Goodbye August and don’t come back!

Finally!  August is over.  Truly the cruelest month.  Almost every day this month we suffered through temperatures over 100 degrees. 

I love the months ending in ber.  It’s like Burrrr as in cold.  Not actually “cold” in Texas but “not as hot”.

Screw you, August!  You die now!




The other night I was trying to think of a proper way to describe the way I feel.  Words like Anger, frustration and lonely describe symptoms but don’t describe the overall feeling.  Finally a word popped into my head that sums it up pretty well:

Forlorn  -adjective

1. a. Appearing sad or lonely because deserted or

b. Forsaken or deprived: forlorn of all hope.
2. Wretched or pitiful in appearance or condition:
forlorn roadside shacks.
3. Nearly hopeless; desperate.

I feel good!

I feel good today.  I wanted to share that because it doesn’t happen very often.  I took the day off from work, had lunch at Subway,went to the hardware store then got a few groceries and did a lot of great work on my TARDIS project.  I ran naked in the back yard sprinkler then went to band practice.  It was WAY better than work.  I am considering calling in well tomorrow.

Work is depressing.  I should quit.  I could be doing so many great things rather this sitting there wasting my life.

I feel energetic!  I feel like life is worth living.  I don’t want the day to end.  It’s really nice.  Usually I’m tired, ready for bed and wishing I was dead.  Work is bad.  It’s how the man holds us down and puts us in our places.  Normal people can’t see that since they are stuck in the Matrix.  I had a peek outside today. I don’t want to go back in.

The next day:

Argh!  So much for feeling good.  I spent a day at work in Mundania and watched my life get sucked away.  Now I feel bad again.  There has to be a better way.

Hamster Music

As I was having lunch today at Subway I listened to the music playing from the corner speakers.  The radio seemed to be on the hamster music station.  One after another tiny voice songs played.  I was going to Shazam it to see what it was when a song ended and they announced that it was Britney Spears.  It seems hamster music is quite popular.  All the little girls singing in their little squeeky voices going “ah ah oh oh ah ah oh oh”.   Funny stuff!  See Hamsterdance for a comparison.