Nudist home for sale in Texas

1 1/2-year-old manufactured country home on 4.5 acres with large stocked fishing pond near Seguin in Central Texas for sale. Great for the nudist family because the neighbor is a nudist too. Better hurry! It’s going to sell quickly.


I just noticed that my neighbors are selling their house. Well one of them is. The husband passed away from sudden pancreatic cancer a few months ago. The wife is not so Country so she is selling to move back to Austin. They were really good neighbors and were OK with me running around naked all the time. I will miss them.

Now it’s just a matter of time until new people move in who may not be so understanding. It would be so awesome if other nudists moved in! However unlikely.

I’m planting plenty of privacy hedges but they will take a few years to grow enough to be effective. In the meantime, I plant a seasonal crop of tall sunflowers to block the view temporarily. Hopefully we will get enough rain this spring and summer to keep them alive.

I don’t know the selling price but I expect it will be somewhere around $200k. If you are a nudist looking to live out in the country in Central Texas, let me know and I’ll see if I can hook you up with the realtor. Please be out there!!

Paint Naked. Don’t ruin your clothes.

Boy. I sure am writey today!

It was a beautiful November 1st day. It’s sunny and 80 degrees with low humidity. It’s a day that I’ve been waiting all summer for.

Perfect weather to be outside and get some of those things done that are impossible during the stifling hot, melty, burny summer of Central Texas.

Weather like this makes you want to enjoy it to the max. Naked!!!

I started by painting the posts and top beam of my deck roof. Of course, I’m naked all year long but when the humidity is low, it’s easy to get a job done without being drenched in sweat, slimy, and naked. Doesn’t it look great?

After that, I jumped onto my lawnmower and cut some of the tall weeds that grew in a few small clumps. Naked!

Next I still actually had energy so I walked a little over 2 miles around the perimeter of my property for my daily exercise. Naked!

This weather is so great!! I have an amazing all-over tan this year. There’s nothing better than living full-time naked. You really should try it. Don’t be so uptight.

The Great Wall of Solitude

We all put up a wall between ourselves and the outside world. Some people’s walls are chain-link fences. Others are cinder block or concrete and stretch up to meet the sky.

Just like Pink Floyd, my wall was built brick by brick and after 52 years, is extremely thick and tall.

Today another brick was placed. I posted a truthful and informational friendship resume on a nudist form on Reddit. The majority of the responses were negative. I don’t know what more people want if they don’t want truthfulness and openness. I’m just so confused and lost in my understanding of the human race. People don’t like lies. People don’t like the truth. What am I supposed to do? What is the joke?

As I read the responses, my legs got unsteady and I started sweating. It was a very unpleasant experience to what I thought was going to be the answer to my prayers. My legs still haven’t returned to feeling normal.

For some time I sat on the couch, staring into space wondering if this the end. If my kind of people don’t want me then who does? Most of me wants to give up completely. I can’t take it anymore. But how does one go on without some kind of hope to give meaning to life? I can’t allow myself to just give up. It would mean a quick death. I have to allow for some kind of future.

I need to regroup. I told myself last month that I was going to let it go until the end of the year. Apparently, I was unable to comply. I need to stop, step back, and reconsider what the hell is going on. Where is the problem? What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep doing it? I thought I had the answer but each time I think I’ve found it, the void gets deeper. The wall is high and the void is deep.

Why won’t it just stop and leave me alone? I would rather be floating on an endless open sea rather than be deep down in a hole that is surrounded by a mile-high wall.

My vacation starts again today. No more unpleasantness until next year. We’ll see.

UPDATE: 6 hours later

I met an acquaintance for lunch today. It did wonders for my stupid brain. I feel 75% better. I can be quite dramatic sometimes, huh?

There are lessons to be learned here. I’m not sure what they are but I’ve learned that the internet is NOT an option for solving your loneliness problems. It is guaranteed to make things worse.

