Can you be TOO Nudist?

I may have a problem but I’m not sure I want it fixed. Ever since I was a little kid skinny dipping in the pool by myself, I knew my goal was to be a nudist. I based my whole life on working toward that goal. Now I’m 53, early-retired, living in a house I built myself on 4 acres of private country property where I can be naked 24/7/365 if I want to. Inside and outside. No clothing is necessary. I can go weeks at a time without ever having to put on any clothes. I have a nice all-over tan even though I don’t spend time directly sunning. I’m free of everything. Mostly…

For the last year, my 90-year-old mom has been living with me every other week. I’m a good man. During the time she is here, I have to wear clothing. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a problem if I went naked as it is my house, but I have the air conditioner set to 80 in the summer and she is still bundled up like she’s freezing. It would feel especially weird to be stark naked and sweating with her acting like it’s January in Antarctica. I suffer with shorts and a tank top during her time here. The thing is that even just wearing shorts only, I feel like I’m in a cage. I’m suppressed. Oppressed. It almost hurts. I can’t stand it!!

After dropping her off at my sister’s house I come right home and immediately feel the freedom of nakedidity again. So wonderful. So awesome. So free.

Of course, it’s maximumly great but can you go too far? Can you be too nudist? I’ve given up some important things in life in order to achieve my goal of infinite awesomeness. One of those things is friends. I came to a point where if friends would not be naked with me, their friendship had no value to me. I let them go. I was and still am unable to comprehend their reluctance to be awesome with me. Now I have no close friends.

I have a number of acquaintances but my worst fear is for them to call and say the words, “What are you doing tomorrow?” Translation: “You have to put on clothing and come do something with/for me.” They’re stealing my naked time and returning nothing of value to me. Does that sound like I’m being selfish?

I can’t imagine having to give up nudism. You might as well make me wear chains like Jacob Marley. I would be a ghost of myself and always in anguish.

I’m a simple man. I like a simple life. I have no big earthly desires for things that I don’t already have. I’m happy to be at home. I am happy to read, watch tv, work in the workshop and around the property. Life is good for me.

There is only one thing that would make me truly happy: Another nudist to share it with. Living in San Antonio, finding a nudist friend was difficult enough. Now that I’m out in the country, it’s like living in a nudist desert. I’m also shy so when I do find a lead on the internet, I don’t have what it takes to make any type of connection. I’m just socially clueless and when nudism is involved, it gets exponentially more difficult.

I’m working hard to convince myself that it’s OK to be alone. I’ve even found a group on Reddit that seems to fit my feelings. r/aromantic. I’m not really interested in romantic involvement. Sex, OK but I don’t feel love in any form or fashion. I’m not sure if that’s my nature or my nurture. That’s just the way it is. What I want is a friend in the true meaning of friendship. Just someone to spend happy time with. It’s just that simple. Simple!

As time passes I find myself less and less longing for companionship due to my constant self-conditioning. Still, you can never completely overcome human nature. In the meantime, I continue to wait in hopes that someone out there will discover me either through this blog or my other internet attempts to reach out. Waiting….

So to sum it up. If you are someone out there in Central Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Seguin, who feels the same as I do and appreciates a nudist lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even if you just want to be a long-distance pen pal, I’m right here. I’ll always be right here. Waiting. Still waiting…

What are your survival plans?

As we are now entering the state of uncontrolled hyper climate change, what do you plan to do in order to survive? I hope you have some plans otherwise you’re at the mercy of the coming firestorm and all you can do is hunker down and hope.

Well, hope doesn’t save you. You need to do something. It’s too late to reverse catastrophic climate change, now you will have to act specifically for yourself and your family should you have chosen poorly enough to have one.

So what will I be doing? I started by moving out to the country on my own private 4 acres where I can do as I please. If you live in a city then you can do nothing and will be reliant on the government to help you. The government will be busy so you’ll be on your own.

