Swimming at the Nude RV Resort

It was a nice day yesterday and my local nudist club had plans to meet at a nearby nude RV resort. An by nearby, I mean about 50 miles. That’s OK. Just about everything is at least 50 miles from where you are in Texas.

I left close to noon and stopped for lunch about halfway.

I arrived at the resort and entered through the gate. The cost of admission for club members was $10.00. Worth it.

I parked by the pool and dropped my shorts and tank top, grabbed my towel and folding chair and headed for the pool. I met with a couple of other members from my club at a shady picnic table. We talked a bit and then went for a swim.

The resort, and I use the term loosely, is rather basic but has a nice new swimming pool. There are really no other amenities but it’s a good place as any if you want to live in your rv and never have to wear clothes again. The place has plenty of room for expansion later and I hope they build some shade structures and at least a sand volleyball court.

I had a good time and the best part was being able to spend time around other nudists. Being a solitary nudist is great in itself, but life is always better when you are around others of your own people. Most were older and retired but that’s pretty much the crowd one would expect an a nudist RV resort. I guess I’m getting old myself anyway but it would be so wonderful to be able to talk to someone my own age before I’m ancient.

But that’s OK. It was still good to experience a little social interaction while getting some sun and enjoying a swimming pool. I wish you could have been there with me. Wait… You could have been if you would just let me know you exist. Next time.

To beach or not to beach. That is the question.

It’s late summer, and I’m trying to decide whether I want to make my annual trip to the nude beach on the Texas coast. Part of me wants to just go, and the other part of me wonders why bother.

It’s a 300-mile round trip. My itinerary is basically always the same because there’s only so much one can do alone at the beach. In the end, it will just be a photocopy of last year’s trip. I wouldn’t even need to take pictures or write a trip report. Just cut and paste.

If I could expect to interact with other people there, then it would definitely be worth the trip, but since there will be nobody around for miles in each direction, it’s only slightly different from just staying home.

I’m not counting it out totally, but at this point I’m thinking I’ll just read my old trip report, watch my videos and pics and close my eyes and remember. It will save a lot of money on gas and a motel room. There’s a place here in town that has a similar meal as my favorite seafood restaurant there. I could go there and have the same experience.

It’s part laziness and part realism. It might be different if I had someone to go with. That’s not going to happen, so I’m on my own to decide. I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow. My gas tank is full, so I can either take off on a whim or just spend the day couch-surfing.

Do you want to go with me?

Addicted to Nudism

Hey everyone. I just needed someone to talk to about this. I think I may be addicted to nudism. No. I’m definitely addicted to nudism. My whole life revolves around it to the point where I’ve shut everyone else out. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I’m happy and healthy. At least I feel that way.

Ever since I was a kid, my greatest desire was just to be clothes-free at all times. I even drew a map of the future nudist-resort I would build when I grew up. I swam naked in the pool at night, was naked in my room, and around the house when nobody was home.

Living in central Texas where it’s just too damn hot to wear clothing, I suffered daily wearing my monkey suit when I went to work every day and when I spent time with others. The first thing I did when I got home was strip down and feel the ultimate comfort of being naked. I did my best to make my back yard as private as possible and was naked outside most of the time. I was a member of a local nudist club for many decades. The club was comprised mostly of older people, so even though they were wonderful people, I was still disappointed because all we did was swim, sit around and eat. I wanted to go places and do things but nobody was interested. I was still alone in a crowd.

I made it a point to make sure my friends knew I was a nudist, desperately hoping that at least one of them would join me in being awesome. Nobody took me up on it. I was still all alone.

When I reached 50, my obsession with naturism had kept me lonely for many decades, which had a positive side effect of minimizing my spending. I had saved so much money being alone that I could easily retire early. I bought some land in the country and built my own house. Really! I built it myself! I worked naked most of the time and that made the labor so much easier.

Now I’m 54, living alone and naked in the country 24 hours a day / 7 days a week except when I have to go for groceries or visit with a friend or family. I’ve achieved my life goal of being naked all the time. I have to say that it is just the best thing ever. Being naked all the time is just normal for me now. My only regret is that I have nobody with whom to share the awesomeness. Friends who may visit may be OK with my lifestyle but they won’t join in even though nobody can see us. With some friends, I have to put on at least some shorts or they will not visit. It sucks but I can deal with it for a short time.

Still, I would rather be naked and alone than to have to put on any clothing for extended periods of time. I just can’t stand the feel of being unnecessarily bound around the waist and chest. Short shorts and tank tops are all I can force myself to wear when out in public and they come off immediately when I get home.

