108 Degrees In San Antonio Today,

108What did I tell you?  It’s frick’n hot here!

The temperature reached 108 degrees in San Antonio today.  It was FOUR degrees above the record high for on this day.  The whole SouthWest U.S. is broiling.  Even Death Valley is expected to reach a record high of 130 degrees tomorrow.  I expect this planet has only a few years left as global warming will burn us to a crisp and the Earth will look like Mars.

I was out in it today.  A friend and I went to an Nudist convention near Bastrop, TX.   I played in a water volleyball tournament.  Unfortunately my team lost right away.

It was damn hot.  Even the dirt and grass were burning my feet. It got so hot in the car that my iPhone, which was inside the center console, burned my hand when I picked it up. When I turned it on it only displayed a message saying it was too hot to operate.   It was even hot in the shade and the pool was close to 100 degrees. (Not exaggerating.)  At least it is cooler outside when you aren’t wearing any clothes.


Dreambog – The Trip to Japan

I was headed to the airport with my mom and sister for a trip to Japan.  I hadn’t even had time to pack so I figured I would just buy whatever I needed when I got there.  We already had our tickets when we walked into the airport but could not find any information on which gate we needed to go to.  I pulled out my iPhone and found that we had to get all the way to gate 40.

It was a log way to gate 40 but there were some large wagons with seats that you could ride.  Rather than being electric, our cart was being pulled by a little gray-haired lady who looked older than my mom.   I thought that was pretty weird.  My mom got out and switched with her.  That was too much for me so I switched with my mom.  I pulled the cart around a corner and got stuck in a bunch of round dining tables.

After finally making it to gate 40 the gate attendant told us that the flight was delayed because of a hurricane over Japan.  I pulled out my iPhone for a weather map and sure enough, the hurricane completely covered the island.


I am getting too old


I am getting old really quickly now.

Did you know that the movie, Independence Day, was released 17 years ago?

Did you know that Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was?

Did you know that Will Smith’s son is now in high school?


What the hell just happened?


How much energy is used for Air Conditioning?


As I make the dash from my office to my car on this sunny 99 degree day in San Antonio, I pass by the air conditioning system of the building.  It is so big and loud.  It runs 24 hours a day pumping the heat out so people can exist inside.

Can you imagine how much energy it uses?  My home central Air Conditioner uses 5 Kilowatts.  That’s the same energy as FIFTY 100 watt incandescent light bulbs

There are 40 houses on my block.  That’s 200 KW in one block.  Multiply that times the hundreds of thousands of blocks in the city and it will boggle your mind.  Multiply that by the number of cities in the southern United States…I can’t even begin to calculate.

The majority of the energy generated in San Antonio goes to cooling.    Compared to that, any other usage like lighting and electronics is a tiny sliver of the pie chart.  As global warming ramps up, this can only increase.

What the world needs is a new method of cooling that uses much less energy.  The phase change system we use now has remained essentially unchanged since it was invented back in 1902 by Willis Carrier; God of Air Conditioning and my personal hero.

I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where I could go outside on a summer day without my hair bursting into flame.  I can’t imagine such a place.

TV Series – Under The Dome


A few years ago I attempted to read “Under the Dome” by Stephen King.  I only got halfway through before I got bored.  To much social interaction and not enough dome.

I was glad to see that they were making a TV series and I’m hoping it will be easier to follow.  I don’t have a good history of following multi-part tv shows though.  When you have to wait a whole week between episodes, I forget what happened and who everybody is.   That’s why I couldn’t keep up with Battlestar Galactica.

So far I’m doing my best to pay attention.  The cast is as follows:

Female policeman from “Eureka”
Wolfman-Jack Policeman
Bruce Willis mayor and car salesman
Christopher Reeve guy with knife
McDreamy guy who killed some woman’s husband at the beginning.
Vampire Kidnapper
A lot of other unnecessary characters.

I sure wish I lived in a small town that was suddenly cut off from the world.  I would be so happy.  It would be the best place to live ever.

Paula Deen is not a racist


For the last week Paula Deen has been in the news because she said, “Nigger” back in the 1960s.   Well, I have news for you:  EVERYONE said “Nigger” in the 1960s.

Now she is being forced to apologize for something that was normal 50 years ago.  This whole thing is such a waste of time and money and proves that the U.S. is so backward that we worry about this instead of the important things.

A Study on an Empty Fridge


My fridge is suddenly empty but I am thinking I like it that way.  When it is full I feel that I have to eat everything before it spoils.  I end up eating unnecessarily and feeling unpleasant.  My cabinets are pretty bare too.  No chips, no soda, no bad stuff.

I eat out for lunch pretty much every day.  Sometimes it is a healthy meal and sometimes not.  In most cases I’m really not hungry in the evening for anything other than a small snack before bedtime.  I think I like the idea of not having a lot of food around the house and I think I’ll let it go for an extended period and see what happens.  I will, perhaps, buy some fruit and other healthy things to snack on.  I don’t get enough fruits and veggies in my diet anyway so now I will be forced to eat them.  I love a good experiment.

Of course I will not be prepared when the Chinese detonate the nuke in our atmosphere causing an EMP that destroys our power grid and turning everyone into hunter-killers.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll just have to die.