To protect against fire, my house has a metal roof, fiber-cement siding and is situated in a virtually empty field that is kept properly mowed to prevent wildfires from crossing it. I feel confident that it can easily be defended if the area around me goes up in flames.

For water, the giver of life, I will be obtaining two IBC water tanks which each hold 550 gallons giving me over 1000 gallons of storage. I’m currently connected to a water supply cooperative for my main supply but one shouldn’t rely on outside sources of life. Much could go wrong in our end-of-world-as-we-know-it destiny.

I’ll keep them full using my hose while the water source is reliable, during a crisis, I’ll be using rain gutters to funnel all rainfall into those tanks as well as use other sources like my air conditioner condensate drains. That water won’t be directly drinkable but can be boiled and treated before use. It will mostly be used for non-drinking purposes like flushing the toilet and washing dishes and clothing as well as my hydroponic garden system.

For drinking water, I am currently in the process of building a Peltier-based atmospheric water generator.

It will use solar power to condense water out of the humidity in the air. We have PLENTY of humidity here so drinkable water should not be a problem.

The system will freeze the humidity onto a heat sink then allow it to melt into a container for holding. It will perch on the edge of a 5-gallon bucket so when the bucket is full, I just move it to the next one. This won’t generate a LOT of water but it will be enough for me to drink and keep me alive in an emergency.

For food, I plan on both regular gardening as well as setting up a hydroponic garden which will be far more water-efficient and easier to maintain.

I’ve been wanting to do this for years and this winter will be the perfect time to get started on it so it will be ready for the spring.

It will be great for the summer. For the winter, I’ll grow a winter garden traditional style in the dirt. A winter garden is far easier to maintain than a summer garden where you are battling the sun and weeds.

I had planned to go mostly vegetarian anyway for my health so that would work out quite well. I might get some chickens for eggs and meat.

I also have various berry bushes around the property and will be planting more.

I’ll have my electricity needs covered as well. Currently, I have a 4kw grid-tied system that prevents me from paying outrageous electricity bills. That system won’t work when the grid goes down so I am building a backup system.

It will be an off-grid, battery storage system with 2KW of solar power input, 6KW peak output. Since I’ll be using less than 2 KW most of the time it should be able to handle all my needs INCLUDING my energy-efficient mini-split air conditioner which pulls around 900W when running.

We will definitely be needing air conditioning as the heat waves become more and more prevalent. My simple house is extremely efficient and can actually do pretty well without any AC at all. It’s the humidity that gets you down mostly. I go naked most of the time so energy usage is greatly reduced. I set my AC at 80-81 and am perfectly comfortable under the ceiling fan. You had better get used to being naked! Get over it!

That pretty much covers the basics of my survival plan. I’ll have a pretty good stock of supplies from the grocery store but that will only last so long. Relying on such things is not a good long-term plan.

I hope you have some ideas now and will be properly prepared. Don’t wait very long though. You need to do it right now. Time is of the essence. Get on it.

Fixed my running shorts!

Yay! I fixed my favorite running shorts.

I have a sewing machine that sometimes comes in handy. The elastic in my tiny little running shorts had lost its elasticity. After a short run, they fell off and I was naked. Not a problem for me but other people seem to have issues with that.

I ordered some elastic from Amazon and sewed it in. Voila! Good as new.

Aren’t they awesome? They’re almost like wearing nothing at all.

Short shorts are the best.

Seguin, Texas.

The RV Waits

My poor 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial is waiting patiently. We haven’t gone anywhere since 2017 I think. When I started to build my house in the country, I moved it to my property first so I would have a base during construction. I lived in it for a short period after selling my old house.

It’s an awesome old machine. 39 years old now! It is special. It has character that you don’t see in most RVs new or old. It was top of the line back in 1982 and I only paid $4000 around 10 years ago. I’ve done some upgrading and repairs and it’s mostly operational. Only a few unimportant things aren’t working but they’re low on my list.

