The Rage Returns


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rgeIt’s pretty obvious that my rage is coming back.  “Angry Max” is taking over and I am powerless to stop him.  I know what is happening but everything I’ve taught myself over the last year is completely gone.  I need to go back and read my blog and see if I can remember again.

It’s crazy how the world just pisses me off at every turn.  I know I shouldn’t allow it yet it just keeps happening.  The things that make me angry are so numerous I could make a list.  I like lists but not sure I should list these things since by acknowledging them they become real.  Right now they are just thoughts and thoughts can be forgotten.

While I wasn’t working I was able to mellow out.  Now that I spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week doing something for someone else, the mellow is waning.  As I get older and time passes faster it becomes more and more valuable.  The loss of time grinds on me like a millstone powered by the unending river of people that pass by me without seeing me.

When I was a kid my worst fear was getting old because I would be closer to death.  Now that I am older, the fear of my eventual death is less scary and more welcome.  I expect by the time I am 80 I will yearn for the eternal rest should I make it that far.  By the time I’m 80 the world will be so seriously screwed up that we will all yearn for the end.  Oy! Don’t get me started.

I think, at least at this time, I would like to once again retreat into myself and avoid external contact as much as possible.  It is the external that I have no control over and is becoming increasingly mind boggling.  You people are insane and getting worse!  Don’t you see it?  How can you not see it?

Calm… Relax.. Breathe…  It will all be OK.  I can’t be much longer until the government releases the virus.

What is the root cause of hate?



ih8uThere is a lot of hate in the world.  I know because I’ve not only seen it but I fight it every day.

We are all in constant battle with hate.  Is it human nature?  Perhaps.  We all deal with it no matter how “nice” we are.  I’ll bet the Pope hates somebody.

What is the root cause of hate?  If you really think about it doesn’t it come down to diversity?  When we see people who do not conform to our standards we immediately form dislike.  We can’t help it.  The bizarre ways that other people act confound us.  We can’t make any sense of it. It’s not logical.  There’s nothing we can do about it so it turns into frustration.  Frustration becomes anger and anger becomes hate.

Our society is now desperate to force opposite people together in the name of “Diversity” in the direct opposition of human nature.  It is just a matter of time until this combination of matter and antimatter causes an explosion that will destroy our universe.

There’s a reason God put us in different parts of the world.  Think about it.  No matter what race or religion you are; would you not be happier surrounded by people who are just like you?  Admit it!  You know it’s true.

When God first attempted Humanity on Mars, he put all the people together at one time.  It was a terrible mess and eventually they completely wiped themselves out taking the atmosphere with them in a massive rage-filled planet-wide nuclear holocaust.

This time God put each type of human in opposite ends of the planet separated by large bodies of water and burning deserts.  He figured that by the time we developed ways across these barriers we would slowly become accustomed to each other’s strange ways and though experience could live together happily.  Unfortunately his refusal to change basic human nature prevented our ability to get along.  Soon we will destroy the Earth in the same manner.

Soon after that, the sun will get hot enough to make life on Venus possible.  That will be the next attempt at Utopia.  I hope it works out next time.  May I suggest separate planets?  The difficulty of crossing the void of space should extend the time it takes for the next humanity to wipe each other out.  Perhaps that will be long enough for them to learn to live together.  Nah.  Boooooom!


Tired of ADHD


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spzToday there was a story in the news covering a little boy with “ADHD” who was handcuffed to keep him under control.  Everyone was mortified that the boy was handcuffed but I can see where this was totally necessary.  In fact, they should go even further and use a straightjacket.

In my day we had kids like this in school but they were called Spaz and sent away so the regular kids could learn properly without distraction.

I’m tired of people using ADHD to hide bad parenting.  It is not a disorder.  It is improper upbringing.  It is caused by parents who are too lazy to properly teach discipline when the kids are in desperate need of it.  These are the same parents who would lock a dog in a tiny kennel while they go to work or sleep.  Horrific!  Dogs, like kids, are supposed to run free and play.

Now that things have gotten WAY out of hand and parents are no longer allowed to discipline their children, we can expect things to get worse not better.  This whole thing of banning spanking was made up by the big pharmaceutical companies so they can sell high-priced drugs to treat symptoms that don’t exist.

It’s a shame the world is heading down this path of idiocy.  I had better expectations of the future when I was young.  Very disappointing.  I can’t even imagine how screwed up the Earth is going to be in another 10 years.  I’m sure glad I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.  I would not want to do it now.

Reconsidering buying land in Colorado again


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Actual picture of land I’m currently looking at.