I’ve learned that I am creepy. I’ve learned that it is my destiny to be alone. I’ve learned that acceptance is required. I’ve learned not to spit into the wind. Count your blessings. Think happy thoughts. Wait. Wait. Wait.

I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent.
I’m not lonely. I’m independent

Search Frustration

I tend to spend so much of my time searching and re-searching the internet in desperate attempt to find certain things that I am looking for.

Now, I am a Master Googler for the most part. When looking for regular things, I can find them quick and easily. I can find the best prices and the best information. If I can’t find it then it doesn’t exist.

Well, that seems to be the problem. When it comes to searching for certain things that logically should exist, I tend to find nothing useful.

Today, I am in need of a new book to read. I searched in vain for some kind of modern novel of Utopian nature. There’s a lot of old stuff that is quite lame by today’s standards and I don’t want to read that. I’ve tried so many different terms and even different search engines (Because Google is HIGHLY censored) and was unable to find anything. Could it be that nobody has written any Utopian novels of quality in recent decades? I can’t take that as truth. Still. I’m not finding anything and it is frustrating.

There are other subjects that seem to me strangely missing from the internet. As a lonely nudist, I search daily to find some way of connecting with others of my kind. I know they are out there but why are they so difficult to find. It’s just the same stuff I’ve already seen that doesn’t help me at all.

I search for information on loneliness in general but I fail to find anything other than shallowness. Where is the deep insight information on my condition? Am I really the only chronically lonely person on this planet?

Sometimes I search for erotic things that intrigue me but all I find is the plain boring stuff. More censorship.

I don’t know. When this happens to me, it makes me feel like whole parts of the internet are MISSING. Where is the secret door to the basement where they keep all the good stuff. I keep thinking that one day I’ll find the magic search phrase that will get me through the magic portal and grant me access to the REAL internet.

OW! I feel good!

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh.

I don’t know for sure what it is, but I feel really good today. Even though I ain’t “got you.” But that’s OK.

I went to town today to get a Subway Sandwich and pick up some stuff at Home Depot and the grocery store. Just some very light shopping. I drove home through the beautiful rural countryside that is starting to green up due to a recent rainfall after a LONG, HOT, DRY summer.

As I drove, uninhibited, along the wide-open country roads, past the nicely spaced country houses, past the contented cows and horses, past the vast uninhabited fields, I felt a joy of satisfaction that my life has turned out to be most excellent. Except for the small matter that I don’t have anyone to share it with, my life goals have been reached. I am now living the life of leisure for which I worked off my ass.

There are so many things that I am grateful for. To list a few:

  • I’m grateful for my life-long willpower to save my money and invest it wisely. I could have done even better had I started investing sooner but my savings ability started quite early.
  • I’m grateful for my impoverished friends who couldn’t save any money and therefore couldn’t go anywhere or do anything that would make me spend my money.
  • I’m grateful for my 40 years of crushing loneliness which also made saving money easy.

Yeah, those are all money-related but, unfortunately, money is what makes this particular world go ’round. Would I give it all up and be a regular person still stuck in an 8-5 job with a two-hour commute in order to have friends and family? Nope. Fuck them. I would take loneliness and early-retirement anytime.

Time is money and money is time. It takes all your time to make money and now that I have it, money buys your time back. Sad but true.

Is there anything at all I might trade it for? I think, yes. In an alternate universe where 12 hours a day weren’t given up to earn your living. A universe where people lived in small villages, knew their neighbors, traded their labor and goods for other labor and goods. Where families were close-knit. Where the village was your family. Where your friends were always there. Where time ran slowly and everyone was happy. I would live there and be a completely different person.

But that’s OK because I feel good because I’ve achieved 90% of my goals.

  1. Early retirement
  2. Country House
  3. Acres of land
  4. A Tractor
  5. Free time
  6. Go to bed and wake up when I feel like it.
  7. Travel
  8. Be naked at all times
  9. Built my own house from my own design
  10. Have a close friend to share it all with

That’s 90% and that’s damn good!

