Hell is other people’s music

bdmskHave you noticed that no matter where you go these days, they are playing music at you?

It’s on the horrible commercials that I am fortunate enough to be able to skip.  You go out for lunch and it’s blaring in your ear.  It’s in the elevator, the lobby, the restroom.  I HATE IT!

Now they just finished installing a music system in the office that I spend 8 hours a day in.  At least I have access to the volume knob. What a colossal waste of money!  It costs $100s of dollars a month to subscribe to a music service in an office building when a radio costs nothing.  I should probably invest in these musak companies.  They really have the public brainwashed into thinking they need such an overpriced service.

My ears need rest.  It’s like some kind of electronic harassment that nobody cares about except me.  If I want to hear music then I will listen to some good music.  Don’t force me to listen to your crappy shit.  As a musician, I know how to appreciate music and I know what sucks.  Your music sucks.

As we get older, and new music comes along, it is inevitable that it will be weird and horrible.  It happened to our parents and it will happen to us.   It IS happening to us.  Today’s pop music is…. Well… Indescribable.   I can best put it as unintelligent, corporate, computer generated, soulless, repetitive and annoying.   I’m beginning to think they do it on purpose just to piss people off.   I guess that was the point of Rock & Roll in the first place back in the early days.  To be rebellious for the sake of rebelliousness.

I think Homer said it best.

I just want quiet.  Is that really too much to ask?  Make the world a better place and keep your music to yourself.


Land Purchase update

Img_0003My land purchase has been going slowly.  That’s good I guess.  Better to go gently than to be overwhelmed.

There are surveys and paperwork to do.  Fortunately the survey company is handling all the paperwork with the local government.  I’ve had to pay $2500 in fees so far but I guess that is to be expected.  Closing is supposed to be in early January.

In the meantime I’m trying not to get myself too excited about it in case something goes wrong.  I’m letting it happen in it’s own time.  I haven’t been back to visit it to avoid overhyping my hopes.  Chill is the key.

At least I feel like I have my foot in the door.  In January I expect that it gets real.


Quick Book Review – Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

nvrwhrI really wanted to like this book.  I’ve heard such great things about Neil Gaiman.  He was even on The Simpsons.

Having just come down from reading all the Harry Pottery series for the second time, I needed something else that could hold my attention.  Neverwhere came up in my search so I thought I would give it a try.

Alas.  It just didn’t work for me.  I struggled through the first half of the book where random stuff happens and there appears to be absolutely no story line.   The premise seems to be that a regular guy gets sucked into a strange underworld where he wanders aimlessly until I just stop reading.

I’m not entirely giving up on Neil Gaiman yet.  Maybe his other books are better.  I want them to be.  Any suggestions?


Memory – Wishbone Cheating

wshbnYou’re supposed to take a wishbone, make a wish and break it with someone.  The person who holds the larger piece gets his wish.

I was a bad little boy when it came to wishbones.  I always broke it with my little brother but I always won because if you look at the center part of the bone, one side has better structural support.  Therefore I totally cheated.

I was mean to my little brother.  Big brothers are supposed to let them win and take care of them.  Shame on me.  No wonder we are not very close.


Model House Sun Tracking

IMG_1116Today I was sitting outside in the backyard reading in my hammock and enjoying the nice cool fall weather.  I had a brilliant idea to put my model house out in the sun to see where the shadows fall.

I am highly cognicient of the sun here in Texas because it is SOOO hot in the summer.  I have to make a decision on how to orient my house on my new land.  The land king of dictates the orientation so I want to see how it works with the sun.

Using Google Maps, I oriented the house in the exact same direction it would be and was happy to see that very little of the burning rays would make it through the windows except for late in the evening when it is starting to wear down.  The front porch should be nicely shaded all day long and the evening sun would peek through the bedroom window.

Excellent!  I told you!  Luck is on my side!

It would even work well with solar panels on the roof since they would be pointing SouthWest.  I plan on putting them on the ground though so I can maintain them and get them to track the sun through the day.  Still, it’s an option.



