearby.
The most important thing now is to get the AC in the new house
operational.  Hopefully that will be happening next week.  That will
make working more comfortable.  It is already reaching 90 degrees here
in Texas and the humidity is killing me.  I have to actually work
naked to be able to stand it.  Wearing any clothing at all is
impossible.  I have a small window AC running now but it struggles to
cool the whole house without insulation.  I’m  putting the insulation
in now.

I got a quarter of the ceiling insulation done in one day so I expect
I’ll have it all done within a week.  Then I can put up the ceiling
drywall board then start on the walls.  I have a feeling taping and
floating will take at least a few weeks if not a whole month.  I may
get help with that if it drags on.  I know a guy.

I guess it won’t be too bad.  It will definitely be an interesting
adventure not having a comfortable house to go home to.
It’s mid May now and getting hot.  It will  be 100 soon.  I’m guessing
that I might be satisfactorily done and moved in  around August.  I’m
praying to the gods of air conditioning for their blessings.
I can do this.  I can handle it.

I guess one good thing about being moved out of the old house is that
I will not have a deadline anymore.  I can do as I please and take my
time.  That’s the way I really wanted it to be anyway.

Major life change – Freaking out

I have to say that managing the mini-freakouts is getting more difficult now. Since the beginning of this year, my life has been in the midst of a major change. I bought some land, I quit my job, I’m building a house, I’m selling the old house. Holy shit what have I done?!

My old house has been on the market less than a week now and I’ve had at least three people come see it each day. Nobody has made an offer yet but you can tell that it is going to happen. What does that mean for me? It means that things are getting REAL and they are getting FAST.

My new house is coming along well. I’m starting insulation and drywall tomorrow. I wish I had more time but had to hit the peak house selling season during the spring/early summer. Have I said all this before? Well I need to say it again. It’s good for me.

The realtor says it should take around 45 days after the offer for closing at which time I will be moving out. I doubt the new house will be ready in 45 days but I can live in my RV and work on the house without having to come back to the city house. I guess that’s good. Of course, once I get the check for the house sale then it will feel complete.

In the meantime, I’m in upheaval. So many unknowns and unscheduleds. I’m doing pretty well to go with the flow. I’m a very patient man. Call me, “One Who Waits.” Well, waiting is kind of over now. There’s a lot of action going on.

I keep getting glimpses of what it would feel like to enjoy the change. They are very tiny glimpses and I wish I could grab one and hold on. They are kind of like dreams that evaporate when you awaken. Maybe a kind of Enlightenment. I’m going to work on that.

I also constantly wonder if I’ve done the right thing. It has been my dream for 40 years so it must be right. What if my dream was stupid or otherwise wrong. Well, I’m up to my eyebrows in it so whether it’s right or wrong, it’s happening.

As I am typing this, I just got a text from my realtor. It looks like someone has made a verbal offer for $188,000 with 5,000 paid by seller and concessions. Whatever that means. (Hot dogs and beer?) She will explain in the morning. I’m guessing a verbal offer is not official but is certainly something. It looks like the selling price would be 183K which is only 1K less than what I was asking. Can’t complain about that.

Now I am even more freaking out. They want to close in 30 days so I guess my time is even shorter. OMG. OMG. OMG. Wow. OY!

It will be good to get the selling over and get on with moving I guess. Now I will have a timetable to work with. Time to figure out how to move all my shit. Good thing I narrowed it down to just the essentials a few times over the last few years. Much of the small stuff has already been moved. It’s mostly furniture and all the tools in the garage. I need to sell my trike too. Haven’t gotten any bites on it. I guess I’ll be pretty much giving it away. I don’t want to take it with me.

Holy Moley!

New Retirement Simulator

Now that I am “Retired”, it was time to rewrite my retirement simulator program. Fortunately not much work was required. I just had to delete the lines that no longer applied and add a few extras.

I wrote the Retirement Simulator a while back to help me get my head around my finances and help me understand how they would get me through the second part of my life. It also helps calm my fears when my worries turn to running out of money which happens fairly often.

I just completed the rewrite and am pleasantly calmed by the results. My recent spending spree on house building supplies kind of freaks me out but the simulator says that I am totally fine. I could live the rest of my life without working at all should I want to and have tons of cash left over. It predicts that I’ll even be making money when I reach 67. Not that I would need it but hey!