Hooray for me! My little reality bubble is the best place on Earth.

Solitary Naturism – Acceptance

There are many stages a Solitary Naturist tends to pass through on his journey to happiness. I know because I’ve experienced each one.

  1. Curiosity – Your first, lonely, step into the world of naturism.
  2. Frustration – When you find that your friends are not interested and finding another like-minded person is impossible.
  3. Anger/Rage – After fruitless decades of wishing, searching, and dreaming of finding a naturist friend.
  4. Acceptance – When you finally give up and accept that you are the only person on the planet. You stop searching and wishing.
  5. Enlightenment – When you let go of your suffering and are satisfied to just be naked all by yourself. Your world is all that matters.

I’m currently in the Acceptance stage. The beginning of it at least. Of course, during my journey I’ve met other nudists but none of them in my age group and none that I could call a “friend.” Nobody with whom I could share my deepest thoughts and desires.

I don’t expect I’ll ever reach the Full Enlightenment stage. I’ve seen glimpses of it but I am subject to human nature and all the desires contained therein. I’m not sure I’d even WANT to be satisfied with a life of complete solitude. That might be truly sad.

I think my plan is to work on the Acceptance stage and see where it goes from there. I’m tired of Anger and Rage so I think it’s time to move on. Wish me luck.

Forcing myself to wear clothes

When I am on my own property, I’m naked. That’s just the way it has been for the last two years. The funny thing is that no matter how natural it has become, it still feels wrong.

Perhaps it is just that being naked all the time is unnatural compared to the regular people all around us. There’s no doubt that it is far more comfortable and pleasant especially when it is consistently over 100 degrees outside every day.

Today I decided I would do an experiment and force myself to wear clothes for a day. I put on some short shorts and a string tank top but I’m not sure that counts as being sufficiently clothed in the normal world. Especially for a man.

Tomorrow I am switching to some less short but still short shorts. Plain but relatively comfortable. I’ll wear a regular T-shirt. I have not worn a t-shirt for more than just a few hours over the last 6 months. Tomorrow I will make myself wear it all day.

What is the purpose of this experiment? I’m not entirely sure. My guess is that I will feel more like a regular person for a day. Still not sure why but that’s the way it is for reasons I can’t comprehend.

I’m not sure what the goal is but I’m suspecting that something will turn up. I’ll let you know here tomorrow how it goes and what I learn.


I had good intentions but it didn’t work out. Of course, I was naked when I woke up. I put on some shorts and a shirt and went out to do a little repair on the gate before it gets too hot to be outside. It didn’t take long and when I came back inside, my clothes fell off.

At 11:00 I put them back on and went to town for a nice bowl of Pho at the Vietnamese Bistro then across the street for a little grocery shopping. It was already close to 100 degrees outside and the sun was burning down when I got home. I started to bring in the groceries but my shirt came off halfway through. As soon as I was done, I found myself naked again. I don’t even remember it happening.

Oh well. I guess we have our results after all. There’s no point in wearing clothes at home. It’s just plain purposeless. I am far more comfortable and happy when I am not wearing them so why should I force it? There is a time and a place for clothing but summer in Texas is not one of them. I feel so sorry for those of you who are confined to your textile prisons. You’ll never be free like me.

My obsession with nakedness

I have a problem. Well, maybe it’s not a problem from my point of view. Maybe it’s just that it is normal for me. I’ve spent the majority of my life yearning to be naked. Ever since I was a little kid skinny-dipping alone at night in the swimming pool and tanning in the sun when nobody was home. I was hooked. My entire goal in life was and is just to live completely naked all the time. At this point, I’ve accomplished that goal.

What are my reasons?

  1. Just the plain awesomeness!
  2. The wonderful comfort.
  3. The specialness.
  4. Sweaty Underwear Syndrome.
  5. Did I mention the awesomeness?

I now live out in the country where I can roam the house and land naked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. My only need for clothing is when I go shopping or visiting. I’m early-retired so there’s no need to get dressed for work. I’m completely free in multiple senses of the word.