Winter Front Siding Project

IMG_0018I’ve been patching it and ignoring it for around 10 years now but the siding in the front of my house needs to be replaced.

Right above the roof of the porch, where the rain drips and splashes onto the siding, the rot is beyond repair.   It doesn’t look too bad in the picture but a lot of the surface is caulk and paint.   Fine for me but not good when it comes time to sell the house in a year or so.

The majority of the siding is just fine but you can’t find exact replacement planks so the whole thing has to go.  Major bummer.  I’ve decided that this will be my first winter project.  There’s no way in hell I would do it during the summer because it is 100 degrees and humid as a newly opened dishwasher door right after the wash is done.  Not gonna do it.  Wouldn’t be prudent.

Now that winter has come,  I am ready to tackle it.  I’m going to rip off all the siding, and window trim then put some house wrap on.  Next I will use some Hardie Fiberboard Siding.  Home depot doesn’t sell any style other than the plain white plank shown below and I want a little texture like the old siding does.


It has surface texture but not really any other look.  The old siding had a simulated shingle look that set my house apart from all the others.  Hardie does sell a simulated shake style but it is significantly more expensive and I would have to special order it.  Bleah.

Fortunately my awesome brain came up with a great plan.  It’s really inexpensive too.

IMG_0017I’m going to take that regular 12 foot long siding plank and use my cut off saw to just cut slots in the board.  I went and picked up a single plank today for experimentation.

First I score and snap the 12 foot plan into three 4 foot lengths.  That way it will be easy for me to handle all alone by myself and should line up with the wall studs.

Next I measured out 6 inch lengths and marked them with a pencil.  (48 inches divided evenly by 6.)  All I had to do is slice on each mark with my cut-off saw.  The blade length automatically determined my 6 inch reveal.  The result pictured above looks pretty damn good.  I’m sold.  What do you think?

Each 12 foot plank costs $6.95 and I calculate the whole side of the house should end up costing me only $344.  Shit yeah!   Totally worth it and it will fit in my Prius.  I guess I’ll just have to get myself psyched up.  The hardest part of a large project is getting started on it.  Once you get going you wonder why you waited so long then suddenly it’s done.

Do I not kick ass?  What would you pay for me now ladies?

The next morning:

OOPS!  There’s a flaw in my plan.  Do you see it?
It came to me last night while I was lying in bed.  The slots are too long and there is about 3 inches of open slottness between each row.  Air and water would go right through slots to the sub-wall. Hmmm.   I’m going to have to recalculate.

I can reduce the reveal from 6 inches to 4.25″ maximum.   That would raise the cost to $410.  Around $100 more.  I guess it’s still worth it.  I won’t be paying labor to anyone so it’s still a steal.  I’m not sure I like the smaller tile look but I’ll let it grow on me.   It’s not too bad.  What do you think?



Lonely or Horny?

lnlyhrnyIt’s another weekend where I have time to rest and think about how empty my life is.  I’m not saying that work makes my life better but it certainly helps take my mind of the other mundanities of life.

I usually spend the weekend at home alone because I have nowhere else to go and nobody to spend any time with.  My thoughts drift to wondering if there is anyone out there for me.  I can sometime spend hours rehashing my thoughts and trying to make sense of my loneliness.  You might think it was simple but it is rather complex.  Maybe it’s simple for normal people but I’m far from normal.

If I really boil it down until the only the essence is left, I think it is just plain hornyness.  What happens to the brain of a 49 year old man who is still a virgin?   You can bet it’s pretty screwed up in a literal sense.   In the end, all I want is someone to touch me.  It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it?  What kind of world is this where touching is so prohibited.

Finally, after hours of mental anguish, I end up masturbating and then all is well with the world.  I think I should probably do that early in the morning and cut out the wasted time but being horny is kind of fun on it’s own.  It’s just the lack of an outlet that makes it suck so much.   If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I sure hope it is on a planet where sex and the human body is not such a taboo.