Extra Vacation days!

vcnWooo!   I just found out that I have three days of unexpected vacation.  The system shows 27 hours that I didn’t think should be there but who’s to complain??

I’m going to sprinkle them in in the next few weeks to spend time working on my new house.  BONUS!!!!



Another weekend, another wall.

Another weekend finally came and I was able to head out to my country property and work on my house.

I was able to lift the 4th exterior wall into place using a wall jack. (Last section on the left in the picture.)  I was working by myself this time so it was more difficult but I was able to manage.  I’m starting to get the process down.

After struggling it into place, I was a shaking a bit by the exertion and the danger of it all.  I took a lunch break and decided to spend the rest of the time working on the related interior walls to help keep it steady.  I built the 12 foot tall, 9-foot section of the utility room then the 8 foot tall, 8-foot section that encloses the shower.  Interior walls are much lighter since they have no OSB sheathing so I can lift even the 12-foot sections easily by myself.

By the time that was done, I had spent four hours working without much rest and was spent.  I cleaned up all the tools, 2×4 remnants and sawdust then wandered around looking at it all to see if it was satisfactory work.  I was quite satisfied.

Four out of sixteen exterior wall segments are done and two and a half interior rooms are complete.   I just need two more interior segments to finish off the bathroom.  The shower and laundry room are done.  Each room is quite large in comparison with standard rooms of these types.  The space feels good.  I think I did a great job on the design.

I would like to say I’ve impressed myself again.  Maybe I have.  I impress myself so often that it has become commonplace.

I have only a few more weeks left of 9-6 work life and I will be free to work on it anytime I want.  In the meantime, through the end of the year, I’ll be hitting it on weekends weather permitting.  I could use some help but not having any available most of the time, I’ll have to hit it alone.

Wish me luck and safety!


Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Well,  Next Thursday.  Today I was watching Young Sheldon and they were at the dinner table giving thanks.  It made me think.

I’ve never done this thankfulness thing at the table so I wondered what I would say should it happen to me this year.

I would have to say that I am thankful for 40 years of loneliness and depression because it offered me the opportunity to save enough money to retire at 50, move out into the country and reinvent my life while I’m still young enough to do it.

Yeah, I gave up a lot and missed out on a lot of youthful life experiences but in retrospect, it’s over and done so why not look at it in a positive light.  I now have the opportunity that few people ever have in an entire lifetime.

So I never had a close friend.  So I never had a girlfriend or a wife.  I’ll never have children.  I do get a fresh start.  Anything can happen.  I’m born again.  Hmm!  Maybe I’ll have a new birthday now!


Back in my cage

cgdhmstrWell, my vacation is over and I’m back in my cage again.  I’m trying not to think about the partially framed house that is just sitting out there waiting for me to work on it again.

Very difficult.  It hurts.  My only happiness is that the weekend will eventually come and I will be free to get back to it.  And in just about 48 days I will be free forever.

I must bide my time….  Freedom is coming.  Freedom is coming. Freedom is coming.

RIP Apple Watch


I should have learned my lesson last time yet I tried again.   I do not have what it takes to repair apple devices.  This is the second one I have ruined doing something as simple as replacing a battery.

Last time it was my iPhone.  I tried to replace the screen and ended up shorting out the connectors because they just wouldn’t snap into place.

This time it was my Apple Watch.  It was the old Original watch from way back.  I never really wore it much because wearing watches makes my wrist hot.  They should make a magnetic watch.  You have a magnet implanted in your wrist then the watch just sticks to you.  Feel free to patent that and just give me 1% of the profits.

