Trip Report – RV at Medina Lake Oct 2016


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Day One:

img_0826I had 1.5 days left of my Use it or Lose it vacation and the year is running out quickly. A rare fall cool front passed through San Antonio and being outside would finally be nice so I took Friday off, loaded up the RV and headed for nearby Medina Lake. I rolled in around 11:00 am and found a nice quiet spot right up near the water. Funny how a Motorhome changes from being a large mechanism to a home as soon as you get it to your destination. Hard to describe. After setting up and plugging in, I spent my first day reading in my hammock. I’m reading a new book called, “The Magicians”  It’s kind of Harry Potter-esque but with adult situations.  So far it is an enjoyable read.  It’s hard to find a good book these days.

The sky was clear blue but the cold front made the breeze cold. Not cold enough to wear long pants but cold enough to make me keep moving around the dappled shade so I could feel the warm sunbeam through the trees. Exactly opposite of what we do here during the summer where shade is your friend.

I decided to ride my bike around the campground to look at the other RVs. I saw quite a few dispersed among the trees but few people. Just the way I like it. After three miles of riding I arrived back at camp where I waded in the warm water for a bit. It’s kind of weird to feel the water being warm when the breeze is cool and dry. I could have gone swimming but the muddy and rocky lake bed made my feet hurt just thinking about it. A little too cool anyway. I brought my little swimsuit but didn’t really plan to use it except maybe in the hot tub.

A guy pulled up in a car to a spot across the street from me and set up a tent. He then got in the car and disappeared for a few hours. He came back and unloaded some clothes and drove off again. People are weird.

I read for a few more hours until it was around 5:00. It had been so quiet except for a few birds singing and ducks chasing each other in the water. The occasional boat buzzed by and some boys down at the dock were swimming. I was really enjoying the peace. Silence is hard to come by. Unfortunately it was short lived. As I started to prepare my Boca Burger dinner, traffic started to pick up. The weekend masses were arriving apparently leaving town right after their kids got home from school. Rattling diesel trucks slowly crawled by filled with Mexican families looking for somewhere to make a lot of noise.

img_0827A family decided that they liked the place thee spots down and poured out to set up a tent. They tied their yap-dog to the picnic table where he proceeded to bark like a mouse for the next 30 minutes until somebody finally paid attention to him. Five children milled about making all sorts of racket while they unpacked the truck. I’m doing my best to let life be and not get upset about the actions of crazy people but these are trying times.

I finished my dinner and watched the news on the TV, surprised to see that I got very good reception out here. After that I went out to my hammock to read and watch the sunset. I was pleasantly surprised to see the family decide that they didn’t like that spot and packed up. They noisily loaded up the truck then rattled off down the road. Peace once again swept in from the lake. See. If you use the force, you can influence the weak-minded.

img_0829I read as the sun dipped behind the hills on the other side of the lake and the warmth evaporated into the darkening sky. A black SUV blaring country music pulled into a spot across from me and vomited a family of screaming kids. The country music did not stop and the kids ran around like noisy ants while their parents set up the tent. Oy Vey. Serenity now. I’m here to relax. I’m going to let stupidity be stupidity.

In the spot down from me previously vacated I watched jeep pulling a small trailer. I recognized them as noobs right away as they pulled in forward and tried to stretch their water and electric cable across to the other side. They eventually wizened up and spent the next 30 minutes maneuvering their brand new trailer into the spot backwards so everything lines up. I’m not supposed to judge others. Remember.

Tomorrow, being Saturday, is sure to be a madhouse. I’m going to make it my duty to take it as it comes and not lose my chill. Bring it on humans.

As it quickly got dark, I decided against a campfire and went in and watched a movie. Independence Day Resurgence. It was OK. After that I was sleepy so I took a nice hot shower and went to bed. Try that in a tent. Goodnight Siri.

