Hunting a haircut

bbrshpI hate going to get a haircut.  It’s such a waste of time on a precious Saturday.  Unfortunately it’s something you just have to bite the bullet and take care of.

After many decades of going to commercial “Stylists” like Supercuts and Great Clips I discovered a more traditional style Barbershop not too far from my house.   I was a little disappointed to see it run by women but they knew all the old fashioned techniques so I adopted the place.

Saturday is the only time I have free so the last few times I went there including today, almost all the waiting chairs were full of men who were either bald or obviously in no need of a haircut.  I stood there with my jaw agape as I tried to understand why all those people not needing a haircut were even there.  With around 10 people waiting and two people working it was obvious that I would spend all day there and lose my Saturday.

I turned and walked out, dejected.  I guess it is time for the old standby.  I pulled out my phone and opened the Great Clips app and “checked in”.   It took me about 10 minutes to get there and I was glad that I checked in because their chairs were full too.  Amazingly, as soon as I sat down, they called my name!  Wooooo!   There’s nothing better than jumping ahead of all the muggles.  Hooray for check-in apps.  Winning!

My haircut was subpar but adequate.  I don’t really care much about my hair so I’m satisfied.

Somebody tell people who don’t need haircuts that they don’t need to go the barbershop.  I was waking in with an unruly mop so I was justified.  It has been a common mind-boggle of mine every time I go to get a  haircut to see people who look like they just got a haircut clogging up the waiting room.  This planet is so strange. I’ll never understand the Humans.