Once day I noticed that the watch battery had expanded and pushed off the screen.  Thanks Apple!  Preciate that!   I ordered a replacement battery and successfully installed it but then the screen wouldn’t stay on due to the adhesive not sticking.  I ordered some new adhesive.  To put on the adhesive, you have to remove the screen completely.  I successfully did that, installed the new adhesive and reattached the screen.  The connector retaining clip snapped in with a satisfying click so I assumed it was properly attached. I considered just leaving it off because it seems unnecessary.  I turned the watch on and tested the screen to make sure it still worked.  I started to push the screen back into place.  It didn’t quite seem to seat right so I pressed harder.  I checked the screen to find that it was extremely dim.  I lifted the unseated screen to find that the damn clip had not clicked into place and had moved.  It had shorted out my backlight.

You bitch!!!  So basically the watch is unusable.  I  searched the internet for replacement screens.  We’re talking $89 here.  Nope.  Not worth that.  I’ve already spent $50 on a battery and adhesive.  I guess you’re done, watch.

I’m sad but not too sad.  I used it mostly to monitor my heart rate.  The screen was really just too small to be usable anyway.  I would have to put on my glasses if I was going to do anything at all on it.  Even when you can see it, it was virtually pointless.  I won’t be needing it anyway.  I’m leaving the Muggle world in a few months anyway.  I’ll have no use for it.  There are other alternatives for heart rate monitoring if I decide I want one.

Screw you Apple!  I don’t need your shit.

Week One – 1/4 of exterior framing done!

How about that?  My country house is actually being built.

A friend from high school and her son spent four straight days helping me build the exterior walls.  I ordered a bunch of lumber that was delivered on Tuesday and we got busy.

I’m taking my annual 5-day vacation so we got a lot done as I didn’t have to spend the whole days sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen.  The picture above shows four 10-foot wall sections.  The fourth is still lying down because we ran out of daylight.  Thank you Daylight Saving Time for making it get dark at 6:00.  Doesn’t that bother anyone?  Still, Four sections is not bad.  You might think it would go faster but it takes quite some time to build, sheathe and raise a section.

Don’t yell at me for doing 10 foot sections.  Most people do 16 ft or more but I chose to do 10 to keep it manageable by a tiny group of amateurs.  It’s a good thing I did that too because even 10 feet is quite heavy, unwieldy and rather dangerous when you don’t have a whole crew of manly men to muscle it up there. Some sections are easier than others depending on whether there are windows or doors.  As we went along, we got a bit more efficient.

I started with a corner for stability.  Before I continue with the exterior pieces, I will probably do parts of the interior walls to make it even more stable as I continue around the outside.  I’m not always going to have help but the interior walls will be lighter since they have no sheathing.  Just drywall to be applied later.  I think I can handle them myself.  I’ll continue to build the exterior sections on the ground but wait until I can get some assistance to raise them.  I think that will work out.

So how am I handling this mentally?  I find it to be best not to think about it.  When I do think about it, I still feel a bit freaked out about the meaning of it all.  It represents a massive change in my life.  I keep hoping I’m not making a big mistake but I don’t see any reasonable alternative.   I think it will be fine and awesome!  It’s not like I haven’t been planning this for the majority of my life.  Seriously.  Ever since I was a kid, getting the hell out of the city has been my life goal.  Way too many people here and it just keeps getting worse every day.  I need room to breathe and move.  It’s turning out like some horrible Twilight Zone episode where the world has become so crowded that people can’t even walk.  I’m glad I’m staking my claim of land while land still exists.  I don’t think such things will be possible much longer.

So wish me luck and safe construction.  I sure hope I can do this.


A Taste of the Freedom to Come


My vacation is finally here.  There is some kind of rule that Bank employees must take a whole week of contiguous days vacation.  That day has finally come.

I strategically scheduled my time off to coincide with cool weather and a finished house foundation.   I’m going to spend most of this week out in the country framing the walls of my new house.

Along with two weekends and a holiday, I have 10 days off.  I can’t remember the last time I had that much time away from work.  Maybe it was my Hawaiian vacation a number of years ago.  It might have been two weeks.

Got it feels good to be free.  Once my vacation is over I will have only 5-7 weeks of work left before I quit to work full time on my new house.   Unlimited freedom is within my grasp.

I love it when a plan comes together.