Day 2:

It was a cold night at the lake. Siri said it was 46 when I woke up at 9:00. I was glad I brought an electric heater with me. The RV has a central heating system that works but why use it if a little space heater will do the trick. I opened the blinds to see another blue sky with sun streaming through the trees. Not having to do anything, I spent the morning laying on the couch under my blanket watching reruns of Deep Space Nine that I torrented a while back.

After a bit of breakfast I went back out to my hammock to read some more. There were now two abandoned tents across the street. The guy had come back overnight but left shortly after I woke up. Country Music People were gone. YAY! I don’t know where they would go but I’m not complaining.

The campgrounds were serene again. A man fished at the water’s edge and caught a fish. Impressive. Boats buzzed by. A woodpecker intently tapped at a tiny branch up in the tree. Small pieces of wood fell down over the picnic table. I enjoyed the cool breeze and sun until it was time for some lunch. I made my mom’s famous Creamed Tuna on Toast.

img_0833It was getting warm so I put on my shorts and walked along the waterline to a small floating dock. I promptly took off my shoes and sat on the edge of the dock dangling my feet in the still-warm water. As I sat there I watched a family put their boat into the water then stream away to who knows where for a day of fun with each other. I dried my feet and walked back to the RV. On the way I saw three kids swimming in the water still wearing shirts. It’s really a shame that everyone doesn’t swim naked these days. What is this world coming to?

It was a great time to go for a bike ride so I made my rounds again. There were significantly more RVs in the various slots. Most looking abandoned and very few with people sitting outside enjoying the weather. I waved at them and they waved back. It was about two miles of riding before I got back to my RV. The breeze is now coming from the south and it is feeling much warmer. I put on my little blue bathing suit and went back out to the hammock wearing almost nothing for a little more reading.

A squirrel carefully came up to me. I looked at him without moving. He looked at me then crawled right under my hammock. I wished he would jump up and lay on my stomach while I petted him but obviously that would not happen. He skittered away eventually.

In the distance, a girl sat alone in the sun on the dock I was just recently at. I imagined myself walking over there and meeting her. Then her husband would come over and punch me in the face knocking me into the water. You know that would happen.

img_0832I read some more. Having been mostly in the shade all day I decided I could go get some sun. I walked down to the water’s edge past a group of ducks sitting under a nearby small tree. They honked at me. They look like ducks but sound like geese. Weird. I meandered up and down the waterfront in my area looking for rocks to skip. There were a lot of rocks but not many good enough for skipping. I guess they’ve all been skipped already.
The sun felt really nice on my bare back as I looked around for rocks and waded in the water. I often hope that as I am out there, someone will notice me. Hey, Check out that slender, smooth skinned, tanned guy in the little bathing suit. He’s so hot! I’m going to go over there right now and give him a blow job… Never seems to happen. The invisibility curse placed on me when I turned 16 by the old lady in the mansion down the street when I went into her yard for my frisbee makes that impossible. I live with it but sometimes it can be really difficult.

img_0835It was almost 5:00 and I was getting a bit hungry so I poured some old match-light charcoal into my portable grill and doused it in lighter fluid. Match light charcoal is great when it is young but after a year it dries out and won’t light on its own. I lit it up and let it coalify while I prepared my Sweet Potato and Jalapeno Ranch Style beans. Tonight I’m grilling a nice T-Bone steak. I’m supposed to be vegetarian for health reasons but my last cholesterol test was below the scale so I think it’s OK to have the occasional steak on special occasions. A relaxing weekend away from the world is a very special occasion.

After lunch. More reading. I really lucked out. Weird Guy and Country Music People never returned to their tents. How weird is that. I think my anti-noise spell messed up their GPS so they couldn’t find their way back. I really enjoyed my Saturday. The only annoying noise was some people with jet-skis being dicks. As the sun sank below the hills again, I went inside and watched a movie I had recorded during my free HBO weekend, “The 33”. The story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped in a collapse.

