>Why are humans so ugly?

> As I look around or watch TV I often wonder why humans are so ugly.  There are a few relatively beautiful people but at least 99% are ugly including myself.  Children are often attractive until they become teenagers and adults.  It’s interesting that animals are completely the opposite.  99% of animals are beautiful no matter what age they are.  You would think that after all these years of evolution that we would be more attractive than we are.  How about from the theological point of view:  If god made us why are we so ugly?  They say god made us in his image.  In that case I have a theory that god didn’t want us to look better than him.  They say he is a jealous god too, right.


>Ever feel lke you’re being watched?


As stupid as this sounds, I always feel like I’m being watched lately.  I know there is nobody watching me.  People don’t even look at me much less watch me.  Nevertheless, I can’t stop feeling that people are laughing at the things I do.  Given, the things I do are not necessarily normal by your standards, they make me happy and make my existence bearable.  They are not necessarily that abnormal either.  Just different in a better way that you can’t understand. Does that mean I should stop doing these things?  What would that leave me with?  I will never be normal I’m just going to have to learn to ignore these feelings.  This is a free country and I can feel good about doing whatever I want and not care if people are watching (even though they aren’t.)   I’m not really sure how to deal with this.  Maybe my best friend, Google, can help.

>Supreme court upholds 2nd ammendment on guns


Today the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd amendment to the Constitution giving us the right to keep and bear arms.  How a Constitutional Amendment can be challenged I’ll never understand.  It is what this country is founded on.
Personally, I am divided in my desire to own a gun.  I would like one for personal protection but at the same time I’m afraid I might use it on myself.  Too easy.  Perhaps a nice mini-gun like the one in the picture.  Very difficult to do yourself in with one of these.  Also great for home defense.  Why rely on one bullet when thousands will do a more thorough job. Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about.   Slightly more realistically, I have always liked the Uzi.  It is also a nice spray gun.  Better for close quarters mowing.

I’m pretty much over the suicidal portion of my life so maybe I’m ready for some hardware.  I’ll need one during the post apocalyptic years after 2012 anyway.

>Day at the Waterpark


I just got back from a really fun imaginary day at the waterpark with my imaginary sons, David and Danny.
We had such a great time. The park was clean and not crowded so we didn't have to wait very long at each ride.  The water was cool and the sun warm so we got slightly sunburned but it was worth it.  David likes the big slides but Danny is younger and not into them yet so we waited at the bottom for David to come sliding down.  We all enjoy the wave pool and the tube rides. We are going to do this more often.

Fix a lot of things in one swoop

There are so many things wrong with the American way of life that can be made so much better so easily.

1. Children would go to Elementary School and learn the basics so they can get a menial job.

2. After graduating from Elementary School they are around 11 years old. Old enough to work that menial job for at least 5 years. This accomplishes multiple things. Keeps them out of trouble during their teen years and instills in them motivation for continuing their education.

3. They can return to school five years later when they are more interested in learning and are taught skills needed for advanced jobs at higher pay. After getting this education they will be able to have a job that will allow them to support a family.

4. They will either stay at that job level or continue to College for high level learning to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc..

5. People work until they reach the age of 50 and are allowed to retire. Early retirement will allow them to enjoy more years of their life while they are still able to do so. So many people work too long and are too old to do anything but decline and die.

6. Allow elderly people assisted suicide when they are unable to enjoy a meaningful existence.

>Yay hurricane!

>Finally a tropical storm heading into the gulf of Mexico. Maybe we can get some rain around here now. Keeping my fingers crossed. Unfortunately rain doesn’t come when you wish for it. Reverse psychology doesn’t work either. It’s too smart for that. You just have to hope that mother nature will have some pity on a parched city.