A few years ago I obsessed over buying land in Colorado and moving to start a new life.  My ability to do so was and is blocked by family obligation.  That put me into a depression spiral on top of my existing depression.  Things got really bad before I finally let go and dug my way out.  It wasn’t the cause of my depression but it was a major contributing factor.

Now that my depression is officially over, I’m thinking about my future again but in a better way.   Retirement will be upon me eventually and my family obligation likely be over by then.  At that point I will need somewhere to go because staying in Hell’s Furnace Texas is not an option.

What would it hurt to actually buy a little land?  I still like the town I chose and the weather is awesome.  There’s a nice subdivision that is slow to grow and not suburban flavored.  I can buy .25 acres for $10-12K.   Even if I never moved, it could be a good investment if the time came to sell it.  If I did move, it would be a nice place to die.

I’m thinking that just owning the land would put me to some ease about my future life.  I could actually have a viable plan and something to look forward to instead of just existing day to day.  I can totally afford it and pay with a check.  It’s not even like I’m throwing the money away.  An investment in real estate is likely to be better than just cash sitting in a bank account.

I’m still in the wishful thinking stage but it is a realistic possibility.  The price is right and the place is right.  Is the time right?   That’s the real question.

When the time comes that I am allowed to move on, I am ready.  If I buy the land I will be even better prepared.  I could wait until that time is upon me but prices may be higher then.  If I find a better deal, I could sell that land I bought possibly for a higher price and afford it even easier.

As a bonus, buying Marijuana will be legal.  I would really like to try that stuff out but not while I’m working.  Drug tests, you know.

It is really hard to make such decisions even if it sounds like a win-win situation.  Fortunately I have plenty of time.

Maybe I’ll plan another trip up there and see the area again.  This time I’ll drive.

What if the Nazis won World War II


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nziusflgI’ve often wondered what it would actually be like in the United States if the Nazis had won World War II and conquered the planet as they intended.

I’ve read a number of books and seen movies on the subject but they are all disappointing.  They all depict a dystopian society where everything is gray and everyone is unhappy and trying to return life to the way it was.  I would much rather see something centered around a happy Nazi rule.

What would be wrong with:

1. A strong central government with a single party able to easily pass laws for the betterment of society.

2. Everyone is the same race and religion ending the eternal pointless struggle.

3. Everyone has a job, healthcare and a home with a beautiful family to come home to.

4. Bad people would be quickly and permanently removed from society.

5. We would no longer have to spend a lot of time dealing with politics, politicians and elections.

6. Limits on the number of children can be set to prevent overpopulation.

7. We would have a high quality education system to make sure everyone contributes to a better life for all.

8. There could be limitations on travel so that there aren’t so many people wandering around aimlessly.

9. We would have an excellent space program because money would no longer be a limitation.  We would have already colonized the moon and Mars by now.

10. We would have excellent architecture.

I could sit here and think of so many more great things.  How could anyone not want to live in such a utopia?  Someone should write a book.  Let me know when it is ready.  I’ll buy it!

My pretend family


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prtndfmlyToday I drove my Motor-home RV to my mom’s house just for an excuse to test drive it after all the work I’ve done on the fuel system.  On the way home I stopped to get a few gallons of gas before I take it to the storage place tomorrow.

As I was pumping my gas, the guy in the next stall peeked around the pump and said, “Y’all coming or going?”  Meaning going camping or coming back.

I am often shocked when other people refer to me as “Y’all” since they are assuming that I have a family.  For a second there it was really nice of him to assume that I am a normal person who might be capable of having a family.  My mind whisked away for a few milliseconds thinking that for all anyone might know, I could have a wife, two kids and a dog inside my RV.  I might be a regular guy.

I made up answers to his questions as if I had been to the lake camping over the Independence Day weekend with my family like a normal person.  It was kind of nice.

I already blew my chance of having a pretend family with the people at my new job.  They already know I’m a lone wolf.  Fortunately, they accept me anyway.

Maybe I’ll find some random people on the internet and put their pictures in my phone in case I ever need to show pictures of my family.  That’s perfectly sane.  Right?

How to make existing nuclear power plants safe.


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nuclrplntToday’s nuclear power plants are actually the most green power sources available yet the process of releasing the power of the atom can be the most dangerous thing on the planet.

As we found with Fukushima, one of the major causes of meltdown is the loss of power.