I am obviously massively addicted to being naked and I don’t know what to do or whether I should even do something about it. I could force myself to wear clothing and mix with the general public in order to find friendship/love and all that but the chances of finding someone else who properly appreciates the awesomeness of being naked are infinitely small to the point of wasting my valuable time. I am happy to be at home, alone, naked. I read, watch TV, work on projects, gardening, and just overall appreciate life and comfort. I’m not even sure that I want anyone to ruin that for me in any way. It’s a constant battle between happy, naked, solitude and the nature of all humans to be social.

The logical side of me says, “Dude. Just stay here and be happy. It’s good!”

The human side of me says, “Dude. You’re wasting all this awesomeness on just yourself.”

I feel as if I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I’m happy but alone. I’m alone but I’m not sure that I’m lonely. I keep saying to myself that I’m lonely but when I think about it; I’m not. Does that make any sense?

Sorry for all the words but it had to be said. I know I’ve gone to the extreme, but I tend to do that when I put my mind to something. It gets things done. How many people accomplish their life goal?

Is anyone else addicted to nudism to such a degree? Do you think I should change? Please share your positive thoughts on this matter. Please keep negative thoughts to yourself. Thanks!

When does an aquaintance become a friend?

I have many aquaintances but no friends. I was just thinking… What does it take for an aquaintance to become a friend? At what point does your relationship change?

I googled it and found a good discussion on Reddit that made me think. The question was, what is the difference between an aquaintance and a friend? Some of the best answers were as follows:

  • Acquaintances have awkward silences. Friends have comfortable silences. If you feel the need to constantly fill the air with words, you’re not friends.
  • I’d also add to it, for certain types of friends like mine, if you can talk shit to each other and it’s all assumed to be jokes, you’re friends. If you’re polite, you’re not friends.
  • A friend is someone you have a relationship with for the sake of the relationship itself.
  • You aren’t too scared to tell them personal things.
  • People become friends when they’re both comfortable with making fun of each other.

I like all of the above definitions. They all make sense.

Everyone may be different depending on their needs. Some may have additional requirements like mine. For someone to pass the final test to be my friend, they have to be comfortable being naked with me. As a nudist, it’s a primary requirement above and beyond all the basic needs and it doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

New neighbors for a nudist

Looks like I finally have new neighbors. For a couple of years now, the house next to mine has been empty due to a death, pandemic and housing market issues.

A Moving pod was placed in the driveway last week which was the first indicator. Yesterday I noticed a RV trailer parked in their yard and the next day a SUV. Ack! People!!

Today I see an internet antenna being installed. First things frst of course. Prorities.

I enjoyed the last few years of ultimate privacy. I was able to run around completely naked and not even think about it. It was inevitable that someone would eventually move in so it wasn’t unexpected. It’s just sad.

The house is around 300 feet away and there are some sparce trees between us. I’ve planted some sheilding bushes but they are a few years away from being useful. The drought isn’t helping. I did move my own RV into a strategic spot to block their view of the majority of my space and they placed theirs, luckily, so far, to block even more. But whatever.

I obviously haven’t met them yet. I don’t want to rush over while they are getting settled. I’m hoping that they are friendly. I intend to eventually ask them if they mind if I go naked. The last owners said they didn’t mind. I personally don’t care if anyone sees me but some people might be offended or freak out. Best to get to know them first then I may gain some leeway. Hopefully they don’t have children.

I’m hoping that it might be a single man or woman sent by destiny to be my friend. Wishful thinking. Anyone buying a 3 bedroom house for $350,000 is likely to have a family. Still. You never know. I won’t hold my breath.

My next difficulty is figuring out how to meet them. Fences, gates and space make it harder in the country. I expect we will bump into each other when I water my privacy bushes on that side of the property. If not, I might leave a note on the fence welcoming them and leaving my number. I have a tree that I might give to them as a housewarming gift. Does that all sound reasonable? Really. I don’t know of such things. I’m not particularly sociable but I try. Wouldn’t the be awesome if they were nudists themselves? Yeah. Right. If they guy at least goes shirtless in this 100+ degree weather then I’ll know they aren’t total prudes. If they are all bundled up and afraid of any light touching their bodies then I may be out of luck.

High gas prices and nowhere to go

As gas prices top an average of $5.00 per gallon in the United States, people are still out driving around like it’s only $1.50.
“Waaaah… I HAVE to drive.” Excuses, excuses. Stay the fuck home.

I put my car away and sat myself in front of the TV. Now that’s living. I only leave the house for three reasons.

  1. Groceries
  2. Visit Mom
  3. Band Practice

Otherwise, there’s no need to go anywhere. Now is not a good time to be going on vacation. You need to staycation.