A few days ago, I went out to start it up and move it a little to get it out of the sinkholes and keep the tires from getting flat spots. Also, keep the juices flowing and lubricated. It wouldn’t start and I knew exactly what was wrong. For some reason, the carburetor float needle valves stick in the closed position. Probably old gas and lack of use. Also, the battery was dead. It automatically charges from the solar panels on the roof but after a while, lead-acid batteries lose their capacity. I borrowed the battery from my F150 just to get it started. Even that one is getting tired. I’ll buy a new one later when travel urges return. I’d hate to have a new battery just getting old before I get to use it. A pain but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just go buy a cheap one for now.

I took the carb out and got the needle valves unstuck. I realized that there are ports where I can lubricate and loosen them without having to take the carb off the engine. Remember that for next time! I put the carb back on, hooked up all the hoses and it started right up. I let it idle for 10-15 minutes. It ran nicely.

It needs some basic maintenance and upkeep which I plan to do this winter when it’s not 1,032 degrees outside. I’ll move it up near my workshop and give it a good tweaking.

I don’t know when I’ll be going anywhere. I haven’t paid the fees and license stuff on it in a number of years to save money while it’s not in use. That was wise. Maybe in 2022. It’s not the pandemic that’s keeping me from traveling. Not entirely. I just don’t feel like it right now. My first destination might be to go back to Star Ranch Nudist resort near Austin. It’s a really nice place and not too far. I almost don’t want to even go anywhere I can’t be naked. What’s the point? Like I said, we’ll see.

I wish I had someone to travel with. That would give me some motivation. I don’t mind going alone but I never get over feeling like I’m missing out on something special. Sometimes a little moral support is helpful. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m right here in Seguin, Texas. Waiting for you. Come get me.

An Uninterrupted Week of Free Time

I’ve finally achieved my desperate desire to have a whole week ALL to myself. I dropped my mom off at my sister’s house and set my plan into action.

I set my iPhone into Do Not Disturb Driving mode which blocks all calls and texts from reaching my eyes or ears.

I set an Autoresponse text message saying that I was not available this week, please contact me next week.

I set my voice mail to say that I was not available this week, leave a message and I’ll call you next week.


I’m on day two of experiencing complete freedom and so far it’s quite wonderful. Nobody can contact me and steal my time by making me do something for them. I’m free to do anything I want. Go anywhere I desire. Or do nothing at all.

So far, I haven’t gone anywhere and I don’t really plan to. When I first retired, I had planned to do some sightseeing but the pandemic put a stopper in that. A few weeks ago I spent a day at the nude beach and got that out of my system. It was fun but not really satisfying as I had to go alone. The more I think about it, the less travel sounds good to me. If I had someone to share it with then it might be rewarding but to just ramble around by yourself is mostly pointless. I’ve pretty much lost interest in doing that.

Right now, I’m content to sit at home and watch the world burn on TV. Not full-time of course. It can burn without my attention. I’m enjoying filling my long, uninterrupted days with full-time nudity, reading, napping, watching tv and movies, yardwork, masturbating, hot tubbing, looking up at the stars, and just appreciating what life can be like when you have all the time to spend as you please.

Responding to a voice call or text message or interacting on social media only detracts from carefree living. Nothing good can come of it so just let it go. Others will just have to figure out how to deal with their problems without my help all the time. It’s OK to live.

I still haven’t let go completely of my worry that I am supposed to respond to the desires of others. I’m hoping that it will slip away as the week passes and I realize that their needs aren’t my needs. I am a real, individual, person and I am free to do as I wish. I’m not your slave. I don’t want your money and I don’t want your lunches. I have only two needs which are social naturism and occasional sex. If you can’t offer me those things then you’re wasting my time. I would much rather be alone if that is the case.

Being alone is 2nd best to having a BFFWB and if that is the way it has to be then that is The Way. I love it that nobody can see me. Nobody can make me wear clothes. Nobody can judge me. Nobody can waste my time. Nobody can make me feel awkward. I am myself and that’s the best way to be. Hooray for me! I’m the best! I am Awesome!

