More people go to work when it rains.

TrafficIt seems completely backwards to me that when it rains, everyone goes to work.  Traffic is backed up and it takes me longer to get to work.

I don’t get it.  I would think that when it rains people would say, “Meh.  I’m not going to work.”

Instead they all jump out of bed and get in their cars so they can clog up the road.

If I had a choice, like many people seem to have, I would not get out of bed on rainy days.  Those are the best days for sleeping in.  People are stupid.

World Naked Gardening Day

Today is World Naked Gardening Day.  Unfortunately due to the lack of privacy I was only able to garden mostly naked.  I just wore my tiniest speedos.  One day, as soon as I move to the country, I will be able to garden naked every day.

In a better world, every day would be naked gardening day.


Invisibility cloak down today?

invsblI had a strange experience today.  I was sitting in my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch today.  There was a girl at the next booth eating her soup.  Our eyes met and I gave her my standard, “You can see me?” smile.  She smiled back.

I ordered and read my book while I waited for the food.  She asked the waitress for some of the sweet sauce that is usually at the table.  I noticed that mine was missing as well and grabbed some from another table.  She saw me do it and I said, “Mine is missing too.”.  She asked me what I was reading.  We exchanged pleasantries across the booths and she mentioned that it was difficult to talk this way insinuating that we should sit together. (Strangely forward of her.)  I asked her if she wanted to sit together and she grabbed her stuff and moved to my booth.

We talked for a while about ourselves.  She is married. (Even stranger)  I wish she wasn’t.  She is Asian (Vietnamese).  I love Asian people.   We talked as we ate.  I wish I had asked for chopsticks so she could see my amazing skills.  LOL.  At the end she gave me her business card with her number on it and told me to text her and we’ll go to lunch again.  I gave her mine.

She had a bunch of To-Go orders to take home to her family.  I was dazed and confused but glad I went along with it.  We talked about a Chinese restaurant I liked up the street.  I’ll text her in few weeks to see if she wants to try it.

Right now I don’t know what to think.  I am especially invisible to married women so I don’t know what is going on.  I would hate to end up as an affair or something that could mess up her family.  Maybe it is nothing and she is just being unusually friendly.  That’s me always looking for the ulterior motive when someone speaks to me.  It would be nice to have a new friend if nothing else. Let’s just chalk it up to a nice experience.

Happy Birthday Dad

dadckToday is my father’s birthday.  Unfortunately he passed away back in 1977 when I was 9 leaving me scarred for life.  I know you don’t care.  Everyone had one at one point and nobody gives a damn if yours is dead or alive.  But that’s not the point.

I don’t remember much about him and I miss him more than anything.  It sucks growing up without one.  I remember the day he died.  I was begging god to not let him die.  So much for that.  Something like that is not supposed to happen to me.  Still that’s not the point either.

I don’t know what the point is anymore.  I just wanted to pretend he’s still here and wish him a happy birthday.

I made $1000 today doing nothing

mbagNow that’s the way it is supposed to be.

I’ve been toying with etrade for many years now and have been following a stock picker newsletter.  I’ve done little trades of $2000 and under to get a feel for it.  None of it really paid off because a small investment gets you small returns.

This time I decided to go big.   Following the latest pick from I invested $10,000 at $2.45.  I’ve watched the picks over the years and these guys have a great track record.  Over two days time the stock went up to 3.05 where I decided to sell.  That made me a little over $1100 in profit.  Pretty sweet, I must say.   Next time I’ll invest $20k.  I had planned to do that this time but only half sold at my limit price.  I figured that was good enough for the first time going big and cancelled the rest before it sold as well.  Had I bought the whole $20K worth then I would have made $2200.

Yes, it is risky but no risk, no return.  I think the risk of big loss is minimal because even if these stocks decline, they don’t decline in large jumps quickly over the short period of investment.  Say I lose a few hundred.  No big deal.  Make it back later plus more.

I feel pretty comfortable with this method.  It may even be a pump and dump scheme but if it works for me then pump me up!   Wouldn’t it be pretty sweet to make an extra 1-2K a month?

