House Construction Update – Living room and Kitchen

YAY!!! The living room area is 90% finished. I just completed the installation of the tile floor and the stone backdrop for the wood stove. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. All that is left for the living room is the carpet which will come later when the dust has settled from the rest of the construction.

The windows are done. I finished building the frames and painted. They look awesome and professional.

There’s still some paint to be done on the upper windows but that can wait a while. The upper windows will open with an electric actuator and the large bottom windows will have motorized shades.

I used Google Sketchup (or whatever it is called now) to come up with my kitchen cabinet layout. It is basically an L shape with an island in the middle and a large pantry on the right side. The fridge is to the right of the pantry.

I already started installing the cabinets. I’m getting the unfinished stock cabinets from Home Depot.

So far it is coming out just as I designed it in Sketchup. Lots more to go. I’m getting just a few of them each trip so I can get them in my truck.

I can’t tell you how much fun I am having with this project. Some days it seems like a neverending drudge but that was mostly because the wall board takes so much labor. Once the paint is done, the details start to be fun again. My retirement house is going to be amazing.


Beautiful Stars

I just came in from sitting out in the hot tub and enjoying the evening sky.

I’m so enjoying the fact that I moved out into the country. The night sky is really so much better out here. Before I used to see maybe three stars and now I see hundreds.

I placed the hot tub 50 feet away from the house out in the open so I can look up and see big sky. I can watch the sun set on one side and see the moon rise on the other. On a moonless night like tonight, I can see what I think is Venus. I can see the Milky Way. Not as prominent as the picture above but I can make it out. It looks like a wispy cloud that never blows away.

I watch satellites slide effortlessly through the sky and disappear as they fall into the Earth’s shadow. I see airliners with their flashing lights so high that they cannot be heard. I even caught a glimpse of a shooting star.

I often sit in the warm water as a gentle wind blows and listen to either a podcast or some beautiful music that goes well with the astronomical view. I don’t miss the city at all. I love my new house. I chose….wisely.

Naked Car Wash

YAY!!! I finally got to cross something else off my bucket list. I washed the car naked.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but just can’t be done in the city. I’ve worn my speedo a couple of times but nothing is better than doing it naked.

Don’t you wish you could?

First Bike Ride

A rare summer cool front made it’s way through the blazing Texas heat this week. The highs today were only in the lower 90s with low humidity compared to upper 90s with extreme humidity. Not a big temperature change but the change in humidity makes all the difference.

I decided to take my bike out on my country road for the first time. I’ve been down the dead end road a couple of times in my car but you don’t really get the feel of it that way. A bike ride or a walk give you far better perception. I’ve been wondering about the other residents down the road.

I’ve had a preconception about neighbors, having lived in the city all my life. Usually they are closed-minded, uptight and stand-offish. I’ve only met a few of my new country neighbors so far and it has been a pleasant experience. Still, I don’t know most of them.

I hopped on my bike with my Map My Walk app to see how far it was to the end of the road. I’m supposed to get exercise to help raise my good cholesterol and I haven’t been doing much cardiovascular-like activity since I’ve been so busy building my house.

I finally got a good look at my own property from the road and was happy to see that it is completely obscured from view except for the 20 foot gap the electric company cut when they installed my service. I need to find some way to close it up so nobody can complain about my nakedidity.

I rode further down and saw my next door neighbor’s house. Alfred. He was outside without a shirt. My kind of person!! That was good to see. I waved and he waved back. His house appears to be self-built. Kind of a patchwork style abode. I liked that too. It means you are free to do what you want. He’s a nice guy. I met him once when I was putting in the culvert pipe and gravel in my driveway at the street. He saw me digging with a shovel and came over with his tractor and made short work of it.

After Alfred’s house there is a lot of empty land that is overgrown with weeds and Mesquite trees. Wonderful!

The next house looks like a dump but someone lives there. Fine with me. The large dog in the driveway didn’t bark or chase me. Nice doggy.

A little more down the road is a well maintained log-style home with a manicured lawn.

The next piece of land had a driveway curving into it so that nothing can be seen of the house. These people know what’s what. I imagined that they were also nudists and designed it that way for maximum privacy. They probably aren’t but it is sometimes nice to pretend to that I don’t feel so alone. I’m going to go with that idea.

Down at the end of the road is a turnaround. Cows were grazing in an unkempt field. I didn’t stop to talk to them but I will next time. Now I wish I had taken a picture. I really love the fact that I can ride down my own road and see sheep, goats and cows calmly doing their things. Fresh air and not a sign of hypocrisy as far as the eye can see. This is so awesome!

I returned home and saw that the round trip was about 2 miles. I did it again to get four miles worth of exercise. Next time I am going to walk it to get an even better experience.

Seeing the neighborhood made me feel more at home. I’m glad to see that my house and style of living seems to fit within the range of the neighborhood. I feel a little less uptight about it now. I hope to do this much more often.

House Building – Sheetrock Update

Again, it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog on my house building progress. I’ve been doing the sheetrock for quite some time now. I underestimated how much work it would be but that’s OK. The end is now in sight as I come to the last walls in the bathroom area.

I’ve been doing the taping as I go so everything except the ceiling has been taped and floated with the first coat. The ceiling is more difficult and I would have to move too much stuff to do it so I’ve been putting it off. Living in a house as you build it can be difficult because your stuff is there and always in the way. Still. I’m really enjoying it.

The weather has been HOT but the air conditioning is cool. Still, I work naked at all times and it’s wonderful. It’s so great not to have to put on any clothes for days at a time. I wish I could share the experience with someone but I know there’s nobody else out there.

Tomorrow I have to go back into the city to take my mom to an appointment at the bank. I really hate going into the city. There’s a reason I left it behind. The country is where I belong. It’s so nice to have found a place I belong.

If you’re not going to get naked then leave me alone dammit!

I’m a nudist and you don’t understand. My phone keeps ringing and people keep bothering me. These people won’t get naked so what good are they? I don’t want to spend time with them because being with them and wearing clothes is the same as being alone. Perhaps worse.

I would rather be alone and naked than clothed with others. Clothing pisses me off and so do you. What the hell is your problem? Just get naked with me. Is that too much to ask? Take your prudish ways and fuck off!

What is the hangup? Live a little. Come out of your shell and feel the world around you. Yes, I’m angry. I’m frustrated and angry that I am the only sentient, living being on this planet. Where are the other people like me?