Answering the phone never ends up well

Nothing good ever comes from answering the phone. I wish I could just stop but that only makes things worse.

Whenever the phone rings, it sends a chill up my spine. It makes me jump like I’ve been shot. Now what? Leave me alone!

The majority of the time it’s a spam call. The rest of the time, it’s someone who wants something from me. A friend, family, an acquaintance who wants me to do something for them. Nobody ever calls to invite me to go to the nude beach. Nope. They want to steal my time and suck out what little is left of my soul.

A few days ago I refused to respond to texts, calls, and emails. I was taking a phone-vacation. I fear I may have offended one of my closer acquaintances but he’ll get over it or I don’t care. I just couldn’t take it anymore. My mom stays with me every other week so my free time is limited. When people call to steal that little precious time I have, it really pisses me off. Sure it’s only a few minutes but then it takes me hours to get over the anger. A whole day is suddenly lost. Don’t make me make up excuses. Don’t make me lie. I don’t like to lie.

I’m not here to fix all your problems. Deal with them yourself! I don’t mind helping you sometimes but I expect some humanity in return once in a while. I’m not a robot. I’m a human being with feelings and needs of my own.

Be my friend. Not my employer.

I feel like I’m going to explode!

I swear, I’m on the verge of exploding! My whole body is tingling with rage and anxiety. I thought I gave this up when I quit my job and moved out to the country but it’s never really gone.

My 90 year old mom stays with me every other week during which time I am bottled up tight. I can’t be myself. I can’t be naked. I can’t do what I want to do. Finally she goes to stay at my sister’s house and I can expand but NO! Now I’m dealing with her medical insurance and trips to another town to pick up medication and drop off papers for her cataract surgery.

Any moment now, an acquaintance will be calling me to spend the next three days helping him build a deck for someone else. I can’t say no because he needs help and has nobody else and I’m such a nice guy. It’s going to be hot and labor intensive and he’s going to make me eat.

In the meantime, my time is burning. It’s burning like a pine forest fire in a 10-year long drought. It burns day and night with ever-increasing intensity. In what feels like milliseconds, it will be next Sunday and I will have to pick up my mom and bottle myself up again like a genie in a bottle a the bottom of the sea. Next week will be unbearably long.

Everyone tells me I’m such a laid back person but that’s just my exterior image. They have no idea about the epic war going on inside. I’m not sure I can contain it any longer.

AAAAAAAHHHH!!! I’m getting older and older by the second and have no time to do what I want to do before I die. All I want is someone to talk to. All I want is someone to touch me. All I want is someone to go on a trip with me. I’ve lost 53 years of precious life to school and work but the years continue to slip through my fingers like water. It’s completely out of my control.

Is there nobody else out there? I can’t believe that. I refuse to believe that. Please help me before it’s too late. I can’t be the only lonely person on this planet. It’s just not possible. Tick…Tick…Tick……

Whoah. Take it easy, Max. Breathe in. Breath out slowly. You’re gonig to be OK. Just relax for a minute. We’ve been through this many, many times. It’s no good to continually wish for something you can not have. Everything is as it is supposed to be. You’re fine. There will be plenty of time for you. Don’t worry about getting older. It happens to all of us. Some of us are destined to be alone. We are not the only one. It’s OK. People like us live difficult lives but everyone’s life is difficult in some way. If we are meant to find someone, they will appear when the time is right. Don’t try to rush it. Take life one day at a time and it will all be good. There, there.. Sleep. Sleeeep. Youl’ll feel better in the morning. Shhhhhhh.

Tractor all repaired and ready to go

YAY! I got my 1952 Ford 8n tractor all fixed up again after last week’s meltdown. The radiator cap was loose and popped off blowing hot magma all over me. I was OK. Just a bit sticky. At the same time, the key fell out of the ignition and I had to pull the coil wire to stop it. The cap wouldn’t stay on so I had to order a new one. It was a good time to fix a few other things so I went for it.