When the movie was over, it was still early. I started to watch “Speed Racer” but after 30 minutes decided it was far too dumb. I turned off the TV and stepped outside. The air was chilly but not as cold as yesterday. The humidity was starting to return. The sky was still pretty clear so I grabbed my blanket and went back to my hammock to ponder the sky. The wind was calm but a slight cool breeze wafted against my face bringing with it the sweet smell of campfires. One of my favorite smells. The crickets chirped and in the distance…the unmistakable and predictable bass line of Mexican music. I looked up at all the stars that cannot be seen in the city. I could make out the faint cloud of the Milky Way stretching across the sky. Looking at the stars and thinking about the vast distances between them always makes one realize just how stupid are the things we think are important. I considered sleeping there under the stars tonight since my blanket was keeping me perfectly warm. Unfortunately the curvature of the hammock was not good for long term use. I waited until I saw a meteor slash across the sky just as a thin whiff of clouds began to devour the stars. That’s all folks.

I headed back inside ready for bed. Goodnight stars. Good night Siri.

Day 3:

I woke up around 8:30. Weird guy had come back during the night. His back seat is full of cloths and cardboard boxes. Looks like his wife kicked him our or something. Country Music People are still gone. They left their tent and a small fridge plugged into the power outlet by the road. Weird. But I don’t judge people anymore.

I watched another episode of Deep Space Nine and had some cereal for breakfast then cleaned up the stuff laying around the RV a bit in preparation for leaving a little later. I went outside to appreciate the lake a little more before it was time to go. I sat in the hammock reading a bit and watched the neighbors pack their stuff for the trip back to Mundania. It’s too bad that my time-stopping spell still doesn’t work. Not sure what the deal is.

At 9:40 on the dot, a cool breeze picked up and I suffered it out for a while. The clouds had not broken yet and it was cold enough to start making my fingers feel numb. Most of the neighboring RVs had packed and left so I figured I would do so as well. I still have laundry and stuff to do at home before the weekly drudge kicks in on Monday. I travel light so it didn’t take me very long to get the ship ready to roll. I packed my chair, hammock and stowed my bike. I lowered the antenna and raised the landing gear then warmed up the engine. After emptying my liquid load at the dump station I headed out down the two lane highway eventually passing the ever-expanding boundary line between Awesomeness and the Land of Infinite Houses and Traffic Lights.

Dreamblog – College again.


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I was in college again walking to my next class.  I totally forgot to bring my books and notepad.  I considered going home to get them but then I would never make it to class on time so I decided to just go to the bookstore and buy a notebook.

I was wearing my hovershoes again and was skimming above the ground to the bookstore when I came across an old childhood friend.  He was taking college very seriously and had almost finished all his classes.  I was impressed.  I hated college and had been in and out over the years.

I went on to my class where I didn’t need my stuff anyway since they were showing a movie.


Heart health update


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hrthlthIt has been a couple of months since my near heart attack and I’ve learned a lot about Heart Disease and eating a heart-healthy diet.  I still have a long way to go but I seem to have significantly improved my numbers.

My local grocery store does a screening on the 2nd saturday of each month.  I decided to give it a shot.  They do all the tests right there using portable meters rather than sending a vial of blood off the the lab.  I’m taking these results with a grain of potassium because a meter will never be as good as a real lab test but at lest it gives me an idea for now.

My LDL (Bad) cholesterol is somewhere below 40.  I don’t know the actual number because the meter doesn’t go below 40.  Either way that’s a good thing if it is true.  You want it to be less than 70.  I’m wondering if it might be dangerous to have a LDL that is too low.  Question for the doctor.  I owe my low LDL to the fact that I’ve had little to no meat at all over the last two months.  I really don’t miss it all that much.  Meat seems to have been more of a habit than a requirement.  There are plenty of alternatives that are devoid of cholestrol and saturated fats.

My HDL (Good) cholesterol is still low at 27 where it should be above 40 and preferably higher.   I’m surprised at this number because HDL is boosted by eating omega-3 foods like fish, flax seed and other things that I am totally eating.  It is also raised by getting exercise.  I’ve been walking 2-3 miles or biking 4-5 miles almost every night.  I really expected to see the HDL number higer.

