Why gun violence is becoming so common.


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sclshtingAfter the recent school shooting in Oregon by Christopher Harper-Mercer there has been renewed discussion about why things like this continue to happen.  I’ve given it some thought and I think I can answer the question.  There is a relatively simple cause and solution.

Gun laws are not the answer.  Limiting people’s ability to buy guns will only chip away another chunk of people’s happiness.   As we all know but tend to ignore, a bad person will always be able to get a gun.  Criminals don’t obey laws.  That’s the definition of a criminal.

Making mental health care available might help some people but when a person is mentally ill enough to go on a killing spree, he is extremely unlikely to walk in and ask for psychological help.  It doesn’t work that way.

Society in general is becoming more and more violent as time passes due to tightening regulation on how we live our lives.  Every day another law is passed that takes away the freedom of somebody.  As our happiness is slowly chipped away we become angrier until the rage explodes.

In its most basic form, our problem boils down to sex and money.

The ability of a man to obtain the required sexual release has been virtually taken away.  Back in the 1950s and earlier, when a man needed sex, he went out and got some.  Now with women’s self-righteousness, rape laws and prostitution laws and fridgidity, what is a man supposed to do?  The inability to relieve sexual tension leads to an eventual explosion of rage.   We can fix this by making prostitute legal and safe.  Simple.

What about money?  As our population continues to grow at exponential rates, the cost off basic goods and services rise.  A person can’t afford to buy the things he needs.  What can we do?   Raise salaries?  Yes, but that leads to even higher prices and he still cannot afford things.  Solution?  Get rid of all the extra people.  Bring things back to levels that the planet and the economy can support.  People are under immense pressure to eek out their living with overwhelming competition.

The essence of the problem is our worsening obsession with taking away the happiness of others.  Both the government and the busybodies out there are guilty of this.  Project forward 50 years.  What will life look like?   So many laws will be in effect that a person will do well to just go from home to work and back without being thrown in jail for something stupid.  You’ve seen those futuristic Dystopian worlds where everybody wears the same clothes and does the same things.    That’s where we are headed.

The world needs to get out of our business and let us pursue the happiness that we were promised. Mind your own business.  Let the world be free once again.

Is a salad covered in dressing still healthy?


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dsaldPeople always say that drowning a salad with dressing defeats the purpose of eating a salad. I find that to be incorrect. Sure, a nice, flavorful dressing is high in calories and fat but it is what makes a salad edible in the first place.

The purpose of eating is to nourish your body with the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. Those nutrients are still there in the salad under the dressing therefore you are still getting them. The high calorie dressing just facilitates the chance of actually consuming them.

If you are not enjoying your salad then what is the point?

Why is girly music so popular?


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hmstrdncToday I had lunch at Pizza Hut.  I like to take my kindle and read while I eat.  It’s pretty much the only time I have to read.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but hear the “music” playing on the intercom.  It was a high pitched whiny, girly, grating on your brain sound.  I pulled out my iPhone and Soundhounded it to find out what the hell it was.

It was somebody called Rihanna.  Had to google her to see who she was.  Some shiny black girl.

Nevertheless, I’m amazed at how much of today’s music is composed of tiny-voiced girly stuff.  I can’t help thinking of Hamster Dance whenever I hear one playing.   Yeah.  I guess when you come to the point where you say, “That’s not music.  That’s noise!” then you are officially old.  Distaste in current music is always an issue.  Don’t deny it.  It WILL happen to you! It has happened to every generation since the invention of music.

I thought the horrible rap fad was bad enough.  This stuff is just as bad if not worse.  I can’t imagine people liking it.  Boggle goes my mind again.

Blatant Littering


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ltrWow!  You never know what you are going to see each day.

On the way home from work the guy in the car next to me held an empty water bottle out his window then just let it go.

Who does that?

I would have honked my horn at him but he was a Mexican with tattoos all over his face and decided it would be better for my health if I didn’t.

Still, You have to wonder what kind of person has it in them to just throw trash out the window of a moving car.  It boggles my mind.

The only thing preventing me from being truly happy



I fought depression and won.  It was an incredibly long and dangerous war lasting at least 20 years.  Now I feel well.  It is over.  I am victorious!

There’s only one thing left preventing me from being truly happy.  It’s that nagging desire to have a friend.  Does that sound stupid or what?   I find it impossible to turn up any person, male or female, who meets my simple requirements.

  1. Be capable of doing fun things.
  2. Have time to do fun things.
  3. Appreciate things that are good.
  4. Be naked with me. (I’m a nudist.)

The people I know are lacking all four things.  The people I don’t know can’t see that I even exist.  Invisibility is a major problem for me.  Not sure how to deal with that.  More on invisibility later.

But finding a friend isn’t actually my problem.  The real problem is that I can’t let go of the wanting.  I find myself happiest when I am alone.  I get to do whatever I want whenever I want to do it.  When I am with people, I just wish I was alone because they don’t meet qualifications 1-4 and are wasting my time.

Wouldn’t it make sense then that when I am alone I should be happy?  Logical, yet it doesn’t seem to work that way.  I keep spending all my awesome alone-time with the recurring thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I had someone to share it with?”  It just won’t stop.  I don’t know how to kill it.  I know that thoughts are merely figments of my imagination and I am in control of them.  Somehow this particular thought is more powerful than a locomotive.  Nothing I do can stop it from hounding me mercilessly.

The way I see it, there are two options.

