Quick Book Review – The Off Grid Survivor: An EMP story

516pyirn0LL._SY346_It’s hard to find a good book these days.  While scouring Amazon for something that was worth reading I came across “The Off Grid survivor” by Connor McCoy.  I got the sample and it seemed OK.  The book was only 99 cents so I thought it would be a worthy read for the price.

It was OK.  Kind of a tame version of the Walking Dead without zombies.  

It was totally worth 99 cents however it ends in the middle with a link to buy the next book to find out what happens.  The next book is only 99 cents too but I’m not so sure it’s worth it anymore.  I think I’ll just stop here.  I was kind of hoping it would be over soon anyway.

I don’t know if it is me or what but I just can’t find a story captivating enough to make me really look forward to reading it.  Nothing since Harry Potter.  Maybe I’m just being too selective or expective.   Maybe I just haven’t come across the right author.  Surely there are some explosively good books out there somewhere.

I give this one at least a 7 for content.  I just didn’t want to continue.



Phone World

downloadI heard someone say “Phone World” the other day and I thought it might be a really good phrase to describe where everyone has gone.

I could go on and on about how the ubiquitous Smart Phone is causing the downfall of society as we know it but that has all been said a number of times and nobody cares so there’s little point in repeating it.

I was just harkening back to the early days of technology which I was fortunate enough to experience before it all happened.  The only technology we had was TV, Radio, hardwired telephones, and basic appliances.  Kids played outside and went to each other’s houses.  We spent days playing games, running around and having a real time. We had three channels on TV and no VCR yet so you only watched TV occasionally.   Usually Saturday mornings and after school while mom cooked dinner.

There’s no doubt it was a better time.  I feel so sorry for today’s generations.  You’ll never know real happiness.  I’m so glad I grew up when I did.  Technology has gotten out of control and it’s not really all a good thing.  We can never go back now.  The genie is out of the bottle.

Just remember to come away from Phone World every once in a while and look around.  There’s plenty to see in the real world.

Back in my cage

cgdhmstrWell, my vacation is over and I’m back in my cage again.  I’m trying not to think about the partially framed house that is just sitting out there waiting for me to work on it again.

Very difficult.  It hurts.  My only happiness is that the weekend will eventually come and I will be free to get back to it.  And in just about 48 days I will be free forever.

I must bide my time….  Freedom is coming.  Freedom is coming. Freedom is coming.

Getting data from a different spreadsheet

I’m posting this information because it took me a long time to find it on the internet.  It also took some experimentation to get it to work.  It’s also for my own future reference.

If you want to get data from another Excel spreadsheet and have it show up on your current worksheet you can use the following formula:



(all on one line, obviously)

Modify the paths to the file and the filename as appropriate.  Watch the brackets.

SHEET = The source Sheet.  You may have more than one in that workbook.

A1 = The text you wish to match on your current spreadsheet.

7 = The column you wish to return.  example: Column 7 (You have to use the corresponding  number rather than the column letter itself.)


Example use:

LVBC224 Racheal Centeno
LVBC226 Jeff Sofet
LVBC231 Bridgette Salinas
LVBC234 Anthony Gomez

Given a computer name in column A, it will return the username found in column 7 in a master spreadsheet.

Simple to use and will save you a lot of time doing this stuff manually.

Thinking is bad

thnkngI’ve said it all my life.  “Thinking is bad.”

I used to enjoy thinking back when I was young.  I guess I still do but one must be selective about what one thinks about.

As my time of transformation rapidly approaches, I have noticed that I have not been thinking too much about consequences of my decisions and more about just the process itself.   It is actually strangely comforting.  Not thinking too much about future events really does help control anxiety about them.

It’s late and I don’t want to go too deep on this subject though there is so much that could be said.  I just want to keep it simple.  Thinking is bad.  I feel so much better when I just stick to The Plan and not worry about it.  I hope I can maintain it now that I’ve brought it up.  Sometimes it is best to keep yourself out of it.  I’m sure The Plan is sound.  Let’s not make a bigger deal out of it than is necessary.

This is going to be so great!  I’m so tired of being tired.


Restless at work


I have so many things I need to do and all I can do is sit here at work.  I can’t wait until December when my cell will be opened and I will be free to do as I please.  I’m only sitting here because I’ve been waiting for:

  1. Cooler weather
  2. A few more paychecks and a yearly bonus.
  3. I don’t know.

I have a to-do list a mile long to get my house ready to sell.  By the time I get home from work, I have precious few minutes before bedtime.

Freedom!  I am coming!  Hurry up!