My total Cholesterol is 100 and is good as 150 or less is recommended.

Other than statins for cholesterol, I’m also taking a couple of blood pressure pills that seem to be helping a bit.  My BP ranges between 120 and 150 systolic.  Kind of high still but time on the drugs and exercise should help.  As one gets older, blood pressure naturally goes up.  I hope I can keep it under control.

High blood pressure is also caused by stress.  I caused myself a lot of stress over the last 20 years so I’m sure that was a major contributing factor to my issue.  I feel that I have gotten it under control in the last few years but the damage is done.  I still have more work to do but I am feeling far better about controlling stress.

HBP is also caused by salt.  The American diet is LOADED with salt.  That’s really a shame because it’s everywhere and we love it.  Unfortunately it is also death.  Cutting salt has been difficult.  It’s not too hard when you cook at home but you can’t avoid it when you eat out.  Eventually you get used to not eating all the salt and food tastes just fine without it or at least much less of it.

My doctor said to see him in 6 months but I think that is too long.  I’m sure most people who have arteriosclerosis blow it off so the doctors don’t care if the patients don’t.   I figure I might as well fight it so I plan on calling to get a real blood lab done and discuss it with him as well as all the other questions I have.

51oj3kxawvl-_sl160_I’ve read a few books that have been extremely helpful.  If you have or have a family history of blocked arteries then I highly recommend reading The Simple Heart Cure: The 90-Day Program to Stop and Reverse Heart Disease.  It was written by a cardiologist who was also blindsided by heart disease so I’m sure he knows what he is talking about.  He does a great job of explaining the situation as well as offering a plan to prevent or reverse heart disease to get you back on track.  I’ve read it twice.  Get it if you value your life.

Overall I feel like I did before it happened.  I’m not sure why I am fighting it considering I don’t really have much to live for but I guess it’s human nature to want to live.  I also have to see what happens when Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president.  You know it is going to be weird and interesting.  Besides, maybe I will eventually achieve my meager yet almost impossible goals in life.  I’ll never know if I don’t live long enough.  Life is short anyway.  There will be plenty of time to be dead later.



Thinking is bad


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thnkngIt’s the age-old lesson I keep forgetting so easily.  Even when I was far younger, I learned that thinking is bad.  Human nature seems to get in the way though.

My particular form of stress seems to come from within.  I am often at war with myself about what I think I want.  Occasionally I fall into a nice place where I just don’t think about those things.  When that happens, life feels easier and runs smoothly.  It feels really good. It always goes back to desire if you analyze it.  There will always be desire but if you can just not dwell on it then those desires just aren’t as important as you thought.  Perhaps they never were.

Reality is truly a creation of your own mind.  You can decide to wallow in stress or just let it go.

Let it goooo.  Let it gooooooo.  


Letting it go is not really that hard but life is short and if you let it go and never get it back, then you die without ever having the experience you so desired.  That’s not good either.  What is a person to do?  Logic says to find a happy medium where if you know you can never have it then you shouldn’t spend all your life stressing over it.  Can you just let something that means everything go?

Here we are thinking again.  Bad Max!  BAD boy!

I am considering that if you end up never attaining what you want then you should find something else.  Or just give it up.  If it was meant to be then it will happen.

The point here is that stress is caused by thinking.  Overthinking.  Obsessing over the impossible.  It’s not going to get you anywhere other than the hospital in one way or another.

I rather enjoy the feeling when I’m not thinking about things.  Perhaps that is what it is like for the regular people.  All those zombies I see all around me every day.  I long to be one of them.  Wandering the earth with not a care in the world other than beer, music and sex.  How sweet would that be?  Give me some of that!


Dreamblog – Biking to the Post Office


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pstofcI was riding my bike to the post office to mail a letter for my mom as I had done a million times before in my childhood.  As I rode the familiar path, I remember telling myself, “If I told myself I would still be doing this in my 40s I would never believe it.”