  1. Find a friend.
  2. Kill the desire.

In this world of brainwashed phone-slaves, the chances of finding someone like me are incredibly small.  Microscopic.   I am one of a kind.  I’m a round peg in the land of square holes.  I understand that.

The only option left is to kill the desire.  I’ve tried so hard but it keeps coming back like a virus-encrusted boomerang.  (How about that?)    All I want is for it to leave me alone.  I must find a way to win.  I need to find the silver bullet or a nice wooden stake.  God help me.

Dreamblog – A lot of stuff happened


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I went to a job interview at a tech company.  There were five or six of us there for a group interview.  It looked like a fun place to work.  As the interview went on they concentrated on a single guy just in front of me.  I could tell they had already picked him out.  There was an old childhood friend of mine behind me.  He said something to me but I couldn’t make it out.   After the interview was over I reached out to shake the winner’s hand and congratulate him.  He reluctantly shook my hand.

I walked out of the building with the losers.  There was a girl in the group and we started walking down the street together.  I noticed my feet were dragging along the pavement and that I was wearing my non-work shoes.  Rather than dragging I went into hovershoe mode where I can often skim strangely above the surface of the roads in my dreams.  I should have taken that as a clue that I was dreaming.

We eventually made it to the RV park and stopped at my RV. She offered to give me her phone number but I wasn’t really interested in her and changed the subject.  She went off to her RV and I went inside mine to go to sleep.

I dreamed that I was a kid again with some childhood friends.  We were on the side of a grassy yet craggy mountain with a bunch of junk laying around.  We pulled an old lawnmower out of the weeds and it began to come apart where the motor joins the body.  I said that all we need are some new bolts. They are cheap.  We thew it down the mountainside.

I found a plate that had a small tree growing out of it.  The tree was lying down in some kind of forced perspective art that extended off the surface of the plate.  I showed it to the girl I spent a lot of time with in high school.  She didn’t even look at it.  I held on to it for a few minutes then threw it aside.  It broke on a rock.  I didn’t care.

We walked down the mountain where a bunch of other kids were playing in an old lion cage.  One of them was so fat he looked like he would pop.  He was wearing only thin, tiny white short shorts and his body was covered in what looked like many-day-old blue body paint from some passed festival.  As I walked by I noticed that many of the other boys were also wearing short shorts.  I wondered what year it was.

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Dreamblog – Found My Hamster


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hmstrI was going through some boxes of stuff from my childhood over 35 years ago.  As I was looking at all the great stuff, my hamster came walking out between the boxes.  I was dumbfounded as I was unable to figure out how he had lived for so many years.

I kind of miss having a hamster.  Do you think it is OK for a 47 year old single guy to buy a new one?   Why the F not.

I had built this great three story cage for him.  It was huge and awesome.  I’m thinking that I need another one now.

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Go away Sun. You bother me.


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evlsnHere it is mid September and it is 95 degrees outside.  The sun just won’t give up.  If you don’t live in the south then count yourself lucky.  It’s bloody hot forever then you die.

It has been so hot for so many months that I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be cool.  Thank God for air conditioning.

Only one and a half more months of summer left.  I can’t wait for that first real cold front that comes sometime near the end of October.

Give me a button that destroys the sun and I will press it right now.

Dreamblog – The Wing Pack


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I was being chased by someone along the rooftops.  I came to the edge of a three story building roof and had nowhere to go.  I had a pack on my back that was supposed to open up into wings but I had not tried them before.  I crawled over the edge and carefully thought it over.  I had no other choice so I pushed away from the wall and searched for the button to open the wings.  The ground came up quickly and I died.

Then I got up and went back up on the roof to try it again.  Unfortunately I woke up before I found out whether the wing pack worked or not.  Bummer.

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1982 Holiday Rambler – New grille and onboard inverter


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grilleI found a great deal on a new front grille for my 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial Class C RV.  It was actually on Amazon.com for $48.00.  I had considered just removing the old one, painting it and reinstalling it but a new one for $48 beats a repainted old one.

The old one came off fairly easily and the new one was a perfect match.  After moving some mounting hardware from the old grille to the new one I easily installed it.  The new one has a place for a oval Ford emblem which the old one didn’t have.  I ordered a used but good condition emblem off of ebay for around $4.00 plus a little shipping.  Awesome!

The inserts around the headlights were not included with the new grille so I cleaned them up and painted them an antique blue that matches some other highlights on the RV.

inverterI don’t really need it but I figured, what the heck.  Why not have an inverter.  I ordered a Xantrex 1500W inverter off of eBay for $155 and free shipping.  God, I love free shipping!

Mounting spots are limited on this RV but I found a nice spot in the generator compartment which is right next to the battery compartment.  I only needed a short run of gauge wire.  I bought a couple of 40 inch starter cables from Advance Auto parts and they bolted right in.

The inverter is uncomfortably close to the generator but 1)  I don’t use the generator much and 2) the generator has a good blower fan which keeps it relatively cool.  I don’t think heat will be a major issue here.  I’m good with that.

inverterremoteThe inverter came with a remote on/off switch on a long wire so I ran the cable through an existing hole underneath the dinette set bench, drilled a 1″ hole in the back and mounted the switch.

It’s not right in immediate traffic so it is unlikely to accidentally be turned on yet it is still handy right next to the couch where it will be used mostly to power the LCD TV and WDTV Live and/or a DirecTV DVR.

Well that was a fun set of projects and not too labor intensive.  Since that worked out well I think I’ll order a solar panel and charge controller next month.  Stay tuned.


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