It only took a few days to get the parts and stuff I needed from so when it arrived I replaced the radiator cap with a new shiny one. I replaced the leaky fuel settling bowl, replaced the wonky headlight switch, used an oil flush, and then replaced the oil and filter. I cleaned the oil-bath air filter. I cleaned the clutch with brake cleaner through the inspection hole. (Saw that trick on youtube to fix an oil-fouled clutch. We’ll see if that works.) I tightened a loose spark plug and added oil to the shredder gear housing. Tomorrow I need to take the right front tire into the shop to fix a slow leak and drop off the used oil.

It’s ready to roll after that. It’s already running smoother with the loose spark plug tightened. I actually saw it wobbling when it was idling during the motor flush. LOL!

It was plenty hot outside so I worked naked and that made it bearable. That also saved me from getting oil and grease all over my clothes. It has been unusually wet this year so I’ve been doing more mowing than normal. This old tractor is awesome. It’s so easy to work on and most parts are so inexpensive. My next project on it will be to put on a new steering wheel and battery box. I would make videos of my work but 1. I’m naked and 2. There are plenty out there already. (Not naked ones but on a better planet, that would be normal.)

Time to get back to work. Lots of grass and weeds to cut. (Not the good kind.)


Long Introduction

I’m planning on posting the following to a local Texas Facebook Nudist group. I thought I would compose it here in order to share it with the rest of the world just in case anybody cares:

I just wanted to re-introduce myself in a maximal way because I want to share my story with someone, anyone, who will listen. I’ve tried to share my passions with my “regular” friends on Facebook but they don’t get it and it is just falling on deaf ears which hurts me deeply. I’m hoping that fellow nudists might care and understand a little more than the normals would.

I’ve been a nudist in Texas almost all my life ever since I went skinny dipping in the pool when I was a kid and tanned naked in the sun when nobody else was home. I was hooked because it felt so natural and free. It was the best thing ever and I couldn’t share it with anyone.

I tried, oh, how I’ve tried. All of my friends and family know I’m a nudist but they won’t have anything to do with it. It’s a lonely world when you can’t share your passions with anyone. As a kid, I wore speedos because it was as close as you can legally be to being naked. Speedos fell out of style in the 90s but that didn’t stop me. Eventually, I had to give them up because they became too “gay”. Teardrops fall. I still look awesome in them.

When I moved into my own house in the suburbs of NW San Antonio, I got to be naked most of the time. I made sure to make my backyard as private as possible so I could swim in the pool and use the hot tub without getting dressed. It was good. I tried to contact fellow nudists but it was difficult because you don’t know if they are “nudists” or just trolling for sex and I was not ready for that. I joined the local Nudist Club and have been a member for many, many years. It was nice to be among others of my kind but they were older and weren’t much for going on outings to Hippie Hollow or the beach, lakes, or rivers. I kind of lost interest in the group. I was alone. Time passed.

Eventually, I saved and invested enough to retire early from the daily textile grind and build my dream house out in the country near Seguin where I can roam free on the land and never wear clothes again. It was really nice. Suddenly my mom turned 90 and could no longer live on her own. She now stays with me every other week alternating between my house and my sister’s house. Now I get to be naked every other week which is good but not ideal.

Still, I’m alone. I’m afraid to date anyone because the comfort of being naked is so important to me that I can’t afford to lose that completely. So few people are open-minded enough to even try it and it would waste my time and theirs if they don’t. I’m not sure I’m even capable of love anyway so it might be a total exercise in futility. If I think about it, I don’t really even want anyone around in a permanent fashion. I suppose I’m a professional loner. On the other hand, I can’t get loneliness out of my head. It’s a Human Condition that cannot be avoided. All I want is a nudist friend to spend a little time with. It doesn’t seem too much to ask for. If I never find one, I’ll live. If I do, then I might really live.