Things had changed since my childhood and I ended up going too far.  I turned around trying to remember where the building was.  I drove through a small parking lot that at one time was a Piggly Wigly back in the 70s and nearly got run over by two cars.

I finally turned into the post office parking lot and leaned my bike up against the window.  The place had been remodeled and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see my bike from inside to keep an eye on it.  It turned out that I would only be a few steps away from the glass.

I saw multiple slots on the wall labeled everything except what you would expect for plain old mail.  I asked the people there which slot I use for regular mail.  A woman behind the glass was animatedly telling me which slot but there was no opening in the glass to talk through so I could not hear a word she was saying.

As I waited in line, I noticed that the envelope was not sealed properly.  I licked it and tried to reseal but ended up tearing it.  I started to reseal it with scotch tape as people kept cutting in front of me. I noticed that the vertical blinds on the front windows were now closed.  I couldn’t see my bike anymore.

I finally asked the lady in front of me where I can just mail a letter.  One of the employees heard my questing and started to tell me but was not making any sense.  I finally decided to go ride down the street in search of a mailbox.

I walked outside and found my bike to be gone.  Stolen!  Bastards!

I went back into the Post Office and started yelling about how they could not have a place to lock up your bike while you stood in line for 30 minutes!  I was pissed off!

I woke up feeling very unpleasant.


New Neighbors – No more naked swimming.


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uhtrkAw Man!

Looks like the house next to me is not going to be vacant anymore.  I heard a large boom and looked out the window to see a moving truck in the driveway.

People have come and gone from that house over the years I’ve lived here.  At least it was empty all summer long and I got to enjoy swimming naked without wondering if I am offending someone next door.  It’s a shame that people might be offended by our natural form but there it is.

On the bonus side, they are white and I saw them unpack a rake so maybe they will take care of their yard instead of 5 foot tall weeds blowing seeds into my manicured lawn.  They are young and have two children.  One is a girl.  I haven’t seen the other yet.  Being white and having young children, I expect they will not play loud bomping music and have large parties all night long.  Nice.  The rent on that house is around $1200 a month so if they have enough money for that then they must be decent people with good jobs.

I told myself that when someone moves in I would go over and help them unload the truck but I totally don’t feel like it.  Shame on me.  I’m such an asshole. Oh well, I can always meet them later when the work is done.

I was hoping for a single person around my age who could come out and play but I guess a nice quiet family would be a good second place.

I’m going to miss swimming naked and getting my all-over tan.  Bummer.  I’ll still swim naked at night.  It will suck having to wear clothes while doing yard work.  How sweet would it be if they were nudists too?  Unlikely.   There aren’t enough smart people out there who understand.  Too many closed minded people on this planet.  (Clothes minded. HA!)



Please don’t kill me


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kdpryDear God.

I know I’ve been praying for death for the last 30 years but now that you are attempting to grant my wish, I think I would like to take it back.

There’s nothing like a serious brush with mortality to change a person’s way of thinking.  Thank you for the Heart Disease but if you could take it back I would like to take another crack at life.  I know a lot won’t change but I have a different attitude now and I think I can be happy enough to make life worth living.

You only live once and there are quite a few things I would like to experience before it ends.  I am going to make a list. A so-called bucket list so I might have something to strive for.  It would be a shame to die without ever having even lived.

If it is too late and your will must be done, I will accept it.  If you really think about it, personal experiences won’t mean anything to me when I’m dead anyway.  Kind of makes you wonder what the point of life is.   Life is for the living.  I think I would like to be one of them for a little longer.  Why not get all you can out of it.



Taking back your time


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tkbktmSince my near heart attack last month, I’ve come to feel that my time is more valuable than ever.  It’s just like anything else that becomes worth more when there is less of it.

