All The Regular People

Today was a beautiful warm and sunny November day in San Antonio.  I had nothing I really needed to do so it seemed like it was a good time to go get some exercise and meet people.

I loaded my bicycle into my car and took it a few miles down the road to a nice greenbelt area that the city has created for walking and riding.  There are always plenty of people there.  I was wearing only my little short shorts so I could feel the wonderful sun on my skin.  I rode down the way for 3.25 miles passing a large number of people who ignored me completely.

If you were a girl and you saw a nice looking white guy riding a bicycle in short shorts and no shirt, wouldn’t you be attracted enough to at least notice?  I’m dumbfounded.  These regular people are total idiots.

No wonder I am destined to be lonely.  Regular people can’t see those of us who are truly special.  We resonate at a much higher frequency that seems to be out of the range of their vision.  I may be up in the infrared region of the spectrum.  That explains why I’m so HOT!

It’s really tough living amongst them.  You really have to fight to be seen.  It tires me out.  It takes more energy than I have just to become visible.  I’m exhausted.  I think I should just settle down and stick to my own plane of existence.  It is so much easier.

Well.  If nothing else, I got in 6.5 miles of exercise today.  That’s something.  Good to help keep my lonely heart beating a little longer.



Learning to run again

rnnrI’m supposed to get more exercise but finding ways is difficult when you don’t have a lot of extra time.  I’ve been walking around the block but not really feeling that it is enough exertion.  I entertained the idea of running but every time I tried I felt like I was stumbling and going to fall.  Little by little I would run for a 50-100 feet and walk again.  Now it is starting to feel more natural.

Today is November 22nd and instead of cold it was 77 degrees when I got home after work.  It was already getting dark so I stripped naked and put on my tiny black running shorts and some shoes.  I hit the street and managed to run quite a bit.  My walking app indicated that I had traveled a mile in 13 minutes rather than the usual 18 it takes if I walk the whole way.

I didn’t feel like I was going to fall.  It still feels weird but not entirely unnatural anymore.  The last time I remember actually “running” was when I was in elementary school.  That was many lifetimes ago.

I don’t know much about running so I wonder if it is bad for my knees.  That would suck to have fucked up knees in a few years.  I guess I’ll have to do some googling.  I do feel like the running is effective exercise so I think I will try to do more of it.


Heart health update

hrthlthIt has been a couple of months since my near heart attack and I’ve learned a lot about Heart Disease and eating a heart-healthy diet.  I still have a long way to go but I seem to have significantly improved my numbers.

My local grocery store does a screening on the 2nd saturday of each month.  I decided to give it a shot.  They do all the tests right there using portable meters rather than sending a vial of blood off the the lab.  I’m taking these results with a grain of potassium because a meter will never be as good as a real lab test but at lest it gives me an idea for now.

My LDL (Bad) cholesterol is somewhere below 40.  I don’t know the actual number because the meter doesn’t go below 40.  Either way that’s a good thing if it is true.  You want it to be less than 70.  I’m wondering if it might be dangerous to have a LDL that is too low.  Question for the doctor.  I owe my low LDL to the fact that I’ve had little to no meat at all over the last two months.  I really don’t miss it all that much.  Meat seems to have been more of a habit than a requirement.  There are plenty of alternatives that are devoid of cholestrol and saturated fats.

My HDL (Good) cholesterol is still low at 27 where it should be above 40 and preferably higher.   I’m surprised at this number because HDL is boosted by eating omega-3 foods like fish, flax seed and other things that I am totally eating.  It is also raised by getting exercise.  I’ve been walking 2-3 miles or biking 4-5 miles almost every night.  I really expected to see the HDL number higer.

My total Cholesterol is 100 and is good as 150 or less is recommended.

Other than statins for cholesterol, I’m also taking a couple of blood pressure pills that seem to be helping a bit.  My BP ranges between 120 and 150 systolic.  Kind of high still but time on the drugs and exercise should help.  As one gets older, blood pressure naturally goes up.  I hope I can keep it under control.

High blood pressure is also caused by stress.  I caused myself a lot of stress over the last 20 years so I’m sure that was a major contributing factor to my issue.  I feel that I have gotten it under control in the last few years but the damage is done.  I still have more work to do but I am feeling far better about controlling stress.

HBP is also caused by salt.  The American diet is LOADED with salt.  That’s really a shame because it’s everywhere and we love it.  Unfortunately it is also death.  Cutting salt has been difficult.  It’s not too hard when you cook at home but you can’t avoid it when you eat out.  Eventually you get used to not eating all the salt and food tastes just fine without it or at least much less of it.

My doctor said to see him in 6 months but I think that is too long.  I’m sure most people who have arteriosclerosis blow it off so the doctors don’t care if the patients don’t.   I figure I might as well fight it so I plan on calling to get a real blood lab done and discuss it with him as well as all the other questions I have.

51oj3kxawvl-_sl160_I’ve read a few books that have been extremely helpful.  If you have or have a family history of blocked arteries then I highly recommend reading The Simple Heart Cure: The 90-Day Program to Stop and Reverse Heart Disease.  It was written by a cardiologist who was also blindsided by heart disease so I’m sure he knows what he is talking about.  He does a great job of explaining the situation as well as offering a plan to prevent or reverse heart disease to get you back on track.  I’ve read it twice.  Get it if you value your life.