I don’t mean to be rubbing it in to any of my readers because I’m not that kind of person. I’m just saying that my decades of preparation are paying off. I hope that many of you have planned well for your retirement because surely you don’t want to work for the rest of your life.

I’ve been through it many times and even though the results blow my mind, I don’t see any major errors in my calculations so it must be pretty much correct. Even if I was wrong by a large amount, I could still be OK. If nothing else, it gives me peace of mind when I need it most. I wish it would really sink in but having spent 50 years being extremely frugal, you don’t easily change. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. It helps guarantee my success. I don’t plan on changing my habits much but it would be nice to change the way I feel.

Here’s what the simulator tells me:


Starting Cash: $275000
Estimating monthly spending at $1200
Estimating Health Insurance at $600 /month.
Estimating $800 /mo investment income
Estimating monthly Retired income at $0
Retirement portfolios: $300000
Retirement portfolio available at age 60.
Receive Social Security at age 67.
Estimating Social Security income of $1500 /month at age 67.

Age Year Cash
51 2019 $275000
52 2020 $260500
53 2021 $246000
54 2022 $231500
55 2023 $217000
56 2024 $202500
57 2025 $188000
58 2026 $173500
59 2027 $159000
60 2028 $144500
** Include Retirement in Cash $300000
** End retirement income
61 2029 $439600
62 2030 $434700
63 2031 $429800
64 2032 $424900
65 2033 $420000
66 2034 $422300
67 2035 $424600
** Include Social security at $1500 /mo
68 2036 $444900
69 2037 $465200
70 2038 $485500
71 2039 $505800
72 2040 $526100
73 2041 $546400
74 2042 $566700
75 2043 $587000
76 2044 $607300
77 2045 $627600
78 2046 $647900
79 2047 $668200
80 2048 $688500
81 2049 $708800
82 2050 $729100
83 2051 $749400
84 2052 $769700
85 2053 $790000
86 2054 $810300
87 2055 $830600
88 2056 $850900
89 2057 $871200
90 2058 $891500
91 2059 $911800
92 2060 $932100
93 2061 $952400
94 2062 $972700
95 2063 $993000
96 2064 $1013300
97 2065 $1033600
98 2066 $1053900
99 2067 $1074200

What are my secrets? They are actually quite easy and basic.

  1. Don’t waste money.
  2. Invest now.

Anyone can do it.

Here’s my code. I tried to cut and paste but it got all screwed up so I’m inserting it as an image.

Quick Book Review – The Off Grid Survivor: An EMP story

516pyirn0LL._SY346_It’s hard to find a good book these days.  While scouring Amazon for something that was worth reading I came across “The Off Grid survivor” by Connor McCoy.  I got the sample and it seemed OK.  The book was only 99 cents so I thought it would be a worthy read for the price.

It was OK.  Kind of a tame version of the Walking Dead without zombies.  

It was totally worth 99 cents however it ends in the middle with a link to buy the next book to find out what happens.  The next book is only 99 cents too but I’m not so sure it’s worth it anymore.  I think I’ll just stop here.  I was kind of hoping it would be over soon anyway.

I don’t know if it is me or what but I just can’t find a story captivating enough to make me really look forward to reading it.  Nothing since Harry Potter.  Maybe I’m just being too selective or expective.   Maybe I just haven’t come across the right author.  Surely there are some explosively good books out there somewhere.

I give this one at least a 7 for content.  I just didn’t want to continue.


Phone World

downloadI heard someone say “Phone World” the other day and I thought it might be a really good phrase to describe where everyone has gone.

I could go on and on about how the ubiquitous Smart Phone is causing the downfall of society as we know it but that has all been said a number of times and nobody cares so there’s little point in repeating it.

I was just harkening back to the early days of technology which I was fortunate enough to experience before it all happened.  The only technology we had was TV, Radio, hardwired telephones, and basic appliances.  Kids played outside and went to each other’s houses.  We spent days playing games, running around and having a real time. We had three channels on TV and no VCR yet so you only watched TV occasionally.   Usually Saturday mornings and after school while mom cooked dinner.

There’s no doubt it was a better time.  I feel so sorry for today’s generations.  You’ll never know real happiness.  I’m so glad I grew up when I did.  Technology has gotten out of control and it’s not really all a good thing.  We can never go back now.  The genie is out of the bottle.

Just remember to come away from Phone World every once in a while and look around.  There’s plenty to see in the real world.