Life Goes On

There have been three deaths in my community band over the last few months.  Just last week one of our clarinet players passed away walking out to her car after rehearsal.  At least she died among friends instead of alone in an empty house.

Despite the three deaths and my near-death last year, I find myself not feeling a lot.  I wonder if it is just me or that’s the way it is.  Life comes and goes and there’s little you can do about it.  Other than these people’s close relatives, I don’t see a lot of lasting impact on others either.  The band played on just the same.  I’m guessing that it isn’t just me who has a lack of ability to care for more than a few minutes.   They all continue to go to work the next day as if nothing happened.  As if a lifetime of experiences that is suddenly lost to eternity mean absolutely nothing.

When you die, life goes on.  You will be forgotten and the world continues to turn.

It kind of makes me wonder why we struggle so hard.  We spend a third of our life in school.  We spend another third or more working 8-5 at a pointless job so we can buy pointless crap.  If we have a few years left at the end, we live out our pointless life, generally without any money left to enjoy it.  The next thing you know it’s over and you have nothing to show for it.  You can’t take any of it with you anyway.

Those who knew you will say, “Meh.” and head off to work the next morning as if nothing happened to continue the cycle until they die as well.

Dark thoughts but can you say it’s not true?


Dreamblog – Global Thermonuclear War

gtwI was down in the bunker of a missile silo and war was eminent.  Tensions were high.

I transmitted the launch codes to the other silos as the General paced behind me.  We watched the monitors for incoming missiles.

Suddenly we saw the traces streaking across the screen.  The General yelled out, “FIRE!”  I repeated his command.  The technician at the next console repeated after me and pressed the big red button.  There was a roar as the missile launched into the air then silence.

We all sat there waiting as the traces on the monitor showed the enemy missiles approaching.  Suddenly we heard a large explosion and felt the ground shake around us.

It was the end.

I woke up feeling disappointed that it wasn’t real.

NO! I don’t want to fix your shit!

whtheMotherfucker!  I don’t want to fix your computer, your car or your house!

Today is Saturday.  I have precious few hours to take care of all the things I can’t do during weekdays and maybe work in some R&R. Yet again I get the dreaded text, “Are you busy today?”

“No sombitch.  I have absolutely NOTHING to do but sit here and stare at the walls.  Yes!  I’m fucking busy!”

It’s an acquaintance who wants me to “help” him fix his car.  That means he stands there while I fix it.  Sorry…  Not sorry.

I’m not totally self absorbed.  If he wanted to go do something fun like a road trip, the beach, volleyball, etc. I would make time.   If you expect me to work for you on my weekend then, No!  Fuck off!

Come on people.  Who do you think I am?  I’m not a robot here for your convenience.  Either give me some respect or give me a blow job.  Your choice.


Quick Book Review – A Man Called Ove

amancalled-oveIt has been a while since I’ve done a book review.  Mostly because the books I’ve read have been rather…Meh. Finally I found one that I enjoyed reading rather than wishing it would end soon.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman was a rather enjoyable book about a crusty, bitter old man who is constantly interrupted as he attempts to kill himself.  Interrupted by neighbors who need his help repairing radiators and windows.

Through flashbacks to his earlier life, we learn about his younger self, the love of his life and why he now wants to end it all.  I don’t want to give it away.

I was able to relate to poor old Ove as I expect to eventually be a crusty old lonely man one day.  I hope my life ends as nicely as Ove’s does.

Looking for a nice, easy, enjoyable read?  Get A Man Called Ove.



Nuclear Stress Test

strststThis morning I went in to do a Nuclear Stress Test.

Why is it called nuclear?  Because they inject you with radioactive dye that the camera picks up on to image your heart arteries and see what level of blockage you may have.

I just passed the 6 month mark since my stents were put in and we are checking to see how things are going with them and what the rest of my arteries look like.  The worst part was that it cost me $2400 out of pocket.  Why do I have insurance?  I’m going to have to call them and see what the heck happened.

They gave me an initial dose of radioactive material then put me in the camera for 15 minutes to get a “Before” image.

Next they put me on the treadmill to get my heart rate up to 146.  They start out slowly and my rate went up to 85 then 100.  The last step was up to medium jogging speed which just about took me to the limit of my endurance but I managed to hold out to hit the 146 BPM requirement.  They shot me up again.

They put me back into the camera for 12 minutes and I was done.  The whole thing took about two hours and was relatively painless other than the running and the pain in my wallet.  It will be a few weeks before we get the results.

With two doses of radioactive material, I wonder if I’ll develop super powers.


Lamest Winter Ever!!!

wintrThe Winter of 2016/2017 has been the worst ever here in Texas.  It almost didn’t exist at all.  You may think that’s a good thing but the summers here go on literally forever and feel like they are going to melt the face right off of your head.

I look forward to a few months of winter when the air is cool and dry.  This year that didn’t happen.  I am totally convinced we are past the point of no return in Global Warming.  Each year has been hotter and winters less cold.  This year we had two days of freezing weather that didn’t even make the grass turn brown.  It was green all winter long.  That’s unusual.

I enjoy lying on the couch under a comfy blanket and enjoying the fireplace but I barely got to do any of that this year.  I had the air conditioner running more than the heater.  Highly unusual.  February is usually the coldest month of the year but this year the trees are already starting to green out.

Talk about a rip off.  I never put away my shorts all winter long.  I barely got to wear my winter sweat pants.

I’m betting this summer is going to be ultra-brutal.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  Without a winter break, this summer will have been 19 months long by it’s end.

Global warming is real and I hope you’re satisfied.  Keep popping out children and driving around aimlessly and the world won’t have much longer.  The end is near.


Clean your air conditioner to get ready for the summer.

myacThe Texas summers are brutal and with global warming getting worse every year, you had best be well prepared.  Every year or so I like to disassemble my air conditioner compressor (outside unit) and give it a serious cleaning.  After all, The Air Conditioner is the most important appliance in the house.  It’s the heart of the house.  It’s the Life Support System.  Without an Air Conditioner, you could not live in Texas.  Trust me.  If the A/C had never been invented, Texas would be very empty.

The first thing you do is disconnect the power.  Don’t be brave.  It’s 22ov!

Next, take the top cover off which has the fan mounted onto it.  I just move it aside so I can get into the coil area and vacuum out the leaves and debris.  Sometimes using the shop vac in reverse will help blow all the junk out of the hard to reach areas.

Next I take off the side panel where the compressor and electrics are.  Clean those out as well. All the spider webs and other bugs have to move out!

After all is clean, I take the hose with a hand sprayer and give the coils a good cleaning from both the inside and the outside.   You’ll see the dirt wash away.  Satisfying!  Be sure to clean out all the drain holes so condensation can drip out easily.

Take a wet sponge and wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces to get off the stubborn dirt.  Looks like new!  Be sure to wipe down the compressor itself.  Clean is cooler.

Reassemble the unit and allow it to dry completely before turning on the power.

That wasn’t so bad.  Now you’re ready for global warming to do it’s worst.