I guess that pretty much defines “Obsession”. I’ve taken it to the extreme even to the point of being forced into living an extremely lonely life. I have only one single desire in me and that is just to have someone to share it with. Preferably someone of the female persuasion but at this point, I can no longer be picky about that. It’s not that I haven’t tried. Finding a fellow, female, nudist is like finding a needle in 1000 haystacks. I’ve seen them online so I know they exist. That makes it hurt that much more.

I actually knew one once. She was a 50% nudist but that’s better than nothing. We were good friends for a few years but for some reason, she grew more distant until she completely disappeared. I thought we had something special but it wasn’t meant to be. It was probably my fault but I don’t know why. But that’s OK. I let her go.

I’ve tried to share the awesomeness with existing friends but they don’t get it. Eventually, I give up on them and let them go too. They have nothing for me. That’s pretty short-sighted but that’s the way it is. I don’t have time or energy for that much frustration. Frustration turns into anger then rage and I don’t want to be angry anymore. I did that for 40 years and I don’t recommend it.

I thought by sharing my thoughts on this blog I would get some kind of response from people like myself. I’ve been writing here since 2007 and though I usually don’t allow comments, I do enable it on certain posts that I think might bring a proper response. If someone does comment, it is not what I am looking for and the person lives in the Far Far Away which is not helpful at all.

What is my purpose in wanting someone to share the awesomeness? Am I overlooking unseen root psychological causes?

I suppose I am somewhat of an exhibitionist. As an invisible man, I have an innate desire to be noticed. All during my childhood and teen years, I wore tiny speedo swimsuits to the pools, water parks, beaches, rivers, anywhere people swim. First, I loved the sexy feel. It was as close as you could legally get to being naked. Second, it was different from others so people were likely to be able to see me. I was that awesomely cute boy in speedos! People DID see me and that felt good. Still, nobody wanted me. My friends tolerated it but never joined in. Wouldn’t that have been awesome??

Of course, being naked in public is not allowed except at nudist resorts or official nude beaches. In which case, being naked among naked people, you’re still invisible.

There’s also Sweaty Underwear Syndrome. Wearing even shorts in the summer here in Texas is extremely unpleasant. You really need to have two pairs of underwear handy at all times. One will be drying while you are sweating in the other. Swap them out a number of times each day. Sweating is not a problem when you are naked.

The root, root cause might be the desire for sex. Most of the Regular People equate nudity with sex because the only time they ever get naked is when they are going to have sex. It’s sad but true. They have no idea that there’s a whole world of freedom out there. It is a dimension that is beyond their comprehension just as Humans have difficulty imagining objects in the 4th dimension. Their minds just can’t handle it. Fortunately, there are some of us who can. But back to the point… I feel that if people saw me naked, they might be attracted to my slim, smooth, sexy body and would eventually want to have sex. As a 52-year-old virgin (I admit it freely) I would like to experience sex with another person at least once before I die. There. I said it. It is an undeniable root cause and perhaps the primary carnal purpose of existence itself.

That’s some grandiose thinking right there.

Nevertheless, I like to be naked. There’s nothing better in the world. It IS special even though it shouldn’t be. If everyone in the world was naked then it would just be normal. I’m special! I’m naked and that’s the way I like it!

Seguin, Texas. I know you’re out there!!

Naked Truck Wash. Just because.

My truck and my car didn’t necessarily need to be washed but I was sitting there naked on the front covered deck reading my book as I usually do and suddenly felt that I wanted to get out into the sun for a while.

It’s another 100 degree day in Texas and you can tell by the dead grass (weeds) that we are in August. Being naked all the time, I end up with a great all-over tan. I don’t lay out in the sun but I do go outside and do stuff once in a while so it builds up without getting a dangerous sunburn.