Loss of power??  In a power plant?  Funny, but yes.  In the event of a disconnection from the power grid, a nuclear plant automatically shuts down because the massive power being generated has nowhere to go.  When the generator shuts down, the only power source to keep the pumps flowing to keep the nuclear fuel rods cool comes from diesel generators.  If those generators are not operational or run out of fuel, then a meltdown is eminent.

The obvious solution is to keep the reactor running at lower power levels and send the steam to run a smaller generator.  Allow any unused portion of the steam to bypass the generator and be condensed and reused normally.  The smaller generator would be able to power all the systems needed to allow the plant to run in a self-sustaining mode until the grid comes back up or indefinitely if necessary.  No diesel generators would be necessary. Existing plants can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted.

It pains me to think that engineers haven’t come up with a similar plan that is both simple and elegant.

I give this idea freely to the internet in the spirit of making the world a better place.

No Cuts Please!


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cuttingThere was a time, back in the day, WAAAY back in elementary school, when we learned that cutting in line was not acceptable.

“Hey!  No Cuts!” we would say when someone tried to walk into the front of the line ahead of those of us who waited patiently.

It saddens me to see that that life-lesson is no longer taught.  My daily commute to work never ceases to raise my ire as I spend a very long time waiting in a 3 mile long line at the highway off-ramp just to see people zoom past me and cut into line way up in front.   Each person who does so makes the rest of us have to wait even longer.  Feel the burn!

So when did this become acceptable behavior?  Did they not learn that cutting in line is evil?  Just because they are illegal aliens doesn’t mean they have a license to be crude.

Do they feel that that is OK because they are encased in steel and glass and are protected from repercussion from us nice people?   After all, what can we do about it?  We should not allow them to do it by keeping the line tight.  That is expecting too much skill from the masses.  Besides,  Cutters are often extremely insistent.

So what is to be done?  Am I jousting at windmills? Should I give up being nice and become one of the cutters?  It would sure save me a lot of time waiting in line with commoners to just jump in up front.  Screw everyone else.  I’m the only one on this planet who matters anyway so make way bitches! Coming through whether you like it or not!

Dreamblog – Mansion Job



I was exploring the grounds off a massively large and apparently abandoned sprawling house complex. It seems more commercial than a residential building. At one point I was inside and wandered into a room with some people in it. It was a strangely angled room. They told me to leave so I walked past a door and toward another.

As I opened the exit door, the guy stopped me. He asked why I chose that door. I told him by the angle in the wall I could tell that it was obviously the way down the stairs. He was impressed that I chose wisely and asked me to stay.

I was met by a scientist who brought me to a kitchen pantry. We walked into the pantry and stood in the middle. The floor started to descend like an elevator. When we stopped we were in a very messy living/lab area. There was trash all over the floor and at least 7 children of different ages. The area was quite large.

I was lead to the attached laboratory area. I can’t remember what I saw there. They were thinking about offering me a job there though I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing. I looked around at the mess and thought that I would enjoy cleaning up the place. Outside was a large swimming pool. I figured I might be cleaning, taking care of the kids and perhaps helping out in the lab when possible.

I realized that I had not gone to work at my old job today. They would be wondering what was going on. I went to tell them that I was looking at another job. They told me OK but be back to work by Friday.


This dream is probably related to my current life. I just spoke to the Mayor of the nearby small town in which I belong to the community band. He mentioned that he may have a job for me and will send me an email about it later. I have no idea what it is but am anxious about it considering I’ve been at my current new job for only 3 months and it pays well and is tolerable. Still curious to see what the other has to offer.

The war against bullies is bad for the children


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bllsI’m tired of hearing people complain about bullies.  How the children need to be taught not to be bullies.  It’s a big waste of time and money right out of the heads of bleeding heart liberals.

There is no point in trying to hold back the waves with a sand wall.  As long as children are in proximity to other children, there will be bullying.   It is human nature and there is little that can be done about it.  Step back and look at the overall picture here.

Back before the world sucked, we were taught how to deal with bullies and it was NOT to go tell the teacher.  You either stood up to them and kicked their ass, made friends with them or avoided them.   I tended to make friends with them.  How excellent was it to have a bully on your side?  Most!

I just saw a story on the local news with some teenager whining about being bullied.  Bitch!  Man up!  There is a whole world of bullies out there and you need to learn how to live with them.  They will be competing with you in the workplace and tattling on them to the boss isn’t the right solution.

In a perfect world it might be possible to brainwash everyone into a happy stupor but that’s not going to happen. Human nature will prevent Utopia from ever existing.

The real solution is not trying to teach kids to be nice.  The solution is teaching them how to live in the real world and dealing with bullies is a necessary skill.


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