Motorhome Refrigerator Rebuild

nrcldclinguntWhen I bought my motorhome, the fridge was dead because the ammonia had leaked out.  Rust is bad, M’kay?  At least that got me a $800 discount.

After doing some searching online I found a replacement unit for $525 at   I sent emails to three different companies and the first to respond got my business.  It was David Force and right away he sent me a PDF file with installation instructions.   Now that’s customer service!

A few days later my replacement cooling unit arrived.  My Motorhome was in the shop for a tune-up and brake work so it sat on my living room floor for two weeks.  I got the RV back Friday and immediately started work.

It took a while to clean up the fridge cabinet and do some wood repairs.  The old cooling unit came off the fridge fairly easily.  I cleaned up the back of the fridge and was worn out for the day.

The next day I transferred all the necessary hardware from the old unit to the new one and installed it.   A little hard for one person to do by himself.  Fortunately I’m just that good.  I had to use a longer screw in one of the coils to help me align the screw holes.

I added a few computer fans to the back to aid in cooling as I saw on the internet then put the fridge back in the cabinet.  I turned it on in electric mode and was elated to find it worked!  Damn I’m good!!

I had damaged the propane line when I took the unit out and it seems to be leaking.  I’m putting that project on hold a few days while I work on the roof.  I’ll have to use some soapy water to see where the leak is.  I can hear hissing but can’t narrow it down without the soap bubbles giving it away.  Later this week.

It was quite a job.  Not something a regular person should try.  It’s a good thing I’m not regular.

I learned a lot about the magic of ammonia cooling.  It’s an amazing process working without any moving parts.  The guy who invented it has my respect.