Today was one of those days I just felt like feeling the sun on my bare skin. A good excuse is to wash the vehicles. I was only going to wash the car but after I finished soaping, rinsing and drying, I wanted more. I did the same for the truck. It is damn melty in the sun of course so being naked offers the ability to just hose yourself down every few minutes and letting the water just run down your bare body to keep you cool. It works! Even in 100 degrees, you feel comfortable enough to get ‘er done.

Wouldn’t it be fun if I could call my friends and have them all bring their vehicles over and have a huge naked car wash party? We could grill burgers and make a day of it. A person can dream at least.

Corpus Nude Beach Trip Report 2020

Fun in the sun.

Last week I woke up one morning and decided I was way overdue for a road trip. The Corona virus is raging in Texas but my plan didn’t involve much interaction with the masses. I packed up a few supplies, loaded up the Prius and hit the road.

I left town around 9:00am and headed south for 168 miles to my favorite secluded spot for some naked beaching.

My favorite spot (Exact coordinates) is a self-proclaimed nude beach on North Padre Island near Corpus Christi. I mean it’s self-proclaimed because I proclaimed it myself. Many years ago I posted a report about this particular spot and it was picked up by a number of nude beach websites. It became A Thing and I discovered it. How cool is that? (If I didn’t actually discover it, I made it a thing.)

It’s not an official Nude Beach because there isn’t one in Texas for reasons I cannot understand. It’s UN-official because there is nobody around for miles due to barriers against vehicle travel. You have to either walk or ride your bike for about a mile and then you’re free to be free. (I recommend the bike option.)

Look to your left.
Look to your right.

There’s nobody around to cramp your style. The only thing to be concerned about is the park ranger who drives by occasionally in a four wheeler. You can see him/her coming from miles away so there’s plenty of time to put on your speedo or get in the water. Rumors are that even if they catch you they won’t bother you about being naked unless you are being unpleasant. It may depend on the ranger himself and whether he’s had his coffee or not so it’s best not to press your luck. The regular people are unpredictable. Don’t let that deter you. Like I said, you can see them coming way down the beach.

Why can’t we have an official nude beach in Texas? Life is too short to be denied the simple pleasures. It’s kind of like being told you can’t have any water in Texas. You’re like, “What? Seriously?” This is Texas after all. Isn’t freedom one of our favorite things?

I was there alone as usual. I spent much of the time playing in the sand and water while wishing just ONE of the people I know could be here with me. None of them are nudists which makes it the same as having no friends at all. I use a tripod to get a number of pictures of my naked self to keep as memories of this wonderful trip.

I used plenty of sunscreen and didn’t get sunburned after almost two hours of frolicking in the strong sun.

Eventually I figured that was enough so I put my speedo back on and biked back to the car. I was hungry and had planned to pick up a sandwich at subway but when you’re at the coast, you kind of want to take advantage of the availability of fresh seafood. I decided to take my chances and eat at a restaurant.

The Combination Plate at Snoopy’s Pier

I Google Mapped nearby seafood and found a place called Snoopy’s Pier just on this side of the causeway. It looked properly unsophisticated for my short shorts and tank top attire so I took the short trip to get some grub.

They had the usual virus countermeasures in place of course. I wondered at the no shirt, no shoes, no service sign. What’s that about? I would love to dine without a shirt and shoes.

Being on vacation, I thought I would splurge a bit both economically and healthfully. I ordered the Combination Plate that has some fish, shrimp, oysters and fries. It was pretty good. I enjoyed looking out the window as boats went in and out of the marina.

I had considered making it a two-day trip and getting a room somewhere. It was still kind of early in the day but there was nothing else to do so I decided I would just save the $60 and head home. It was about halfway home when it suddenly felt like I had been driving home from Mars. I guess roadtrips become too long for one day at around 252 miles. I managed to make it home around 6:30pm. It was good to be able to sleep in my own bed.

Overall, it was a worthy trip. If you just need to get naked and get some sun, I highly recommend Johnny’s Beach at 27.477176,-97.273903. Bring friends or call me.