I’ve been writing a blog since 2007 but don’t get much feedback. It has been a nice place to share my thoughts and feelings even if it’s just with the Great Void of the Internet.

Perhaps I’m overly obsessed with being naked. I feel that that’s OK because it makes me happy. I feel that everyone else is missing out and I am incredibly sad for their loss. In a better world, this would not be an issue because everyone would be naked and it would be natural and normal. Can you imagine?

Thanks for letting me ramble. I can only hope there are other people somewhere out there like myself. I wish everyone as much happiness and freedom as I have.


It has been quite a while since I’ve written anything here. Almost two weeks I think. I haven’t really felt much like writing even though I’ve had a number of great topics run through my head. They’re gone now, unfortunately. They were probably mostly complaints anyway. The world is slowly going insane and there’s a lot to complain about.

I thought I might ramble a little for a few minutes:

Sooo. What? Not much exciting has been going on with me lately. I almost lost my marbles a couple of days ago. My 90-year-old mom stays with me every other week during which time I’m a nudist who has to wear clothing. It’s like being tied up and held for ransom. I can handle it in the winter but in the summer, I need to be naked. I need to be able to breathe. I could probably just go naked in front of her but it would be too weird. I manage by being “mostly” naked wearing short shorts and a tank top or no shirt. Still…not naked. She’s at my sister’s house this week so it’s naked time for the next seven days. Relief!

A few days ago I was mowing a neighbor’s field with my 1952 Ford 8n tractor and shredder. I was going through some REALLY tall weeds when I ran into the barbed wire fence. I was able to back out of the tangle but right then, the radiator cap popped off and a volcano of coolant shot up in the air. I was drenched with sticky, hot liquid. Fortunately, it was aerosolized enough that it wasn’t scalding. I let the tractor cool overnight then added some water the next morning. The cap was loose and wouldn’t stay on so I brought it home and ordered a new cap as well as a few other things it needed. Fortunately, parts for an old Ford tractor are cheap and readily available. Some even on Amazon! If you need tractor parts, I recommend They have cheap parts and a great forum. I’ll have my old toy back up and running in a few days and will include an oil change.

My automated gate to the property stopped working. I’m pretty sure it needs a new battery. Thanks, Amazon for delivering one tomorrow. I also bought a WIFI camera for the front gate so I can see if it is open or closed as well as when packages are delivered. It has motion sensing alerts so nobody will be able to sneak up on me when I leave the gate open.

It has been a surprisingly moist year so far. My sunflower crop got plenty of rain a few weeks ago and got as tall as 8 feet. They are drooping now and will be drying out for harvest in a few weeks or so. More rain is expected this week which is good for my privacy hedges planted in areas where people may be able to see me naked. They look very healthy and should be nice and hedgy in a few years.

What else?… I got a new cover for my hot tub. The relentless sun bakes them to death in just a few years so I’m going to try to preserve this one by keeping it covered with a white tarp. A cover cover? It’s a shame that’s necessary.

My tomatoes are starting to turn red. I’ll be popping some in my mouth soon.

I’m still wishing I had a nudist friend. Keep on wishing, right? Hope. Hope that I will find one before I successfully become a full-hermit.

I got my RV out of the mud. After two weeks of rain, it sunk. I had to wait for the mud to completely dry and dig ramps to drive it out. It took a number of days. Not like I’m going anywhere in it anytime soon but I like to keep it maintained for the future. Camping alone is OK but losing its meaning.

Basically, all is well. Maybe I’ll blog a bit this week since I’ll have plenty of alone time to spend in any manner I like. That’s the best thing ever. I gave 50 years of my life to the world and now I’m taking time back while I still have some left. Time is the most valuable thing in the universe. I hope you can afford some too one day. Save and invest now! Money is Time and there’s no time Toulouse. (Get it? Monty Python? bah. That reference is wasted on you.)

Blah blah blah. I guess that’s enough to catch you up on my exciting and amazing life. Tune in later for more.