I really can’t think of anywhere I want to go. A few years ago, I had a plan to drive around the US and see the sights, but I don’t really care anymore. Not because of gas prices, but because none of those things are important. If I die without seeing the Grand Canyon, does it really matter? I mean, really. Can’t that time be used for something more important?

Besides, the world is completely booked up. Overpopulation has made even going to a national park impossible. You have to make reservations months in advance. I can’t do that. When you’re driving around, you don’t know when you’ll be there. The time for sightseeing is over. It is no longer possible.

I have one thought for somewhere to go. The Nude Beach near Corpus Christi. It’s a 300-mile round trip which, in my Prius, would cost only $30.00. Not a problem. A motel room would be around $80 and eating might cost around $50. $115 for a getaway is not bad. There’s the problem of having to go alone because nobody I know will go to a nude beach with me. I’ve gone by myself multiple times before and had a good enough time all alone on an empty beach, so perhaps it is worth it. I’ll consider it and make a last minute decision next Tuesday.

But for you… Come get naked with me, or stay home and stop crowding up the world.

High house prices are awesome!

My neighbor’s house is for sale. I noticed three showings at least so far today. I looked it up on Zillow, and it is listed for $350,000. Wow! Housing prices have really jumped up and if you own one, you’re happy about it. If you want one then, not so much.

I’m happy about it because that means mine has risen as well. My house is a bit nonstandard. It’s small, unique, and simple as a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 living room/kitchen, on 3.5 acres. Not good for families but great for the bachelor or a retired person/couple (with money). I estimate it would be worth at least 200,000. That’s twice what I spent to buy the land and build the house three years ago. Talk about paying off!

Of course, it doesn’t pay off until you sell it and I don’t plan on selling anytime soon. I supposed by that time; in about ten years; it will be worth up to a million.

In the meantime, property appraisals go up as well. Last year they estimated my house at $230,000. Sounds good but that means you pay more taxes. I protested and got it reduced to $135,000. Saved $100K right there. That means I pay around $2300 a year in property tax. Values will continue to rise, so I’m hoping I can protest again and get it reduced.

I’m also sad about getting new neighbors soon I won’t be able to go around the property naked as easily. I’ve planted some privacy hedges, but they will take a few years to grow tall enough. Eventually I will be fully privatized for nakedidity.

One good thing about the high price is that the house will more likely be purchased by someone more classy. $350K is a pretty astronomical price here in Central Texas. Perhaps it will be owned by a rich couple from California who might have more open minds.

Maybe it will be a single man or woman who wants to be my friend.

Most likely it will be some uptight family with noisy children to worry about. They will be less likely to appreciate naturism.

I’ll have to make nice and be friendly if I want to ask them if they mind me being naked all the time. The last owners said it was OK. The house is at least 500 feet away, so It’s not like I’m right under their nose. Still they have a view of my land for now. Grow my little shrubbies. Grow!!

Another brick in the wall

My wall is getting higher and higher. I thought I was getting over my repressed anger, but every time I reach out, I get my hand slapped.

I had a funny thought I wanted to share, so I posted the following quip on r/nudism on reddit:

My friends: Why are you always naked?
Me: I’m not naked. I prefer the terms Unencumbered or Uninsulated.

I thought it was especially interesting because the things I hate most about wearing clothing is the encumbrance and the insulation keeping the heat in.

I expected to get a good reception from other nudists like me, but instead I got people who tried to shame me for being naked in front of my friends and making them uncomfortable. Of course, I don’t have any friends. It was a hypothetical thought. These are NOT my people.

Once again, I feel sorry for trying. It’s a lesson relearned a thousand times. The moral of the story is: Keep to yourself. Stay away from others. Happiness is achieved only from within.

I wish I could guarantee that I won’t try to reach out again. It is bound to happen eventually. I will hereby endeavor to stay inside my bubble no matter the cost. My only outlet is this unread blog. Thank you for always being there for me blog. You’re the best. You keep me sane.

Finally getting the garden started for 2022

It’s March 15th and the final freeze of the year has finally passed. Normally the last one is around mid-February after a brutal start to the month. This time, winter has held on longer than usual so I’m antsy to get the garden started.

Over the winter, I built 7 raised bed planters using reclaimed wood from a torn-down deck. The 2×6 boards were still good and are probably pressure treated so they should last at least a few years.

I had just been playing around for the last two years out on my new property but this year I’m starting with a plan. If all goes well, I should have more than enough veggies to eat healthy meals all the time and limit my trips to the grocery store to buy overpriced goods.

It feels so good to get something major accomplished. It feels good to be on a path to self-sufficiency. It also feels good to get some nice warm sun on my body. If I was any more awesome I would explode.