My time is already limited and hard to come by.  Out of a 24 hour day, I have at most, three hours to myself to rest and restore.  I’m not even a workaholic.  Just the regular day has gotten very tiny.

I get up at 6:30 and leave the house at 7:00 to get to work by 8:00.  A 12 mile journey through traffic that takes an hour.  What?

Work is from 8 to 5.  I leave at 5 sharp because life is more valuable than work.  It takes me another hour to get home.  It’s now 6PM.

IF I have no time burglars to steal it, I have three precious hours to myself before I have to go to bed at 9 in order to be asleep by 10 so I can get at least 8 hours of glorious sleep which is still inadequate.

So three hours of life each day to myself.  Lately those three hours are being stolen by other people wanting something from me or otherwise wasting my time.  Today I have to go fix someone’s computer.  I’ll be lucky to be home by bedtime in order to start the cycle all over again.

Well.  I’m not going to allow it any longer.  My three hours are MINE!  No more computer fixing.  No more anything that involves the loss of even a minute of those wonderful three hours.  I’m taking back my time.  Don’t ask me for anything because I’m going to say no.  I have possibly just a few years left to live.  I’ll be lucky to see 60 so sorry.

The price of my personal time has gone WAY up.  I don’t think you can afford me.

Doesn’t it bother anyone that 21 hours of our day is spent at work, getting to or from work, or sleeping so we can go to work?  Why isn’t anyone doing something about it?  Life should not be like this.  Do you ever get the feeling that this universe we live in is some kind of alternate, evil universe where everyone has the evil mustache and beard?

Somebody do something and do it quickly!  Make it stop!




Back in Time


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wstavnToday I happened to be driving past the elementary school I attended back in the early 70’s.  I saw a the tiny children walking about on the playground.  That was me once.


Funny how the circle of life sneaks up on you.  I recall my experiences in that school as if they were just yesterday.  I remember specific incidents and locations in that school where things happened.  I remember the classrooms and even the school layout.  I remember the smell of crayons as you walk in the door.  I don’t remember being that small though.


I remember standing at the fence with my adorable little fingers hanging on through the chain-link and wondering what it would be like to be in one of those cars.  Now I’m on the other side.


I looked back at those kids and thought about how strange it was that yesterday I was them and today I am 48 with progressive lenses, three stents in my heart and chronic lower and upper back pain.  Just the other day I was 5 and without a care in the world. Suddenly I’m a lonely old man with the majority of his life in the rear-view mirror living an empty, pointless life with little to look forward to other than eating vegetables, working for health insurance and hoping I don’t have a heart attack until I get the chance to move to Colorado.


Would little Max in Elementary School even have a clue what was ahead of him?  Did he expect to be unhappy and alone for his entire life?  I don’t think that was his plan but I also don’t think he would have been surprised if I stopped my car and walked over to that very fence and told him.


I seriously don’t think there would be anything he could do about it.  First, he wouldn’t believe me.  Nobody believes you when you tell them about their future.  Human nature says you have to figure it out for yourself no matter what truth people tell you. Second, the values he set for his life wouldn’t allow it anyway.  Max was always a logical guy. No matter what, his life was destined to turn out exactly as it did.


I think Ferris Bueller said it best.  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”


He was right.


Sunday – Work or Rest???


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wrkorrstIt’s Sunday morning and I have a big dilemma taunting me.

Do I spend the day working on stuff that has been digging at me for weeks or do I spend the day resting because I have another week of work ahead of me?

During the week I feel stressed out because I don’t have time to do the things that I need to do at home.  I spend the whole week pining about it.  When the weekend comes, I am wiped out and need to rest because I don’t get enough rest during the week.  During the next week it just gets worse and worse.

What a first world problem, huh?

I am leaning toward rest and TV because that’s what I need most.  Maybe I’ll work in a few things between shows.  That’s usually the way it goes.  I sure wish there were more hours in a day.

Wasting our lives  at work is unacceptable.  Doesn’t it bother anyone?

Maybe Donald Trump will fix it.