I’m learning a lot really quickly and it’s fun.  A little scary too. You get a bit of an adrenaline rush.  I expect that goes away eventually as it becomes normal. There’s nowhere else to put money anyway.  Regular bank investments like CD, Money Markets, Saving accounts get you 2% at best after a year.  Might as well keep it in your checking account.  I just made 10% in two days.

Sure this may be pie in the sky thinking but it’s not illogical to expect some kind of decent return.  What’s 20K sitting in your checking account anyway.  You only feel money when it moves.

If you have the means.  I highly recommend subscribing at  These guys are good.


Dreamblog – Can’t find my music!!!

msngmskWith my community band Spring Concert just a few days away it’s no wonder I’m having this dream.

The concert started and we finished the first song.  I put it away and reached for the second piece but it wasn’t there.  The band started playing and I was frantically searching my folder for the pages I needed.  Nothing!

The third song started and still I had no music.  My solo was coming up.  Did I have it memorized?  NO!


Finally I woke up before things got really bad.  It was one of those dreams where you say to yourself out loud, “That sucked!”

A few days later…

OMG it almost came true!   The concert was going on and we were playing a piece with a big solo coming up.  I turned the page and…it was missing!!!  Panicked, I flipped through the remaining sheets but couldn’t identify it.  I was having a major flashback and freaking out.  No.  I didn’t have it memorized.  I was screwed!  I hoped to god that the 2nd chair player had the same part.  She did!   I reached over and turned her stand a little bit toward me.  She knew what happened.  I was just in time to start playing the solo.  Whew!  That would have sucked most royally.  Between pieces, I continued my search and found it hiding inside another song.  That’s what nightmares are made of.

I don’t usually have prophetic dreams but this one was spot on.


Should you give to Panhandlers?

pnhndlrPanhandling seems to be getting worse in San Antonio.  I don’t know what it is like in other cities but there are many intersections where they camp out every day with their cardboard signs and guilt you into giving them your change.

I am confused inside about what to do.  I don’t want to promote the idea of intersection panhandling but I also want to help them.

Some of them really need help and others are just lazy.  I’ve seen a surge of young people who are fully capable of getting a job out there begging for money while sipping on their Starbucks.  Both boys and girls.  I call them boys and girls because they are probably less than 30 and sometimes less than 20.  That’s very wrong.  The sad thing is that they are probably making more money panhandling than working at a fast food place.   I can’t give money to these kids.  They need to try harder.  They most likely didn’t pay attention in school and are now paying the price.  Maybe they are just in a temporary ditch but this isn’t the way out.

The majority of the panhandlers are haggardly and old.  These people are obviously long-term homeless.  They likely lost their blue-collar jobs and are too old and unskilled to make it in today’s society.  I sometimes will give them my change or maybe a $5.  Still, I don’t want to support panhandling so usually I don’t if I don’t have money handy.  I wish I could take one to lunch and find out what his/her story is.   On the other hand, you don’t want to get caught up in other people’s problems.

The third category are often middle-aged veterans (or so they say).  Some are missing limbs so they are likely telling the truth.  Those are the ones you feel for the most.  Usually unkempt and hairy indicating long-term homelessness.  It’s strange to know that someone who lost part of their body in service to their country are left to beg for money on the side of the road.  Obviously the country can’t support them 100% but there must be something that can be done like temporary housing and an education program to prepare them for civilian life.  Veterans have often joined the service because they don’t have the skills to make it in the first place.  I want to help them the most but still don’t want to promote the way they are doing it.

The road that I work on is a high homeless area.  Probably because of Goodwill store.  I am often approached in nearby restaurants.

San Antonio has support for the homeless but few seem to take advantage of it.  I’m guessing that panhandling pays rather well so why get free soup?  The weather isn’t usually bad here so they camp out wherever they want for free.

You can give to the local charities but it won’t get to these particular people.    Also, I would probably not give to one of those charities because I would not see it get to anyone.  I wish there was something else or a better way.

There doesn’t seem to be a better way so maybe I’ll keep some Ones and Fives handy in the car to give to those who really seem to need it.  Giving does actually make you feel a little better about yourself.  It’s a tough call. I can see why most people just ignore the homeless as if they don’t exist.  I at least try to make eye contact in some way.  It’s something.

What do you do?