I love Indian and Asian movies

bemhI’ve been watching a lot of Indian (dots, not feathers) and Asian movies lately.   There’s something special about them and I know what it is.

I really enjoy seeing people who have culture and traditions and value their family above all else.  There are so many cultures around the world who are like that.  It his highly unfortunate that I live in the United States where anything goes and nobody gives a shit.

In a culture of Beer and Sex, where I don’t like one and can’t have the other, I find it sad and empty.  At least I can watch movies from other lands and know that somewhere out there are people who actually live lives of love and caring.  Thank God for that.


New Star Wars. Not excited.

strwrsThe new Star Wars movie is about to hit the theaters.  I wish I was excited about it but I feel nothing.  Maybe because I was burned before with the last three.

Maybe it’s because of all the annoying marketing of crap that cheapens it.

Maybe because the original Star Wars was so special to me.  I was nine in 1977 when it the first episode came out.  It was the perfect age to be.  Star Wars was the first kind of epic movie with special effects ever.  It was new and fresh and amazing.   Now I see kids acting like it’s special to them but it can’t be.  There’s no way they could properly appreciate it anyway.  Fakers!

What’s with the stupid BB8 robot?  Why do people think is so special.  Looks like crap to me.  We don’t even know anything about it yet.

At least John Williams will be doing the music.  Points there.

At least the original actors will be back. Points there.

The story better be good.

I don’t know.  I’m not getting excited about it until I see it. I’ll let you know if it sucks or not.  I’ll see it in January after the masses have finished crowding the way.


Quick moview review – Crazy, Stupid Love

cslI just watched Crazy, Stupid Love. I’m not a big Steve Carell fan but I like him better when he’s not trying to be funny.

Basically, a divorced man meets a swank guy in a bar who teaches him how to dress and to pick up women in bars.  A lot of other boring stuff happens too but that’s the main point that I was concerned with.

Like Cal, I am a guy who wears tennis shoes, has a Supercuts haircut and uses a velcro wallet.  Comfort, affordability and efficiency.  What else is there?

Cal dresses up and picks up a lot of shallow women before eventually getting his wife back.  Who didn’t expect that?

On a personal note, I don’t see myself becoming “that guy”.  I have no need to dress up in a bunch of layers of clothing in 105 degree San Antonio weather.  I only have one suit and it’s from Walmart.   I also can’t imagine being interested in any woman who would have sex on the first date.  Hardly classy.  Not even realistic.  Women don’t want men anymore anyway.

Will I be alone forever?  My sources point to Yes.  But that’s OK.  Maybe one day some girl will like me for who and what I am and we won’t have to go though all the unnecessary crap to pretend we are not ourselves.  Homey don’t play that.


Quick Movie Review – Jesus Christ Superstar

jscrsprstrYeah,  I know it’s old.  But that’s what makes is special.  Released in 1973 back when I was, like, five.

If you have any nostalgia at all for the 70s whether you lived them or just appreciate them you will like some of the aspects of this movie based on an Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera.  You will recognize some of the songs at least.

I love the way the movie opens with a long shot of the middle east desert.  A bus full of hippies leaves a dusty trail in the sand and pulls up to the scene to unload props and get dressed in their costumes.

I love the combination of a period story and the juxtaposition of modern elements like clothing and machine guns.  Tanks and fighter jets torment Judas in the dunes.  It’s cool stuff!  A truly modern version might have people pulling out cell phones.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this movie though it would help a little to know the story of Jesus.  You know the basics surely.

It’s cool at the end how the hippies all get back in their bus and drive off into the distance.

You should see it at least once.  Jesus Christ Superstar.


Heaven is for real?

hifrThere’s a movie out called, “Heaven Is for Real.”  It’s about a boy who experienced Heaven during a near-death experience.  He also recalls things that happened before his birth.  A story that has been told plenty of times over the years.

So, Is Heaven for real?  All I can say is, I seriously hope not.

The last thing I need after an interminable life that just goes on and on is either an eternal existence or worse, being reincarnated and have to spend another lifetime on Earth.   What happens if this keeps happening again and again?

If there is a god, I can’t imagine he would allow such a terrible thing to happen.  The best gift of your whole life would be to allow it to end peacefully and permanently.

I know that the majority of people want there to be a Heaven or to be reincarnated.  Personally, I can’t imagine even wanting that.  Enough is enough.  Why would you want more?  I do not find any consolation in the possibility of eternal life.

Quick movie review – We’re the Millers

wethmlrsWe’re the Millers was not exactly what I expected.  It was actually better.

A small-time drug dealer gets robbed and the boss sends him to Mexico to pick up a shipment and smuggle it across the border to make up for his debt.

He decides that a good cover would be to acts as a family on vacation in their RV.  He puts together a family composed of a neighbor, a stripper and a homeless girl.

I actually enjoyed the movie.  It is actually something that I would like to do.  Not the drug smuggling part, though I could use half a million.  But the pretend family.  I can never have a real family but if I could just have a pretend one for just a little while it would be a wonderful experience.

A good movie for lonely guys.

Quick Movie Review – The Purge

thprgThe Purge is a movie with a seriously twisted premise.

Once a year, the government allows 12 hours of murder from 7pm to 7am in order to reduce the population.  A family locks down their house in an attempt to survive the purge.  Their young son brings in a homeless man who is out in the street pleading for help.

I have to admit that this was one movie that I could not predict what would happen next.  That’s kind of a nice thing.

The whole idea of a government sponsored night of murder doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m all for reducing the extra population but I would prefer a more humane process like putting a genetically engineered virus in beer to sterilize all the common people.  An antidote might be mad available for those who apply for a breeding license.

Overall, The Purge is not a bad movie.  I’m glad I didn’t pay big money to see it in the theater though.