Domestic Violence: Who’s fault is it? Really?

dmstkvlncEvery day I see reports on the news of domestic violence.  It always makes me wonder.

Women throughout history have always made the mistake of falling for the bad guy.  Is it any surprise that the bad guy is, well, bad?  What did you expect?

It has always been said that Nice Guys Finish Last.  It’s strange just how true it is considering the massive problem with the logic.  Women are supposed to be programmed to seek out the best mate in order for her to procreate.  As bizarre as that is, it is left over from the animal instinct we had in the early days of mankind.  Back then a woman needed a strong person who was bad enough to be able to protect her from whatever may be out there.

Those animal instincts fail to keep up with evolution.  In today’s society, there is no need to fight physically for survival.  The real winner is the man who is smart, gentle and has a quality future.  It’s hard to believe that women are still attracted to the big bad thug who is doomed to dwell in the dregs of life.  You can pretty much tell when you see this guy.  You know he’s going to beat you just by how he looks.  Still. He’s the one you want?  Hmmm.

So if a women decides that a person like that is right for her, then who’s fault is it really?  Don’t blame the bad man.  You picked him.  This is your Life-Choice.  Don’t blow it.



Justice for Bill Cosby

bcsbyI can’t believe what I am seeing.  How can the world treat Bill Cosby in such a horrible manner?

Bill is charged with multiple cases of sexual assault.  He could not only be sued but end up doing time in prison.

This is totally insane. These women are obviously lying about all these terrible things they claim he did to them.  This is the man who did the educational children’s show “Picture pages” when I was a kid.  This is the man who created “Fat Albert“;  a show I watched every Saturday morning teaching children life lessons.  This is the man who sold us Jello Pudding!  This is the man who played the most moral person on TV in “The Cosby Show” teaching the world that black people can be quality citizens.  This is the man who urged his own people to straighten up and fly right.  This man was given the Humanitarian Award by President Bush.  This man had an incredibly positive impact on the entire planet.

I can’t even see how any judge or jury could even entertain the theory the he would sexually assault a bunch of women.  “This is just stupid. Case dismissed!  BAM!”

Even if he did do such things, I think he deserves a free pass.  He should be allowed to rape any woman he wants freely.  Not that he could possibly do that.  I would think that these women would be honored to have had sex with Bill Cosby.  “I had sex with Bill Cosby!  Wooooo!”  How can they pay him back this way?

I certainly hope that if they continue to slander him and ruin his life and my childhood memories by sending him to prison, that President Trump will grant him a full pardon.

This is not the dimension I grew up in.  What have you people done?


Zika – The virus we’ve been waiting for?

zkaAccording to the World Health Organization, the Zika Virus is “spreading explosively”.  This virus, commonly transmitted by mosquitos, is known for a brain abnormality called Microcephaly in children.

For many decades we’ve been waiting for the virus that will render the world infertile in order to reduce the extra population.   Although not exactly what we wanted, it has the potential as it spread around the world to make people think twice about having all those children.



Mein Kampf

mnkmf2I just saw on the news today that Germany is finally allowing Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf” to be sold in bookstores.

I have to tell you that I have been quite curious to read this book but have been holding back.  I’m already borderline racist and angry so I worry that reading this book might push me over the edge.

Personally, I don’t think Hitler was the bad guy everyone made him out to be.  History is told form the point of view of the winner.  Sure he killed a lot of people but there was method in his madness.  He was working to improve the world.  Consider the awesome Utopian society we would currently be enjoying if he hadn’t been stopped.   Everyone living the good life.  There would be no racial tension.  No religious war.  Just one planet of similar people working toward the space age future we should be experiencing right now but aren’t.   I feel cheated.

I guess I’ll have to read it otherwise I will never know.  Maybe they should make a movie.


Bill Cosby charged with Sexual Assault in Philadelphia

csbyToday, Bill Cosby was charged with Sexual Assault in Philadelphia involving a relationship with Andrea Constand.  She claims Cosby drugged her and assaulted her while she was unconscious.  So far a total of 50 women are claiming sexual assault.

I don’t know about you but there’s just no way. No possible way.

Why would such a nice guy ever even consider doing something like that?  He could have any women he wanted with just a word.  I think these bitches are full of crap and are either trying to cash in or are set up in some kind of masterminded plot to destroy the morale of the population.

Even if he had done such a thing I would think these chicks would be honored to have had sex with such a huge celebrity.

I’ll never understand this planet.  Bitches be crazy.


Where is Political Correctness coming from?

nopcI just can’t figure it out.  Political Correctness has come out of nowhere and crippled the United States.  Where did this virus come from?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people and overheard conversations.  I’ve seen the TV shows mocking Political Correctness.  Nobody is Pro-PC so why is this happening to us?  Nobody likes it yet here it is.  Yet again my mind is boggling.

What is behind this?  Is it space aliens?  It must be because it is not the humans.  If it is the humans, why are they so hard to find and if they are so invisible, how do they have so much power?

Some of the new presidential candidates are admitted anti-PC.  I can only hope that we are not so badly infected that someone, anyone, can stop it.  Any anti-PC  candidate gets a big plus in my book.

This is such a weird time in Earth’s history.  I’m not sure if I’m excited about living in such strange times or not.  It’s both interesting and sucking at the same time.  When will we wake up from this PC nightmare?