Overall I feel like I did before it happened.  I’m not sure why I am fighting it considering I don’t really have much to live for but I guess it’s human nature to want to live.  I also have to see what happens when Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president.  You know it is going to be weird and interesting.  Besides, maybe I will eventually achieve my meager yet almost impossible goals in life.  I’ll never know if I don’t live long enough.  Life is short anyway.  There will be plenty of time to be dead later.



My First Naked Yoga Class

nkdygaI’ve been giving thought to taking up a little Yoga for a few years now but it just never happened  Recently I came across a Naked Yoga class fon Facebook that was just starting up so I liked it.  It turns out the class is only a few miles from my house and only costs $10.00 on a Sunday evening.

I decided I would give it a go and picked up a yoga mat at the store for around $14.00.  Sunday night came and I summoned up the courage to go.  It started at 6:00 and I arrived about 5 minutes early.  I kind of expected that there was a high possibility that I would be the only attendee and I was correct.  That worked out OK because I am a total beginner and we were able to do the Intro to Yoga 101 class.

The instructor was sweeping the floor as I walked in.  He greeted me warmly and introduced himself.  While we waited a few minutes for anyone else to arrive he asked me about my yoga experience of which I had none.  He asked me if there was anything special I wanted to work on so I mentioned my lower back and shoulders which have been bothering me for a long time.

When it was clear that nobody else was coming, we stripped down and started the class.  Being a nudist, I was completely comfortable being naked around other people so that was never a problem.  We worked through various poses as he explained how to do them and what they do for you.  The hour and a half went by quickly.  He said I was rather flexible for a beginner.  I wondered if he was just going easy on me but I did do better than I, myself, expected.

After the class was over he gave me a couple of small tangerines and some water.  We talked for a few minutes about the new class and how it was coming along.  He said he had three students a few weeks ago and one last week.   Hopefully more people will sign up.  There is a large Naked Yoga class in Austin just up the road, but the people of Austin are far less uptight than the people of San Antonio.  The stick up our butt has a stick up its butt.

I had a good time and am feeling a little sore so it must have been effective.  I will probably go again next Sunday.  Totally worth $10.00.  I offered to give him $5.00 extra as a tip but he wouldn’t accept it.

Why naked yoga?  Well, why not?  Being naked it cooler and far more comfortable.  I wish this planet would get over the body shame thing.  It really sucks for you.



I’m going to get fat now

ftbyI guess it is inevitable.  I’m going to get fat now.

I’m working my new job where I sit in a chair all morning then go out to lunch then come back and sit in the chair for the rest of the day.  Then I go home with no energy left so I eat dinner and lie on the couch until I go to bed.

Not a whole lot of opportunity to exercise.  I guess  I could eat less but that sucks too much.  I try to move around as much as possible but it’s not very strenuous.

It is a losing battle so maybe I should just let it happen.  Oh well.

The Morning Walk

wlklnMost mornings I wake up close to 8:00.  I often go out for a walk around the neighborhood before the sun makes being outside impossible. Even then, I am glad I can tear off my clothes and jump in to pool to cool off.   One shouldn’t have to get that hot and sweaty at 8:30 in the morning.  Texas sucks.

It is about a mile around my small set of blocks made up of four streets.  I walk partially for exercise but according to the “Map my walk” app on my iPhone, I’m only expending about 168 calories.

Fortunately it’s about more than exercise.  I kind of like it because it gives me something to do first thing in the morning.  It does get my body moving instead of plunking down on the couch for the rest of the day.  I at least have some momentum going so I might do something else.

I’ve noticed that as I pass by at least 100 houses, I am lucky to see one or two people.  A man walking his dogs.  A woman watering her flowers.  Maybe an old man siting in his rocking chair in his garage reading his paper.  All of whom completely ignore me.

The neighborhood appears virtually abandoned.  There are a few houses for sale or rent.  The rest must be occupied though I’m not sure real people live there or they are only fronts for some elaborate joke on me.  They must all have living beings inside because I hear them driving by my house with ruptured exhaust systems late at night.

When I first started walking, I walked alone.  I looked at all the bent and bashed mailboxes.  I felt sorry for the mailman.  I looked at all the drought-parched lawns.  I was alone with my thoughts and it was not really a good experience.

I started taking my iPhone with me and listening to TWIT podcasts using my headphones.  That made the walks much more enjoyable.  It’s good to have a friend with you to keep your mind from running away.  Music doesn’t always cut it.  You need people talking to you.

Overall, I enjoy my morning walks.  It’s a good way to start the day.


Getting some exercise

wlkngI’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking to a mostly daily routine of starting out each morning with a little exercise.  The first thing I do after getting up and dressed is to do a little of the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises and then walking around the block.  Each day I try to do a little more.  Maybe one day I’ll work up to jogging or running.  It depends on how long my retirement lasts.

I’m not sure how long my walk is.  My piece of the neighborhood is about four streets running parallel to each other.  I walk up and down each one once.  I wonder if there is a pedometer app for the iPhone so I can measure it.  There hast to be an app for that.  If not, I’ll have to drive it in the car and see what the odometer reads.

Even though it is usually around 8-8;30 in the morning, it is usually cool enough but very humid.  I come back sweating and immediately tear off all my clothes and jump in the pool to cool off.

Contrary to my expectation, it is a good way to get your ass moving for the day.  After the exercise and cool down I feel like doing something rather than plunking down on the couch in front of the TV.  I’ve heard of this before but did not believe the illogical hogwash.  I also feel a little better mentally.  Maybe I’m on to something.