Quick TV Show Review – The Last Ship

tlsThe Last Ship is a new series on TNT centering around a U.S. Navy battleship having been off on a mission to the Arctic while a global virus pandemic similar to Ebola is wiping out the world’s population.  The show is based on the book, The Last Ship, by William Brinkley.

This situation is highly plausible.  It is only a matter of time until a mutated virus or a intentionally weaponized strain begins spreading around the planet.  There is currently an Ebola pandemic in Africa.  If it gets on a plane somehow then we could be in the same boat.  Pun intended.

Aboard the ship is a scientist who may be able to synthesize a cure to the disease.  The ship, unable to return to the U.S. Mainland must stay safely at sea until the cure can be found while being pursued by the Russians.

I like the way, so far, that there is little to no romantic involvement among the crew.  There is nothing worse than personal interaction to ruin a good story.  Keep it professional guys.

I’ve only seen three episodes and am enjoying it so far.  I love the premise and I hope the story can be true to it’s promise.